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>asians wearing SLP

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Good Lord...

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>I rove sane raurant. Heidi make clothes for me cause I am rockstar :-D

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I respect Asians for giving far less of a fuck about what they "can" or "cannot" wear according to internet experts

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that is one tiny man

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they mostly care about wearing clothes for some assumed higher status over others which is probably worse though.

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Really need some godly proportions to pull off SLP.

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where do you think you are

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Honestly most people look cringy on slp, unless you're literally a slp model type.
Talking about a common person wearing slp, he's not that bad

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He looks aight

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still has a bmi too high to pull off slp haha

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>Short and stocky asians
>Trying to pull off a french fashion house brand made for tall and skinny white people

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I bet he can't even close the jacket without blocking respiration.

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asians are obsessed with status but they end up looking like shit barring japs

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I feel like spacemarine when see these try hard guys

t. 194/89 slav

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I never understood the skinny jeans meme. Makes you look weak imo. I prefer regular fit or baggy. Also why the leather jacket. It doesn't suit him at all.

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he looks like someone I can overpower

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I'm that same height and weight 70 kg

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How long do you actually need to be to pull off SLP? Is 6' enough, or is it more about the proportions such as slender frame and long legs?

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>BMI of 19,4
I didn't expect him to be sub 20 but slp isn't meant for people with a BMI higher then 19

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(Not OP)
It's more about proportions - 60-70% leg is optimum.

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w2c clothing with a similar/same cut as slp? Mainly interested in the high waisted jeans and the leather jackets.

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Did anything change dramatically with Vacarello on helm?

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Jeans are less slim and the leather quality has dropped a bit otherwise not really as far as I can tell.

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>tfw 192cm/59kg with long as fuck legs but poor
guess thrift will have to do

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fuck anon, you are auschwitz mode

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>long limbs

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>mfw when i have the ideal proportions to pull of SLP perfectly
>27 inch waist
>36-38 inch inseam

shame i can't afford it really

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this guy lamo good shit

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how come japanese people can pull off designer clothing but any other asian ethnicity cant

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its the radiation Im tellin ya

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i'm at 18.4 leaning (((muscular))) and I'm not skinny enough

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japanese fashion!= french fashion

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>not skinny enough
hmm wonder why

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>replicas everywhere

I swear 85% of asians wear fake shit

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blocks ur path

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id let him fuck my gf and me as well

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>tuned mina
>rocks heels like a god
how does he do it

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thats so true, asians have the worst mentality ever. glad their bodys reflect that.

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Does anybody but Asians wear SLP?

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its mostly chinks and manlet hwhite boys

>> No.13654354

koreans can

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Everything heidi makes is designed towards his own ethinicity : north africans

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Since when "north africans" were an ethnicity? Hedi is half italian , half tunisian

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Do you even get what SLP is ?

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in merica, that's skeleton.

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is that a first for ya?

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That face looks ugly as fuck though.

>> No.13655132

cut their ugly plastic faces off and these are decent outfits, but your outfit doesnt matter if you're ugly. it's the clothes looking good, not the person

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ur a big guy

>> No.13655298

then why are his models white

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mate how do you wear 38 inch inseam
i'm 6'4" (194cm to be exact) and wear 34 inch inseam.

>> No.13655334

what size is he wearing, in american please.?

>> No.13655335

gotta have dem stacks

>> No.13655354

god damn they're fucking cute idk why this board hates koreans so much

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>mogs u

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spotted the gook.

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he doesn't even look human. looks like a reptile.

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this is fucking retarded looking

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>talks shit
>doesn't post a fit

I accept your capitulation

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>defending some ugly lizard gook who doesn't even know you exist

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mad status:


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what an ugly gook

>> No.13655475

he might give you a hug if you keep defending him :^)

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this group is some serious cringe

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there was this brand from china that made fake slp jackets with a similar quality, but you had to pay extra for the slp label, does someone know the brand?

>> No.13655799

>s brand from china that made fake slp jackets with a similar quality, but you had to
reondistrict ?

>> No.13655981

sounds like reon. they're korean though but I've heard their leathers are just as good as slp

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What are you doing on /fa/???

>> No.13656103

Like you can fuck off elsewhere dude

>> No.13656109

A white 12 yr old girl could beat the shit out of him

>> No.13656112

Its all about style and good proportions my dude. Its distasteful for most guys but girls eat that shit up.

>> No.13656141

lmao why did black move h5

>> No.13656434

I have proportionally long legs
i only ever buy 36 inch inseam pants though

>> No.13656494


its fine lol

the jacket seems to small but maybe if he lost his v v slight belly it would be perfect

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>tfw ywn have ahegao k-bf
why live brehs

>> No.13657232

yes! thank you!

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this guy looks like he intentionally got plastic surgery to look as ugly as lil xan

>> No.13657252

do reondistrict jackets alway come with labels? I live in germany and you can't import reps here. Every import over 22€ has to go through customs, where they check whats in your package and with stuff from designer brands, they also check what it normally costs compared to the price you've paid.
And with a 5000€ SLP jacket, that I've somehow only paid 500€ for, they'll get suspicious and check for authenticity.
So I can't import an rep jacket that says slp, but I'm looking for a jacket with a similar cut and good quality, like the reondistrict jackets.

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To know that you can overhead press someone is a weird feeling

>> No.13657267

It's even worse, no clue how they got to that position. Assuming it's a French:
1. e4 e6
2. Bc4 Bb4 (though 2...d5 would have equalized on the spot)
And yet there's a pawn on h5, implying that white wasted a tempo somewhere. So either white played e3 and then e4, or shuffled his bishop along the f1-a6 diagonal.

>> No.13657270

And black's king and queen are on the wrong squares...

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the slp stuff ive gotten from reon
theylll send the tags
but they wont be attached you gotta sew on yourself

>> No.13657296

Have you ever been on the RWTH in Aachen? 90% of all Koreans do look like ugly ass fuckers with jawbreaker facial features. /fa/ hates Koreans because they're all about syrgerceldom, makeup for men and max androgynity.

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>Implying he drinks sapphire.
2-3 shots and he's done.

>> No.13657304

isn't the slp logo stamped on the zipper and buttons?

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that's instathot level of caked on make up

>> No.13657330

ive only ever gotten shirts and chelseas
all of which
were unbranded

>> No.13657335

not if you're 5'5" lmao

>> No.13657448

that's just horrifying

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What the fuck this guy looks sick or something he does look like a lizard

>> No.13657473

The Japanese are related to them tho

>> No.13657485

If he was 10kg thinner and didn't look like an inbred he'd look fine.

>> No.13657491

>most of his promotional photos are manlets
height is just exclusive to the runway industry. even then not all male/female models he choses are tall.

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For you

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I'm 120 kgs and could do a full set of 10 strict curls with this person

>> No.13658182

Rwth is a bunch of fucking nerds man. High end Asian fashion is some of the most stylistic and creative stuff out there for men right now. In the US it's all about dad-core or hipster-core (or a combination) and in Germany everyone dresses like a fucking clone, I lived in Germany for a while, it was exhausting to see the same haircut/sweaters and shoes on every man I met.

>> No.13658586

>tries to look hard with edgy tattoos
>would get utterly bodied if he stepped outside the safety of korea

Pathetic honestly

>> No.13658595

Yes, because everyone here could certainly hold their own in a fight. Look forward to your MMA fight, champ.

>> No.13658602

yea but 99% customs won't check the jacket in that amount of detail
also don't get the L17 for a while this batch sucks, i had to return mine cause the leather was H&M tier

>> No.13658607

He looks like a kpop twink crossed with lil xan

>> No.13659709

I'm Tunisian and I'm pale. We aren't all swarthy Arabs or Sub Saharan Africans. Let me guess, we wuz kangs, right?

>> No.13659711

that's such a blatantly prop gun holy shit
move to the united states if youre gonna try to be a "hardcore gangster", that way you can show off genuine weaponry to fit your "aesthetic"
what the fuck is wrong with gooks

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He looks like he's wearing a woman's jacket lol. He also has the body statistics of a woman

>> No.13660107

Someone who gets it. When I see a man in skinny jeans, I will assume he's gay
Coloured pants are laright if you can pull it of

>> No.13660112

ahh. right on, brother.

>> No.13660116

It's actually called brown or Middle-Eastern

>> No.13660127

you're damn right

>> No.13660156


I wear women’s skinny jeans.

I have no problem with straight white males assuming I’m gay.

>mfw your girl is mirin

>> No.13660159


Also, I can fight.

You’re gonna look real stupid getting your ass beat by a dude in skinny jeans.

>> No.13660166

W2c irl suicide boy bf

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If you actually knew how to fight your know skinny jeans limit your moves. Another reason why onions boys where them. You have no concept of fighting. I'd knock you out with my fist or foor since my legs aren't bound by tight jeans. One roundhouse kick to your thick glasses and your dead kiddo.
Samefag detected. Must be rough knowing people don't respect girly boys like you.

>> No.13660518

Based chess poster

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same guy

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both of you are equally pathetic and cringy threatening to beat each other up online

>> No.13660681

nerdy asians really can't pull this look off. you need to be tall, white, and look like you're on drugs.

>> No.13660692

I'm 200cm/80kg and gaining and I'm still skelly.
I'm so sorry for you

>> No.13660701

>fist or foor

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what are those combat boots?

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If he used non-white models no one would buy it

>> No.13661872


you need to be at least 5'10 to have gracile proportions, otherwise you just look like a weak and malnourished third worlder

>> No.13662216

Literally put a wig on all these Kpop stars and they are all automatically traps.

>> No.13662223

Post more, I'm not on Zuckbook.

>> No.13662239

I think gookcels are so prone to fashionceling because they are high IQ enough to realize that looks definitely do matter a whole lot, but they have by far the shittiest starting point in terms of raw masculinity and sex appeal.

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maybe he measures his inseam to the floor and has big ol feet, could add a bunch of height that you shouldn't actually be adding to your pants measurement

>> No.13662752

>t. muscleslet
I'd probably knock you out too irl. In fact I could easily beat up all the faggy manlets that post on this faggy board.

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Well brahs, what's the best look for manlets then?
I'm the same height as this guy but white and weight 62kg, trying to bulk this year at least to 70kg.
I don't even need a fit that'll get me gf. Just want to look the best I can.

>> No.13662863

Why are his arms positioned like a 5 articulation plastic figure?

>> No.13662870

>trying to bulk this year at least to 70kg
Stop doing this. 55-60kg is normal weight for you height. 65-70 is professional athlete tier, anyone else look disgusting.

>> No.13662882

Can't be, even at 62kg I still look scrawny even though I'm lifting. Not even in skinnyfat way. Just skinny.

>> No.13662936

I mean, he's 167, imagine the size that thing has to be to not like like it's his dad's jacket

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