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Drop skinhead & general fascist inspo
>inb4 all skinheads are nazis
i know you faggots

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fuck, ** >aren’t

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those guys look like they enjoy fucking each other in the ass

hell, they probably do

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There is no way those homosexuals are in any way fascists. As a NatSoc I try to dress classically, avoid big brands owned by (((international capitalists))), and (((fashion trends))), with some vintage and military surplus items thrown in.

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Skinheads are the thrashiest people alive, only surpassed by strippers with tramp stamps

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Why do we keep having these retarded threads.
They seperated 4chan from 4channel for a reason you know. Go back to where you came from.

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>implying skinheads are from /pol/ and not /lgbt/

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>t. redditor

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>tfw /lgbt/ has a shit ton of /pol/ posts

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>tfw all top rank Nazis including dick spencer are closeted homosexuals

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Mm are those HRT conetits I see?

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Tricky-Dicky is (((Alt-Right))), not Nazi

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fascists in application suck-ass but for a short while had good ideas about clean, organized aesthetics

there's good and evil in everything, but ultimately we're all left with numerous shades of gray

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isnt this just shitty terror-wave

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Not a big Zizek fan but I love what he had to say about Rammstein taking the fascist aesthetic and dissociating the ideology from it, allowing us to enjoy the general aesthetic without feeling guilty about our appreciation of it.

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being part of a tribe is shite and shows you are need a little group that looks and thinks and talks and acts exactly like you do

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*wipes nose* "And sho zee very temporal sheefts frrum present to pasht, frrum one being shending a message to another, there ish a shymptom of Derridean tracings. And sho zee vanishing point here ish naht shimply a physhical message, but zee obshervance that even in zee pasht, there ish post-ideological residue, and sho on and sho on." *pulls shirt*

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The left can't meme

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Not enough shirt pulling 6/10

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got em!

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Do you have a mental illness or come from a broken home? Serious question.

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just say jews dude ur literally in a fash thread u pussy

if you're going to be an anti-semite don't be tongue in cheek about it

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I like the Oswald Moseley core. I'm not sure if I could rock it though.

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>yfw you realize he’s actually trying to bite his ear off as the attacker knees him in the balls.

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>not wearing hand-spun/hand-woven/hand-sewn clothing.
gas yourself, you fucking degenerate.

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give it a shot anon, anyone can.

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minimal - racist

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I would agree except some very popular brands are too cool to skip out on, especially for a more terrorcore fit

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Proper fascist core is pretty simple, the skinhead jacket/jeans/boots is a bit dated but still works.

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forgot link

If you're in the south or anywhere hot you should wear mostly fitted shorts/pants with dark colors. Shirts should be sports jerseys, especially soccer, or anything fitted and dark. You should also be /fit/

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Tiki Torches.

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I can practically see estrogen coming off him

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this is probably as "effay" as you can get with fascist wear


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>brown eyed southern nigger larping

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No matter what you snow nigs do, you'll never have our sexual prowess
Keep fucking a cow

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Funny filename

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You've got it backwards

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What is the fit on these sweaters? Are they stretchy or tight, should I size up or down if I'm usually a medium in sweaters?

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Left guy got his shit rekt before and still hadn't learnt his lesson lmao.

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can you tell me more about this shop, anything you know? and are the pieces 100% wool?

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seems like it lists the materials on each piece but the first question still stands

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lmao those look like local larpers

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I feel slight smart understanding this reference.

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my fucking sides, i'm going to buy these for my fascist best friend

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I have know something more fashionable while being equally crypto nazi but I won't tell you about it lest your ruin it.

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cmon man tell us, better we ruin before some nigger model cops it like they cop burzum shirts, pic related

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That is what I'm trying to prevent here.

I'm sure you could find the item in question with a couple sensational google searches.

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Why are they not selling the polo/shirt?

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Polo is inspired by ukrainian traditional clothing, you should be able to find something online.

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They are. It's a costumed parade.

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if you mean Kul...Kam.. tshirts, they're ok but kind of obvious
if not then i'll keep looking lol

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No. It's pullovers that don't look as etsy as the agnis ones.

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nigger shoes.

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Not a fascist, but ultra conservative, tend to go for a dressed down trad kinda style. High waist trousers, prefferably pleated and not slim fit, suspenders and a slipover or pullover. Sometimes tie, usually knitted.

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Shut the fuck up

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second this

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Why are fascists, sorry "ultra conservatives" so reddit tier?

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>Literally dadcore

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>high waist trousers
Hmm. Where.

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let's say I dress like this with normal hair and a navy blue bomber, and the boots/pants in pic related, would people still think I'm a nazi? I mainly really love those fucking white straps.

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You'd have really skinny to pull that off
I'd say yes

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You wont look like a nazi cause most modern day skinheads are just LARPing homos anyway

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>Being gay is bad when people I disagree with do it!

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It's not bad, but when people who are constantly going off about traditional values and degenerates are gay it's hypocritical

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Nothing about skinhead has anything to do with traditional values.

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libtards DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC

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Very uninspired and unfitting comeback.

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stop it

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Pretty much this. But they're skinheads, not proper natsocs.

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>tfw no trad waifu to make me clothes

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Wow! You're such a unique individual anon

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post fit pic

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yes the reason was (((ads))). ad companies wouldn't invest in nsfw websites and this site is going broke

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You look like such a faggot

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lmao those tits

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absolutely kino

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you look like the kid i called a faggot in middle school

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Liberal democracy vs. Fascism

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Unrelated but that's a really good colouring, do you know who did it?

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very retarded serbian movie

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fucking kek

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the guy on the right is packing some heat if you know what i'm saying

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Give me a hint!

>> No.13902921

Gonna need some sauce boys

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If you can't find it looking for nazi pullovers I can't help you.

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DESU I want to get to a point everything I wear is bespoke or handmade by me or my future Waifu.

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Did you have sex with him you closet homo?

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>look at this liberal art piece

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try lifting some weights

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who cares

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Mongolian fascist style

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>not a fascist

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ID on those boots?

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you look like the most un-intimidating person ever. Are you even 18?

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hard to ship to America

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actually that's mussolini.net, I don't know much about agni

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Can I get a quick rundown?

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>Rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs
>Learned fluent French in one week
>They invented post-anabelian froeboid geometrics, a complex field of mathematics which only they can comprehend fully
>In contact with aliens, we think it might be several species
>Have psychic powers, see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LieLBpy9qgU and also this one at around 0:57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2A-uxwQS-8
>Said to be intimidating in private (not violent, this is false)
>Own castles, nuclear plants and mansions around the world
>Own basically every DNA & genetic research facility on earth
>First designer babies will be Bogdanoff babies
>Rule France with an iron but fair fist
>Kept the electric car down for decades so they could release their own car based on string theory to the market
>Currently at war with Elon Musk because of this
>Sabotaged his spacex rocket because they will fund the first (the first official one - they've already been to Mars several times) manned flight to Mars in their own initiative in a few years
>The big red phone in the Kremlin is a direct line to the Bogdanoff manor the last person who missed a call was Mikhail Gorbachov.
>He resigned and fled the country in fear and the Bogdanoffs destroyed the Soviet Union in a fit of rage
>Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be the first city)
>Own Nanabot R&D labs around the world
>You most likely have Bogdabots in your body right now
>Brothers have said to have IQs of 200, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Said to be involved in funding several zero energy research projects

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I have taken the bogpill

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Which private school do you go to?
I think it looks good, anon. Mainly because I wear the same thing on a regular basis.

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I'd punch you both square in the jaw fags

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>he fell for it

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that's a big yikes from me

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you look so fucking soft, it's pathetic

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can't sit with us, this is our sitting Arya

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yikes posting is not fascist uncle adolf

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>skinhead & general fascist inspo
Fuck off Oi, shit taste

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When will they learn?

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use a rope

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fuck im totally dressed like this today
wut do?

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you just look like a giant faggot i hope you know that when ppl see u

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technically fascist aesthetics?

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File: 1.60 MB, 1065x1017, ideals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fascists dont wear boomer shit, zoomer. You need solid colors, the patterns make you look even more like a manlet child

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File: 119 KB, 736x882, 439d157782e10838fa9774af0baa9a7b--young-men-vintage-photography.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also get more muscle so you can pull off looser clothes you look like a scawny 15 year old dressed by their mom

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>tfw no neofolk gf to go camping with

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skinhead ≠ Nazi. It's was a subculture formed among the British working class in the 60s/70s.

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You missed several more nose wipes.

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>without feeling guilty about our appreciation of it
not everyone is a pussy

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