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What core is this?

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who cares. he doesn't. work hard in school and hope one day you're half the man he is.

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actually senpai, he has clearly stated he does care, even going so far as to customise his shirt collars and dye some of his clothes, Or that one time he bought a dozen pairs of desert boots because he liked them. Or that other time he mentioned he didn't wear a blue sweater just because he didn't like it. You clearly have a life and have not watched enough of his videos.

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Who dis

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my main nigga lindybeige

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A former pink blooded commie (once a commie, always a commie)

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How come?

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I own like 5 lindy shirts, I will never go back to regular collared shirts.

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Dropout professor-wannabe core

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some guy that loves his 50 shades of beige shirts


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Lloyd was a commie? I wouldn't expect that so much of historically literate people.

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>Or that one time he bought a dozen pairs of desert boots because he liked them
Is this real? That might be the most autismal thing I've ever heard of, for real.

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he looks like he's been flushed down a toilet and he's fairly upset about it.

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respect from a fellow lindybiege fan.

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>Is this real?
Nope. He only bought 5 pairs.


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Lindybeige may be a lot of things, but historically literate he is not

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I just had to say this somewhere: Lindybeige is almost exactly like my dad. Wears similar stuff, talks kinda like him and has cluttered room just like him

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not sure but i like it

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fucking goals right there honestly

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middle aged middle class brit-core

I hope I can pull it off at his age

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I assume he keeps the collar up because it reminds him of something regal and medieval, is it maybe even a reenactment shirt? It only really looks good in the bottom right picture because the angle of it makes it look like a tightly fitting high collar rather than a regular flaring out collar worn horribly wrong. The fact that the neck of his sweater looks very straight there and the lines on it really do wonders for the look.

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What trousers does Lindybeige wear?

I'm not a huge fan so I've only seen a few of his videos, but he seems to have a distinct style and I wonder what legwear he chooses to go with that.
Obviously in most videos it's him talking to the camera so you don't see much below the chest, didn't know about his desert boot fetish until this very thread...

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