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Uniqlo is for homeless people.

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i just ordered the faux leather jacket they have on sale and a couple plain T-shirts to start fixing up a proper wardrobe

i know its a meme brand but I have the physique of a starved somalian pirate so I kinda need the asian meme shit

what's the difference between the uniqlo u crewnecks and the normal crewnecks?

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right here derp >>13669609

did you even try ctrl+f in the catalog or what

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what's wrong with the uniqlo thread that was started yesterday?

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Dry packaged or supima

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supima, lightweight and comfy af

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dry packaged r terrible

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What do people think about their blocktech jackets?

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buying anything over 60 bucks at uniqlo is retarded imo. it's still shit quality.

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adding on to this


in the stock photo it looks great, on the model it looks like shit. on the model they had professional lighting and stylists to make it look the best it can possibly look, and that's how it ends up.

it's puckering all over the place and sure for some reason maybe they want the cuff length to be shit on their model, that's not something i would want

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blocktech and other uniqlo tech fabrics is just marketing. walmart has the same synthetic fabrics and are similarly marketed (windproof, waterpoof, moisture wicking whatever) but because its walmart and not a trendy foreign outlet everyone is eager to put more belief in uniqlo's marketing

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uniqlo is the shit fk urself

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really hope this uniqlo meme ends soon. it's the same quality as H&M. shitty seams, shitty fit.

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lol just lol

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You niggers are REALLY salty about Uniqlo. I love it. It's only copying good taste trends and not every nigger trend there is. Quality is better. Dry packed is totally okay.

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no its not
gildian fruit of the loom are

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it's good for cheap basics if the fit works for you, nothing more nothing less

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yeah...this sure looks great

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they don't even bother to have it fit the models

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I use Uniqlo for their t-shirts, chinos and underwear. All cheap and all better for the price than anything else I've encountered in that price range. However, if I'm spending more than that on a coat or something I'm gonna be going somewhere else.

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l..looks great anon...it's uniqlo

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it's /effay/ definitely not just target tier : ^ )

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supima, i'm usually cheap as hell but the packaged ones honestly feel like they're made of cardboard

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Are uniqlo socks good?

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>Tries to use kids clothes to prove a point when he clearly doesn't have one

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You know they also sell Marvel shirts for adults?
Pretty much anythying they make that isn't a basic looks utterly ridiculous

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I always love it when on t-shirts the graphic doesn't even extend to the sleeves.

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It's a mall store located next to cinnabon and forever21. Or are you some type of a flyover that orders online?

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Most of /fa/ is 17 year olds that can only afford 1 pair of Jeezy's and 1 Supreme hoodie per year and rely on H&M and Uniqlo for everything else. They have a personal vested interest in Uniqlo not being exposed as the Japanese H&M

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Don't own any of that shit. I just like Uniqlo because they have a consistent apparel of stuff that I need unlike H&M and Zara that try to chase every fad spectacularly bad. Could they do better stuff? Of course. But then why buy it in Uniqlo? You're being elitist about the dumbest shit. Also nice projecting.

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yeah..ignore the rest of the shit fits. it's a target tier clothing.

look at this and tell me it "deserves" to be lauded on this forum. it's shit material, shit fit, and they don't even try to hide it with their models

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there's a reason why they're located next to zara and forever21 in the mall

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You don't think it's weird that a large group of people on here has a constant circlejerk going on pretending that a Japanese budget chain fashion store is something special or unique?
There's nothing elitist about seeing Uniqlo as exactly what it is. I get my basics from there too mainly but you won't see me go online to convince other people I bought something better than what they got from the H&M.

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who cares if they follow trends...look at this construction. this is literally the best shirt that they decided to show on a model

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uniqlo pulls the same shit as any other fast fashion clothing company. do you know a single person that would buy a dress shirt that didn't at least hit their wrist bone?

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of course people buy 150 dollar wool coats that are several inches above their wrists, and that lining is def high class lol...once again...that's the lining that they specifically chose for marketing.

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This looks great. Was you molested by Uniqlo when you was a child? what is this autism you spreading?

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that lining

>charging $150 for it

going to rip the first wear

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>proper wardrobe
>faux leather jacket

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tshirts are goat tier basics love the fit

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the hell are you talking about
the length of the sleeves not being your exact preference doesn't indicate quality

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>pretending that a Japanese budget chain fashion store is something special or unique?

literally no one is doing that, we know it's shit and don't care. the designs are simple and clean.

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none of this matters
people go to uniqlo for basics and nothing else
3/10 bait

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Realistically, what's the height cut-off for Uniqlo? I hate putting money into work clothing and I just need basics. 30x34 sits right at my ankles.

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they're ok

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i love uniqlo but sorry this honestly looks like shit lol. never buy fake leather jackets

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I remember the first time I saw a uniqlo... The closest one to me is a 3 hour drive away. I was visiting chicago and I found one downtown. Bought a nice button up, i love wearing it. Uniqlo is the best....

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this has to be bait...

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ive had great experience with the ones that come in every conceivable color. bought like 3 pairs a few months ago and theyre still going strong

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people who hate uniqlo fall into 2 categories:
-retards who don't know that uniqlo excels at basics, not fast fashion
-obese people that are angry they can't fit in the clothes

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How are uniqlo's pants? Thinking about copping a cheap pair

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Their pants are pretty nice. The upside is you can get them altered online or in store. I've noticed their dyes fade pretty quickly though. Still would recommend them

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Id cop this.

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got these pants and shirt in the mail today

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this shirt as well

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this combo is a bit much, very cute tho anon uwu

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u mean the second pic? i was just rtyring on the shirt, was wearing the pants already

>> No.13675526

Ok, then what? You fuckers are just being contrarians at this point LOL

>> No.13675528

nah i meant the first, its a bit formal anon. could work if ur in a band or just confident i suppose.

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I love uniqlo so you stfu

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Uniqlo is the only brand I found that fits me well. Are there more brands that have similar sizing? I hate burger sizing. Everything is either too baggy or too long.

>> No.13675562

neither of those apply to me. i got that for work mostly, but i plan on wearing outside of work. thank u btw

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Which I could go to one and try some of their stuff but I have social anxiety

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same, but I just bought their stuff online and cut my losses. pants were too long but everything else fit nice.

>> No.13675587

how tall are you?

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Agreed about the fading, but cut wise, some of the best jeans ive ever owned. Always great fit, super comfy, pretty much the only jeans i wear. Sadly 1 - 1 1/2 years in they start to fade and show noticable wear

If you cop on sale theyre only like 20 - 30 bucks tho so i let it slide

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I wish muji wasn't so boxy

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you little bitch

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If I have a wool blend Uniqlo U jacket from last year, will it pair well with the wool blend trousers from this year?

>> No.13676245

What's your waist size?

>> No.13676257

What are your measurements? I'm a thin 5'7 manlet and never gotten anything online so I'm curious to know where to order shit from.

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File: 139 KB, 1096x854, uniqlo u 1 8 cart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets see those uniqlo u carts boys

>> No.13676470

is there a reason why you picked those relaxed pants vs the regular-fit ankle-lengths pants? the one you chose is polyester and no belt loops. looking at the sizing chart its only a little bit wider.

>> No.13676523

Really it came down to cozyness. I wanted a pant that is a little synthetic and came off not so formal while still maintaining wearability. Going to class in the morning is a bitch and sometimes i just dont wanna think about zippers. Tho if there is one thing i return it would most likley be those pants.

plus the other pants just look like shit.

>> No.13676559

Just man up and don't have social axniety pussy, what are you gonna do when race war comes?

>> No.13676561

When i saw all the items together, i instantly have another incel image from WYWT thread pop up in my head. Don't wear them together.

>> No.13676564

lmao post for inspo. incel core here i come

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Honestly wanted some cheap/minimalist/Comfy winter wear. I like the pants /dude/ I hope the fit around my thick thighs.

>> No.13676802

why do all of the U pants have to be this garbage cropped ankle length shit

>> No.13676810

ID on pants?

>> No.13676846

looks cozy dude, purple mock neck an underrated gem

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Played it safe.

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File: 183 KB, 839x1433, IMG_0569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might get more later

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>> No.13676925

lot of sizes already gone here in canada. i swear we only got like 1 of each or some shit.

>> No.13676935

yeah same here, im gonna sit on everything for a bit first and then see what i want. im really not crazy about the stuff this year

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>> No.13677610

>waist over 28

>> No.13677614

I want to plan a Saturday to take the train down there. Sick of waiting a week for plain t shirts lol

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im 36 waist faggot what are you gonna do

>> No.13677623

Supima tees all day faggot

>> No.13677628

your mom, you fucking waistcel

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https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/men-ezy-ankle-length-corduroy-413213.html what are these like? How slim/skinny

>> No.13678371

how ironic

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>Not being able to deadlift 500burgers
>thinking skinny without muscle is attractive

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nice carts, but they are all pretty expensive. bought a lot of cheap stuff, cant get myself to pay top dollars for uniqlo.

>> No.13679043

how do the open collar long sleeve shirts fit?

>> No.13679082

Krautfag bitte
what site is this

>> No.13679103

bought from the german uniqlo site. The screenshot is from the confirmation mail

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File: 98 KB, 734x734, goods_35_400337[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also, if you buy the fleece jacket you dont have to pay shipping and if your cart exceeds 70€ you can use the newsletter coupon for an additional 10€ off. Paid 68€ total and got 2 more fleece jackets that are not pictured in the mail screenshot

>> No.13679543


I’m >>13677355

I didn’t have time to go see the items in store like I usually do so I just ordered all colors that I found interesting. Not sure if I will be keeping them all.

>> No.13679554

Danke meinen Freund

>> No.13679972

Same height, though my chest is getting pretty big since I started working out. Gap XS seems be closest so far but it's still a bit baggy.

>> No.13679997

I live in burgerland, how do you find size the for pants/jeans on Uniqlo? Haven't been there recently but last I remember I only saw shit as low as 29" waist unfortunately.

>> No.13681490

Bumping I live in europe and I'm 5'8 125 and none of their jeans fit me even the skinny one.
that's suck since I wanted to buy a stock of selvedge

>> No.13681638

i remember i worked at uniqlo for two months over christmas as a temp, and they hire people afterwards sometimes. i did their delivery twice a week for two months being one of the five guys that wasn't a total basedboy, could actually lift things. they let me go and hired three of the most attractive females out of a group of 12. yes i mad

>> No.13681641

fucking s o y b o y filter

>> No.13681708

>buying women's shirts

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File: 158 KB, 892x551, cart2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is what i just ordered. trying out their turtlenecks for the first time

>> No.13681788

i was thinking about working at uniqlo but their closest to me is too far (in tampa, closest location is in orlando if i am not mistaken). did you get discounts on clothes tho?

>> No.13682071

i guess right now they have a thing going on where if you pay over $200 you get free 2day shipping. (in u.s btw)

>> No.13682173

Their underwear and socks are GODLY tho. Some jackets are p cool too

>> No.13682179

It is of you’re gay, just saying
Im a 110lb skeleton and guys come on to me loke flies

>> No.13682334

stop your making me regret not getting this just because it was a womans cut

>> No.13682338

>not buying a shirt just because it's labeled as women's

>> No.13682343

>Be 130 5'10, and 20
>Be top
>Literally any gay old dudes I know or see just assume I'm a bottom cause I'm not a lardass and try to fuck me

>> No.13682444

Is any of the new U collection out in australia

>> No.13682506

you literally can't tell

>> No.13682525


>Be 6' tall, 145lb, 20 y/o bi guy
>Pretty skinny but small joints, small waist and decent shoulders with a bit of muscle
>somewhat feminine but not too much
>constantly hit on by older gay guys & offered money several times
>still masculine enough for actual twinks to love me

life is good

>> No.13682661

yeah, 30%, pretty good

>> No.13682771

Well yeah I'm pretty sure both men and women will most likely buy if the people assisting them are good looking women

>> No.13682954

It'll either not release in Australia or release alongside Europe on the 20th (I'm guessing)

>> No.13682964

Yeah righto, I feel its the former because they pulled the entire Aus preview website


>> No.13682997



>> No.13683008

h-hey! b nice ok

>> No.13683118

how hard is it to steal from uniqlo?

kinda wanna go in there and cop a few things, but I dont wanna pay for all of it
if I could buy one shirt and maybe steal 2 or 3 I'd be good

>> No.13683273

don't be a nigger

>> No.13683284

i'm mexican
am i still screwed?

>> No.13683531

should be easy they dont have those alarm tags on their folded shirts.

>> No.13683858

Copped some of the easy ankle olive green courd pants. Got a few t shirts like one from the Jean Michelle Basqeuat collab. Good quality and price for the essentials like t shirts and pants, but I would not purchase a jacket or anything above 50$ there

>> No.13684246

Not hard no hard tags and it's packed small

>> No.13684279

they got cv cams

>> No.13684306

does uniqlo send you an email that your order is incomplete if you just leave stuff in your cart?
im a bit worried right now because when after i ordered stuff the website gave me an error. so i reselected everything and put it in my cart. however, paypal notified me that i submitted the order and it was just waiting authorization from uniqlo. then uniqlo emails me about my order, so im like "cool dude we're gonna make it" and then i got another email with the subject "Your order status... in case you were wondering" where its a graphic that says your order is incomplete and it just brings me back to the cart i put together after i ordered everything, but since theyre the same items i have no clue if my order failed or not. according to paypal my payment is still awaiting verification but i dunno if its just bugging out on my ass. some of the things i ordered are already out of stock so i dont know whether or not to submit another order. i ordered yesterday and im still waiting for a email telling me that they have shipped it out but im not sure if anyone ships on sundays outside of amazon

>> No.13684328

youre bugging, if its listed in paypal wait 2 days and normally they confirm it

>> No.13684347

yeah i figured lol. i hate how little they stock the shit from uniqlo u. but thanks anon

>> No.13685056

lemme know when senpai I'll go too

>> No.13685462

not if you bring a shopping bag from a different store, get a lot of things to try on, go into the fitting room put a few items in your bag and leave

>> No.13685587

>kinda wanna go in there and cop a few things, but I dont wanna pay for all of it
Stealing is for wimps, real men hold their pocket money / salary portion til their get the right amount saved. You Mexicans are one of the most obese nations anyway, at least you can also have some weight loss to pull off the right sizes...

>> No.13685924

Walk me through it in detail. I carry a purse so will that help?

>> No.13685976

why the fuck arent there any bigger sized chukkas

>> No.13685992

love that they have pants in lanklet size, I wear 29x34 which is not easy to find at other stores

>> No.13686367

so lurk around the store first. make sure the items you want go in the middle of the extra things you bring into the fitting room. you should probably bring around 5-6 items. then take what you want and put the extra clothes back lurk around a little more. buy something cheap if you really want to get away with it. or just leave.

>> No.13687221
File: 128 KB, 734x734, goods_64_409179?$pdp-medium$.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like this lambswool sweater but im not sure what color to get. I have green eyes, should I get green?

>> No.13688458
File: 666 KB, 1280x1179, 1485464737132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is their flannel? Its finally starting to get cooler over here.

>> No.13688933

It's actually worse, their shirts and t-shirts may as well be made of paper

>> No.13688941

You're gay so you should get grey

>> No.13688964

uniqlo u t shirts have a very nice boxy roomy fit and slightly heavier fabric.
only H&M worth the money is their edition and studio line

>> No.13689044

shoot all whiteys

>> No.13689132

I contacted customer support, and they're saying it'll release in the "appropriate season", so early next year. Australiafags cucked again, living a season behind :(

>> No.13689558
File: 61 KB, 1062x400, us-pc-180625-m-pants-ezyanklepants-hero-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is how NOT to shop at uniqlo. go for basics, avoid graphic tees and obvious short-term trends.

look at pic related.

the pants look fucking ridiculous, the models can barely fit their hands in the pockets. just imagine how bad theyll look on a slob like you without the perfect body proportions, lighting, and photo editing.

besides you should always beware when pants are being modeled with hands in pockets. it totally distorts the way the pants hang and you cannot get a good idea of how they really look. notice all of uniqlo's EZY pants advertising features models with both hands in the pockets

>> No.13689564

anyone try their sherpa jacket ?

>> No.13690128

My wardrobe is fundamentally UNIQLO... Is that a sin? I'm into their minimalist style, no fuss or unnecessary shits... Just the functionality of wearing clothes without being outdatedly stylish

>> No.13690288

I haven't gone full uniqlo but I really do like the minimalist without using entirely neutral colors and a lot of the featureless designs they have on their outerwear.
I don't know many other places to shop for this that won't break my bank for something that shouldn't break my bank.

>> No.13690312

I got one of those jackets when I was in California. I really like it and the price was right, but I'm not looking forward to when the material starts deteriorating, which is absolutely unavoidable according to the labels. This is literally a jacket with an expiration date.

>> No.13690319

best reply in the thread

>> No.13690342
File: 29 KB, 300x229, 345746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which of the sweaters is gonna be the chunkiest or are they all gonna be paper-thin?

>> No.13690607

not that anon but
i tried them on in store and they actually looked great on me. i tried on the dark brown cords. the pocket were fine and they felt alright. i tihnk the models are just posing that way which looks dumb. i didn't cop instore bc i thought i could get them online later but now they're sold out in my size and i've been regretting it since.

>> No.13690731

Oh god this is me...I even work at uniqlo now.

>> No.13690843
File: 26 KB, 660x880, Mac1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the other faux jacket guy, but they are which is totally fine. They're cheap enough to be an interim jacket til you find something you really, really love and want to be a staple of your autumn/winter wardrobe. Something you can chuck on and feel like you look decent no matter what.

Took me 3 years to find this Oliver Spencer jacket (pic related, but only slightly. One I have is a different design) and I fucking love it now. I look forward to autumn when I can start wearing it.

>> No.13691555
File: 29 KB, 600x600, ctf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every other manufacturer doing the same thing. Uniqlo is only company ethical enougth to actually tell you to expect material aging.

>> No.13691566

Assuming that's true, that's actually a perfectly valid point.

Also a fair point. I've always loved jackets in general and I have several that I adore. One of these days I'll get an actual leather one that will last. For the coin it cost, the Uniqlo one is entirely adequate.

>> No.13692167

bought a white supima cotton tee and of course it's kind of see through, pretty disappointing. Can't even return it because shipping is like half the price of the t-shirt lol. Pretty annoying because I dig the collar a lot but the tee overall kinda sucks. The one I bought in navy is pretty decent though.

>> No.13692179

nothing wrong with that. fashion isnt for everyone, just like some people just want in a car a reliable appliance to take them from point A to point B, same for clothes.

>> No.13692181

Because it's fucking undershirt.

>> No.13692647

If any one have seen this in store, what the fuck is "double-faced" on this turtleneck suppose to mean?
How does it feel overall? Is material thin? Having hard time imagining this item.


>> No.13692750
File: 1.59 MB, 3616x2236, goods_09_409334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one should i cop? the left would be black

>> No.13692965

I have left one for 2 years. I wear it in winter and have no complains. Pick one that you like more.

>> No.13692991

Holy shit Uniqlo really needs to do some color calibration on their photos.

So many of the browns never look like the real-life color in the pictures. It's so fucking misleading.

>> No.13693029

Na. My wardrobe is fully target brand goodfellow.

>> No.13693109
File: 20 KB, 380x380, goods_68_412355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are all U men pants ankle lenght?

It seems only wool blend suit pants are full lenght?

On the jeans it does not say ankle lenght, but model wears them this way.

Link: https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-u-wide-fit-tapered-jeans-412355.html?dwvar_412355_color=COL68&cgid=men-uniqlo-u

>> No.13693630

we're all sinners here

>> No.13693656

no it's just weird how people here are brainwashed into thinking it's any different than places like topman or zara

>> No.13694059

For you the Australians, uniqlo manager said fw18 uniqlo u is getting postponed to next year.

>> No.13694090

It's up in britbongistan, pretty boring collection for men

>> No.13694187

so is like most of the new uniqlo u stuff not available in europe or is it all sold out already

>> No.13694191

its not out yet

>> No.13694194

so christophe lemaire designs for topman and zara ?

>> No.13694258

oops lol guess I'm just a retard then. I'll use it for sleeping in I guess

>> No.13694794
File: 261 KB, 1299x547, uniqlo1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its out and SOLD in normal sizes
For example this work shirt available in all sizes in US a week after release

>> No.13694806

design sure but quality is no different and thats the biggest thing people talk about. because zara and H&M make basics too and people go on all day about buying basics from uniqlo. they literally uses the same suppliers in china and SE asia as H&M

>> No.13694816

Most Uniqlo stuff made in China, while Zara has different suppliers in different parts of the world like China, Bangladesh, Morocco, Indonesia and even Portugal and Turkey.

>> No.13694834

Ever Smart Bangladesh LTD
Pacific Jeans Limited
Stylecraft LTD

Huizhou Nanxuan Kitting Factory LTD
Jiangsu Yeqin Apparel Co
Martin Emprex Textiles LTD
Nantong Sanming Fashion Co.
Chenfeng (Jiangsu) Apparel Co

Matsuoka Winner Industry/Sumber Bintang Rejeki
Jiale Indonesia Garment/Ing International/Khahatex
Pan Brothers TBK
Berkah Indo Garment

Crystal Martin (Crystal Intimate, Crystal Sweater) LTD
First Team Garment LTD
Panko Tam Thang Corporation

these fabric producers and sew shops ship their work to both H&M and uniqlo. i dont think you understand that garment districts in these countries produce for ALL mall brands and fast fashion, including uniqlo. some of the suppliers i looked up even if they were different, were literally down the street from one another. zara hasnt published a supplier list but i guarantee they share contractors


>> No.13696342

damn my post really killed the uniqlo thread rip

>> No.13696499

There's something really weird about the sizing on uniqlo pants. They are probably the worst fitting pants and jeans I've ever came across in any brand and most brands fit me pretty well. The fabric quality on most of uniqlo stuff turns me off as well.

>> No.13696507

the jeans i bought fit like trash but the ezy ankle pants fit me fine

>> No.13696933
File: 32 KB, 720x720, goods_02_400502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting this vest for my shitty fall lunarcore fit.

>> No.13696981

Anyone bought the fishtail U parka? Is it fine? Need something similar for the misty days

>> No.13697042

Is it the rise? I got 34s, 35s and then 36s during a period of porking up and now I'm down to around 34 but I find I still prefer the 36s. The waist bunching up sucks but the higher rise on the 36 lets me pull it up to where it is comfortable.

>> No.13697047

I made some cops today. Got a couple more airism undershirts and I copped the non-low rise airism trunks in M and L to work out which I like better. According to their sizing I should be will into L but the Ms don't even feel tight.

>> No.13697154

It's really lightweight / flimsy, making it hard to keep a distinct shape.

You can fold it into an integrated pouch which is quite nice.

>> No.13697205
File: 22 KB, 455x475, 3457555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well shit

I wanted something not quite paper-thin

pic related is one with some form to it but it's from Prada

>> No.13697219

this is npc-core what were doing when we’re criticizing uniqlo is criticizing an already established fashion brand that tries to position themselves as quality and marketable>>13672755

>> No.13697231

when it’s just shit

>> No.13697353

Maybe have a look at Rains

>> No.13697378
File: 48 KB, 768x1024, DCD6C60C-37C2-4243-B336-443C9FF21528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol i bought the same stuff yesterday

>> No.13697503

rains is also pretty thin

>> No.13697759

Well then I'd say that the UU parka is an orderbof magnitude thinner than the Rains

>> No.13698264

And it’s hard to let it go

>> No.13698346

What is so bad about uniqlo it’s just cheap basics?

>> No.13698351

HM is shit

>> No.13698362

TFW Amish and my clothes are in style

>> No.13698410
File: 403 KB, 601x900, ERDEM-x-HM-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it isnt though

>> No.13698429

good vneck long sleeve tees, short supima not so much (too baggy for a built frame)

great ULTRA FLEXIBLE homewear

interesting collaborations from time to time

>> No.13698434

unironically ended up at the now-banned /r/shoplifting (which contained a detailed answer to your question btw) for some fascinating reading after googling something like "uniqlo jeans fit lifting" due to kinda liking uniqlo but since fast fashion is made for people with zero muscular development i wanted info on lifting but got shoplifting instead ^^

>> No.13698460

Name a better pair of boxers than Uniqlo AIRism boxers.

Pro-tip: You can't. I wouldn't pay full price but sometimes they go on sale for £2 a pair and they're excellent. The socks are shit though.

>> No.13698469

confirmed and completely happy to pay 10€ per piece

i've got 15 or so pairs, many edgy SPRZ NY patterns ^^

>> No.13698476

I like the SPRZ NY patterns but I think they only come in budgie smuggler form or trunk form? I prefer to buy the loose fit ones. Unless I'm mistaken.

>> No.13698477

Your hair is cute

>> No.13698488

Look at the dude, do you think he cares about wearing female clothes nigga?

>> No.13698491

>budgie smuggler
there's none of this i can assure you, but as for the rest my terminology may be off, but i believe i may have been buying "boxer briefs". they're quite short and tight in the thigh

>> No.13698497
File: 36 KB, 734x734, uniqlo shirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

copped this for £7 recently, was my first buy from uniqlo and it's not bad, i like the crew neck and it's a good price for the quality. Also I'm a university student so I need to buy cheap shit

>> No.13698499

I've just checked the website and they don't seem to sell normal AIRism boxers anymore, only trunks and briefs etc. bit disappointing. Would you happen to know of anything similar?

>> No.13698512

you seem to be right when it comes to the generic eu webshop. all i see is (optionally low-rise) trunks and boxer briefs

>> No.13698703

wow, just got uniqlo u pants and some tees
everything fits like shit
how do people wear this trash?

>> No.13699137

i like the thickness of the uniqlo u shirts but they fit my body weird too. they hug my chest tighter than my torso making this weird uneven shape through out. if i tuck my shirt it's not noticeable but yea the fit is bad

>> No.13699373


i cant find them on the aus site :(

>> No.13699591

god damn she looks like a bug

>> No.13700383
File: 345 KB, 2000x2000, down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is the U down jacket any good?
I kinda forgot about the drop, but this collection was pretty boring anyway

>> No.13700456

Anyone know how Muji sizing compares to Uniqlo? I'm an S in Uniqlo shirts. Looking at the flannels from Muji

>> No.13700476

muji is similar, maybe a bit more roomy. Think uniqlo u line

>> No.13700831 [DELETED] 
File: 140 KB, 640x1136, 45180CAD-5871-48D5-A2C9-4047E03078B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is my hairline receding? It’s been like this for a few years but it’s hard to tell, it’s quite thick hair too

>> No.13701598
File: 670 KB, 1018x623, Yamacha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opinions on this hawaii collection?

>> No.13701627

Never bought anything from Uniqlo, where's a good place to start?

>> No.13701669

look like shit desu, the ones you'd find on a holiday resort

only ones Ive really liked have been by Prada and Kenzo and I'm not paying 200+ for a hawaii shirt so...

>> No.13701788
File: 2.70 MB, 750x1334, FA3B845B-F1C9-4504-85A8-6ABFB47D4C81.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uniqlo fleece

>> No.13701809 [DELETED] 

those are shit. look way too much like "oh Hawaiian shirts are in right now, lets make them with modern patterns/colors" which kinda defeats the whole purpose

>> No.13701878

Hows the mountain parka?

>> No.13701884

Seems all right. I haven't had too many chances to wear mine yet.

>> No.13701919

O shoot I've been there, last spring, got a cozy hoodie that I still wear all the time

>> No.13702350

ankle pants are pretty basic, frend. theyre just chinos with shorter length. where do you buy your ankle pants, anon?

but i always have a hard time discerning what are basics and what are not. everything seems like basics to me. like obviously white t's and chinos are pretty basic but a jacket or ankle pants is somehow advanced? they seem like pretty basic pieces to me. i wouldnt get their faux leather jackets, suit jackets or anything, but from my perspective uniqlo primarily sells nothing but basic wear

>> No.13702359

i think if you are on a budget it is ok. my wardrobe has slowly started to become nothing but uniqlo too, but i know if my budget was larger i probably wouldnt shop at uniqlo all that much. for the price point it might be the most fundamentally sound place to shop. quality is OK at best but design-wise, probably best at its price point. thats just me tho. i know some people like cos as an alternative but even theyre a bit too expensive for me.

i think maybe outside of their supima t's uniqlo quality is probably on par with every other shop for its price. i definitely go to uniqlo for budget/design purposes over quality. the only product hyped for its quality on here is their supima shirts. i usually never see anything else.

>> No.13702362

i think their lambswool is going to be the chunkiest. that said, none of them are that thick. also, lambswool a bit itchy

>> No.13703476


>> No.13703522

>Never bought anything from Uniqlo, where's a good place to start?
A Uniqlo store.

>> No.13703567

Fuck.. this was the only piece I wanted and it sold out instantly in the EU store, faster than any other item in the previous collaborations ever. Hope to cop it second hand from grailed or sth I guess.

>> No.13703612

Just keep the items page bookmarked and check it regs for restocks/returns

>> No.13703876

yeee an uniqlo is opening in my city in a few weeks its hype

>> No.13703893

It's better quality than H&M. You're trying too hard

>> No.13703900

H&M edition and studio line is actually superior to uniqlo

>> No.13703914
File: 30 KB, 300x240, goal posttt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13703926

im not the poster you replied to, just saying uniqlo is not always better than hm

>> No.13705035

Get a supply of spares while you can, they are slowly getting baggier and longer to save on expenses.

Don't underestimate how far a Japanese brand will go to save costs

>> No.13705501
File: 215 KB, 1568x944, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13705545

> Bazar-tier polyester garbage

They're opening a store in Amsterdam, as if we didn't have enough plastic dumps already.

I used to enjoy their pants, but like all other store that does mediocrely okay quality went down down down and prices higher and higher. Hope they go out of business soon.

If you want real decent stuff do Petit Bateau/Saint James.it's a bit more expensive but top-quality and lasts you a lifetime.same with Lacoste.

>> No.13705916

size XXXL probably

>> No.13706205

they always have size xxs and xxxl massively reduced

>> No.13706519

Couldn't you just take it to a tailor to reduce the amount of fabric in order to fit better?

>> No.13706532


>> No.13707131

This jacket is in stock in Eu in M & XL right now

>> No.13707137

If you fit xxl, then maybe

>> No.13707147

>If you want real decent stuff do Petit Bateau/Saint James
of course something at a higher price point is most likely going to be of higher quality. now if you recommended a different brand at a relatively simlar price point then it would make sense to compare the quality. its like apples to oranges comparing $130 sweater to a $20 sweater

>> No.13707222

UK Uniqlo has no good jackets. Where do y'all go for coats & jackets

>> No.13708207

so supima quality is decent? i bought some basic t shirts from h&m that were on sale a few months ago but the color is already fading and any moisture bleeds like crazy. anyone have any issues with supima?

>> No.13708894

One of their best cost performance items, alongside white ocbd, airism underwears, etc
But if your acquaintances like uniqlo beware buying it since it is identifiable if others buy uniqlo flannel shirts too.

>> No.13709284
File: 34 KB, 687x775, BLOCKTECH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone wanna buy this christophe lemaire blocktech coat off of me? its in a sized XS ive only tried it so its in perfect condition.

>> No.13710462

It's the best they got, give one a whirl they're not pricey at all

>> No.13711885

can anyone recommend short sleeve t-shirts similar in fit/quality/price to the uniqlo U ones from last season? they’re out of stock now but they’re the best t-shirts i own

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