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Cringe thread. Starting with this.

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That jacket is unironically cool tho

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Why is it always ugly people who try to wear SLP?

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stop posting yourself you old tryhard faggot

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Holy fucking cringe. Imagine posing in front of that shitty toyota and trying to stand in a cool way as if you are walking on a runway while holding the camera remote in hand. Let's not even mention the faggot skirt and balding hairline. HAHAHA

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Is there any brand with a bigger gap between the person the brand promotes with and the person who actually buys the clothes? Even Rick fans as ugly as they are can sometimes pull the shit off. Only short fat Asian nerds buy SLP at this point and they market it with waif thin white Euro models.

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in percentage terms how more high fashion is it to say SLP vs saying YSL?

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lamo at this tryharding STEMfags

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He isn't a model but at least average or slightly above. He made the best out of his balding and went for the boomer core.

Come back when you spot someone more ugly.

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That has to be a woman's jacket right? Christ. How do the SA's let the little faggot step out of the store in that.

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This wouldn't be bad if he didn't have such a vacant, "too cool" expression. He's an ugly guy but a smile or general good disposition would make him look normal/friendly

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if he lost the jacket it would just be meh. the jacket is a bit tryhard but its not as turbo cringe as these


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Why do people think that fits that make your legs look a foot long look good

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nigga looks like a regen in football manager

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fuck that whole thread is cringe

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How much of a conversation could they have about a fucking plain leather jacket at a meet and greet? I guarantee the kid was like “look at my jacket it’s from saint laurent just like the one you wear!” And g eazy was like “cool man!” and took a pic and moved to the next person in line

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Please stop anon, your monkey brain cant comprehend the bottomless depths of talking about shitty overpriced xs leather jackets made for autistic dwarfs worn by even more autistic people. Its out of your reach

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>hurry up and take the photo mom people are coming!!

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I totally agree

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some of the concepts of war core arent bad but it attracts the wrong kind of people

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looks like he's devon nojean now

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What is SLP? Like I know what the definition is but it seens pretty general and vague.

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lol that belt and the boots

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>i know what the definition is
>pretty general and vague

the fuck you are talking about? it's saint laurent paris, you inbred turd

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don't like the shoes, but if the lost that ridiculous combat vest, the look would be rather decent

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wtf are u talking about? its a brand u dipshit

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good post

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fuck off you insecure prick

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hahaha please be bait


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>above average

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this guy actually has a good frame but is seriously one of the ugliest fuckers i've ever seen in my life. his fake leather uniqlo jacket doesn't help either.

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>average or slightly above
wow. americans must really be a pig race

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If you just look at his legs, I would say those are some pretty nice legs. But then you scroll up and it's not a woman but a skinny-ass jew.

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>average or slightly above
Hi, Devon.

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fuckin got me

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sorry you got posted

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wonder that myself

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>that 30 year old boomer who still wears SLP

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What is SLP?

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Saint Laurent Paris, you absolute pleb.

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Honestly, you can wear whatever the fuck you want

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read the thread and let the enlightenment wash over you

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people without lips are so off-putting, i can't even deal

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he actually looks like the 30 year old boomer, what the fuck

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God damn I haven't laughed like this in months. Thanks anon.

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he looks like a jerma character

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Think it's a Nissan.

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oh no no nobhuahahaha

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That's a man

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fucking gay

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Embarassing to look at

my sides

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