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we should create a new core for /innawoods/, perhaps similar to milspo but more comfy

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maybe a STALKER core? if so the gp-5 gas mask is a must

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I am 100% on board with this.

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Is this gonna be like those Shia pictures?

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Maybe mix STALKER like >>12977150 said with Mori boy (which is very comfy but not very functional)? The easiest way to do this would be to think of what clothes you wear going innawoods and then think about how they could be made comfier. I can post a few of my favorites from my Scouting days if anyone wants.
Another option is to modify explorer-core from the previous create a core thread.

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I enjoy mixing milspo/skinhead inspired clothes with rugged outer wear, but I'm not sure it's really deserving of a core. Don't a lot of people dress that way?

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I love this idea. Comfort and functionality has to come first and fashion a close second in order for it to work though.

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This is how I dress. I'm pretty sure it's standard European bushcraft apparel: Old woolen military trousers, sweaters, jackets and all kinds of scarves, hats, gloves etc (because old military wool stuff is great quality and cheap) mixed in with even more old wool, leather and canvas stuff, of civilian origin. Wool is key.

I really don't think that this style would be very functional in the outdoors. Too aesthetics-oriented.

I made this and that jacket really is the best thing for this.

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These are too much about looks. The firt one is all around better but the second one is just wrong. Neither those shoes nor those trousers nor that hoodie will serve you well for outdoor purposes, the jacket is okay.

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milsurp wool sweaters, man. good for taking a hike or taking a nap

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this is really nice

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went for a walk in the snow last saturday. it was pretty comfy.

I'm definitely lacking layers more reminescent of >>12978339. Any recs for thicc wool overshirts/sweaters? milsurp would be nice because poorfag (if you couldn't tell from the outfit)

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>them finn pants

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I fucking love them. So damn warm but somehow still comfy when you step inside a store or something and some idiot set the thermostat to 80.

>dat high waist
>6 fuckhueg pockets
>elastic straps to keep them in your boots

all around 10/10 pants

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we already have this, it's called /forestdruidcore/

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I think this is a little different, druid core is more ancient looking as stalker core is more milspo

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Not him but lucky this is /innerwoods/ and not a stalker core thread. Because nothing is more innerwoods then druids.

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then we can at least agree that not all /innawoods/ is /forestdruidcore/ but /forestdruidcore/ is very /innawoods/

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sauce on the pants? I'm looking for something exactly like this, but sweeping through milsurp database for over a month gave me nothing

country, model, anything?

have some vintage mountain-spo in exchange

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I advise ordering your ordinary size +2. Quality is great. Bar tacked EVERYWHERE, buttonholes reinforced with webbing, great thick fabric, etc
Should also point out that the tag in mine says "86% villaa (wool) 14% PA (polyamide)"

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that mannequin head smug af lmao

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fugg, for whatever reason they are unavailable in my europoor country and the swisslink shipping price is twice the pants value

thanks anyway, will keep looking, would love to find them paired up with pic related

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Yes I agree with that

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>your ordinary size +2
Tbh just measure yourself wherever you want them to sit. I wear a 30 in most jeans which, after vanity sizing, sit around my hips. I bought size 30 Finnish pants and with nothing tucked in they sit just below my waist which is just under 30 inches at its narrowest. With a sweater or two tucked in, size 30 is perfect without a belt.

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>Only in stock on the other end of the world
>New wool pants cost 150€ minimum
Time to learn sewing.

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It's german for Mountain Chad

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ID on pants and shirt

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Boot ruined by side zipper

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They're made by Universal Works, the jacket is a bakers jacket. However, I they no longer have the pants.

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As a Finn I can confirm our milsurp is god tier.

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These tunics look like shit on anyone who doesn't have the body shape of a varusteleka ghost, prove me wrong.

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Son, that's a jacket.

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fatty detected

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I'm a finn too and i only like those pants, tho older ones without polyamide

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These guys lookin comfy af

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Sami are /fa/ imo.

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id on boots?

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hmm those people aren't natives, theyre cosplaying whites

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You don't even know who the sami are, faggot

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not those swedes

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Natives aren't always niggers or buffalo people. Just letting you know.

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They're norwegian sami

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very comfy

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>Indigenous people of Lapland
>Whites cosplaying as natives
Kill yourself faggot

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Is there any way to work a telogreika into a fit? Shit's top comfy

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my favourite minority
so cute!

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Blackmeans Anorak

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t. Fantano

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isn't this a staple piece for terror-wave?

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