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Everything Kpop

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asians need to stop appropriating our culture
for their own good

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lightyears better than the gooks ITT. would look good if he wasn't wearing a black t-shirt

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Bang Ding Ow
Ho Lee Fuk

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give the man a break he's like 50

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>that 50 year old who still wears SLP

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He looks like a pretty cool bro

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actually perfect fit for pearl jam concert

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SLP only looks good if you are a tall anorexic model in black and white on a good lighting

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Why hasn’t he killed himself yet?

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dad what did i tell you about wearing my clothes to concerts

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Honestly besides the jeans and shoes his fit is not bad.
Usually most people wearing slp are cringe worthy, this guy with minor updates can pull it off.

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too bad he's ugly and balding. who cares how good clothes look on your body if your face looks like shit

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Fuck off ChongChong, you look terrible.

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His waist is pretty small and his leg-torso proportions are not that bad.
Comparing to most of those posters on the slp facebook groups this is way better.
Compare this guy to the red bottoms or the bald old guy, I'm not saying this shit is o inspo, simply is not cringe worthy like those guys, this is a step above.

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because he's not an insecure little bitch like you are

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>"sac religious"

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Why do fags like you feel the need to reply to every single fucking post without having shit to say

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>Rom*n l*rp*rs

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Maybe if you weren't so new you'd get his joke, exhale in a half laugh and move on with your life. It's not that hard.

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mad that your fit got posted huh?

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HAHAHAHA i didn't even notice it and thought it was some kind of ebonics.

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SLP was a mistake

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why does it look bad?

im about to buy a motorcycle jacket to replace my old leather bomber. I do own the slp wyatt with the chain. kinda wish i didn't have the chain desu or atleast the black chain.

im 6 foot. athletic built. 185lbs. beared. german/scottish background.

fuck i hate a new leather jacket. will take a few years to break it in.

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It looks bad because they are 5'6 and overcompensating with fashion

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its not the clothes, its the person.
looks like they're all playing dress-up

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cause they look like s01boys and really uncomfortable in SLP

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true. I saw a guy getting on the subway rocking a similar jacket and it just looked weird. like IT nerd pajeet wearing a leather jacket.
(desu I'm sure this guy did drive motorcycles at some point in india)

the wyatt boots feel too high of a heel to me. the clicking sound makes shit feel as if im in high heels lol.

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>Guy with stroller walking past lamenting that he has to spend all his money on caring for his child rather than wearing full Rick

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He's heavier that the full slp cast together.

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Proof that if you're ugly not even designer clothes will save you

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Ey but hows the back?

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I don't think he's ugly, necessarily. Around where I live a guy like him could pull at least a 8/10 girl.
But he definitely seems out of proportion. His skinny legs in skinny jeans coupled with the huge boots
make him look weird to me.

Also, get the fuck off the hood. You're gonna scratch the paint.

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that gay ass "lemme pretend to be a badass" pouty bitch face

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this is exactly what you should wear to a pearl jam concert

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This, skinny jeans kill the look

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jesus this post goes along with the cringe thread

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He keeps buying boots

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that's like $10k retail worth of boots, think of how much healthy food and how many months of gym membership he could have bought with that money.

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why pay $10k to better yourself when you can pay $10k to put a bandaid on your weight with fashion

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he's not ugly he just has no style lmao.

>it's not what you wear it's how you wear it
switch the tee for an oversize white one and the boots with some fucking sneakers and he'd be good.

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>clear Dutch street
God why the fuck do those Asian students come here and financially dominate Dutch cuck students like me?
In one of the newest and most expensive developments in my city are only Asian students meanwhile the neighbours of my student house were raided by police every few months

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this would make it objectively worse

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I wonder why among all places, he takes his cool pics in front of some dusty warehouse overgrown with random plants?

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what uni? trying to figure out where I wanna study in the netherlands

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any indian on a college campus is proof of that

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but the k-pop guys just have colorful hair and copy american fashion..

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this is okay except the pants

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finally, someone posted something i actually physically recoiled in horror involuntarily

cringe thread ops posting rickfags and slpfags have some kind of unusual preoccupation. im not saying they look good but its nowhere near this level. top shelf cringe lad

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Ugh, I bet those disgusting pigs smell terrible.

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What's he holding in his hand?

>> No.13692564

remote for the camera

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I sold him those velvet boots lmao

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2012 meme

>> No.13692626

2012 is when you first saw it. it made the rounds in 2009 first. examples:

>> No.13692643

this is sad

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is that stavros on the left?

>> No.13692741

the amount of trannies who smoke weed and the people who push it should be enough for anyone to quit smoking.

>> No.13692774

Don't come here faggot, it's literally full, international students sleep in tents since no one wants some cringy non-Dutch speaking Asian roommate/tenant (I'm not even kidding)

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here's me... I think it's a good look without the jacket...? Help me bros.

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also, shoes and jacket combination doesn't match at all for me...

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bluepilled basedboy thinks based boomer is cringe

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>imagine a world without religion

>> No.13692868

what is the video from?

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3sixteen and ironheart usually what I'm draped in.

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from the back?

>> No.13693339

>I wear puffy vests
there isnt anything intrinsically wrong with them right?

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Christ, those fucking tattoos

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i thought he was hovering for a moment

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he unironically dresses like this all the time

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super awkward look

>> No.13693474

I think he pulls it off pretty well

>> No.13693476

At least it's interesting.

>> No.13693480

Attaching a dildo to a hat is interesting too but that doesn't make it good.

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would fuck 2 and 4

>> No.13693554

Yeah, it seems perfectly fine for what it is, but not anything new or spectacular. It's probably just the dude being short that gets him shit on for wearing SLP (which is sort of fair).

>> No.13693615

why buy women boots?

>> No.13693697

you are pussies. i'd totally bang out that skank in the middle.

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Why do only uggos wear SLP?

>> No.13693808

this really isn't terrible though, not like this >>13689214 or this >>13689669

>> No.13693815

I have a muscle car and tbqhwyf I wish I had that 200hp boxer with a light frame instead of my screaming metal deathtrap that can't make a turn over 30mph

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America was a mistake.
-Hedi Slimane

>> No.13693839

2, 3, and 4 are primetime nasty strange

I do not understand the fixation with King of the Hill though

>> No.13693844

Ima be honest here and only thing worth keeping is jeans. But have in mind that this is coming from fashion snob.

>> No.13693875

im not the only one who saw a vagina right?

>> No.13693884

based san lauren poster

>> No.13693958

You're a big guy

>> No.13693959

there's nothing wrong with being a closeted gay frat bro living off the family trust fund

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You should only be allowed to buy SLP if you are

>over 6 feet tall
>under 200 pounds
>pants size 32 or under

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>white with blonde or black hair
>have good proportions, don't be a midget
>bmi under 19
>pants sz starts with number 2

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fuark that is how my hair looks since it's in the growing out phase. too short to look clean cut, not long enough to look good long.

>> No.13694022

>Legs are 75 percent of your body

>> No.13694054

SLP is for photo sets, it doesn't work in real life even if you are whitest person ever lived and built like a stick.

>> No.13694057

I think the dumbest part about SLP fanboys is that you can build an SLP aesthetic in like thrift stores and shit yet they buy these expensive boots and jackets that don't even fit them

>> No.13694061

I dig the Dr. Seuss look he has going from the neck up desu.

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Womens clothes are too short and mens are made for fatties and quality is always subpar. No decent boots in sight.

Everything looks better when you are not standing in middle of your living room or taking a mirror selfie. It still can look cool and is one of the best styles when executed by a right person. But the typical 4chan mind set is to bash people who are wealthier or overall nag about something that doesn't fit into their aesthetic. On SLP facebook group there are so many people who dress nice but they aren't getting posted cuz cringespo is meme of 2018 and I know it's fun to have fun with people who are having the dunning-kreuger moment on publicly. Although I have to admit that there has been overexposure for this aesthetic on reddit and 4chan lately and it has been done by people who clearly don't have the body for it and it's getting annoying.

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lol that guy aint ugly the pants/boots just look like shit
tortoiseshell sunglasses don't fit either, black would be better

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Brown jacket for that outfit

big tits

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