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>he has a beard
>he has plastic framed glasses
>he wears a watch
>he wears outdoor clothing brands
>he wears graphic t-shirts
>he wears converse
>he's balding
>he wears denim shirts
>he wears rayban or persol

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>wearing clothes

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Could be worse I guess.

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>he avoids any brand labels
>he only has black, white, and brown shoes
>he wears a belt even if the pants fit well
>he never use the hood on a hoodie
>he wears hoodies

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I love how much of a shithole this website is. Net neutrality cannot be gone soon enough and take this site with it.

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>touches hair
>cuffs jeans
>rolls up sleeves when wearing long sleeved shirts
>wears glasses

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I honestly don't understand this shit. I mean the whole "soy boy" meme is retarded on its face, but even pretending that it's not, what the fuck is "soy boy" about wearing outdoor clothing brands? Most of the people who wear those actually spend time outdoors. Did hiking become effeminate at some point and I didn't notice?

Yeah, yeah, I know, "t. soy boy", don't bother, it's boring. I'll lay my cards right on the table, I wear about 3 of those and I'm not about to stop. But I'd genuinely like somebody to explain /fa/'s weird hate-boner for TNF and Patagonia and so on. That wide-open-mouth-in-every-picture meme I get cause bizarrely enough it's actually true, but this one I just don't get

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This video should explain how outdoors and soy connect. Watch "How to Brew Coffee in an AeroPress" on YouTube

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Not seeing the problem. It's just some guy making coffee

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He's a fucking faggot.

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If you care about this so much, guess what, the faggot is you.

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tryhard soyboy hipster faggotry

just boil it inside a fuckign tin cup ffs

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I've definitely noticed a recent spike in male art hoes/fashionable sk8r bois rocking patagonia and the like. I don't think this is the type of person people mean when they refer to "soy boys," but these definitely aren't the traditional, target demographic for the brand.

The only other group i know who go hard on the outdoorsy brands are like, upper middle class, npr doner types in their 30s+. I think for these people it's more about... Displaying wealth in a non-ostentatious manner. Repping Arcteryx or North Face is a pretty safe way to show the world you have money and maybe craft a bit of an identity for yourself without committing to more youth or luxury oriented brands.

I'm guessing the education level and relatively effeminate disposition associated with that later demographic is what lumps those brands in with the BETA KEK SOYBOY BUGMAN etc meme. In all fairness, the few actually outdoorsy people I know dress however they dress normally, and just wear shitty clothes they don't care about fucking up when they go on a hike or camping or whatever. There is something a bit, uh, performative, or try hardy about wearing heavily branded outdoorsy clothing when you're running errands around town, but that's just me.

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Well I am actually a homosexual but I sure don't want to look like one haha

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What an overly complicated way of making coffee.

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This is retarded. Wouldn't all the coffee drip into the cup.

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> when you are actually /out/ but the only quality made items/good warranty are the brands that pander to the upper class

It's a literal rough road.

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>There is something a bit, uh, performative, or try hardy about wearing heavily branded outdoorsy clothing when you're running errands around town, but that's just me.
I don't know. Regardless of fashion, they're decent jackets/backpacks/etc, and not THAT pricey considering they last forever. When I see people wearing TNF jackets - who are 99% of the time just regular-looking folks of both sexes, not beta numale soy boy cucks (to my highly-trained cuck-spotting eye, anyway) - I get the impression that it's because, unlike most of the people on /fa/, it's because they just own one decent jacket instead of 6 different ones that they rotate out depending on whether they're rocking lunarcore or safaricore or streetwear or (sin(i*1)^n/i=cos(i-1)-core on that particular Tuesday.

When I think of people who casually wear outdoorsy shit I don't really think of people decked head-to-toe in ostentatious "I'm a HIKER!" regalia. I think of my college girlfriend, who'd shrug on her black North Face jacket whenever it got chilly because it was the only jacket on hand and she really didn't give two shits about fashion.

I'm honestly not offended by it, it just seems like a stupid meme to me.

I would never in a million years do it, but I have to say that anybody who put that much effort into his coffee while camping would be my fucking hero, provided he was willing to share.

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Well made good warranty. Hmm doesn't sound cheap. Kys idiot.

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Camping is gay

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Yes I know those attribute warrant a steep price. However, steep prices mean a more well off clientele. Are you not seeing the connection of how I realize I put off the shitty yuppie look but only because I don't mind waiting/working for quality items?

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Is there anything more soy than camping. I can't think of anything.

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Is Louis Cachet a soy boy?

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Let's find out!

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I hope ISPs make it an octillion dollars per minute to access 4chins so the cuckservatives who voted for Trump "4 deh ebin lulz ecksdee" are forced to go outside, hopefully to be beaten. up.

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This only proves that the soyboy meme is perpetuated by shutin NEETs to who jealously tack it on to things they pretend not to like.

In this case, being able to leave the house without being mocked for looking like something the Scooby Doo gang would fight.

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daily reminder soy boys are getting laid more than you shut in neets

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Slightly disagree, goyim. Balding is a sign of high testosterone.

Pic related is the typical numale.

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got me.

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no dummy theres a paper filter on the bottom

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1/5, sometimes wear hoodies
4/4 frick

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most of this thread seems to be people just projecting elements of people they dislike onto whatever their personal definition of this incredibly vague term is

based on this thread i'm most definitely a soyboy and girls love this dick

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>keys clipped to belt
>black pants only
>tucked in tee shirts
>macbook air
>middle part/curtains/yung leo type cut
>proud of sub 30 waist
>wants longer legs

(all of these apply to me tho lol)

tentative 1/9
(but srsly rayban? not fair)

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none of these are 'soy'

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What an extremely useless and unfunny thread.

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what i get this thread is that soyboy=things i don't like

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Why do people think balding is associated with being a cuck/soy boy ? Whites bald more than any other race

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>he breathes
>he eats food
>he walks on his two legs
>he has people in his life that he values
>he's been through an awkward situation at some point in his past

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lmao actually balding men have lower test because it all converts to DHT which is what causes male pattern balding

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same but i dont clip my keys and dont use a macbook but the rest is pretty much identical lol

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how to spot a soyboy XD

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Soyboy = 2011 hipster

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is soyboy the nu-numale

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most hiking is gay. it's an instagram/facebook moment for millenial girls who want to be "one with nature" and the soyboys who chase them. it's literally paying for walking in state parks and being an extra careful faggot not to disturb anything, lest you you lose your environmental street cred cus you moved a fallen log off a path. It's all about being a "guest" in nature and then going back to your stupid city life because you admit you're not worthy of leaving your mark on the wilderness.

Go outdoors to hunt, or build a cabin, or climb a mountain, or tame the land in some other way. Hiking is indeed effeminate.

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How retarded can you be? Balding happens because you are genetically predisposed to it, nothing more, nothing less. Your scalp is extra sensitive to DHT simply because it's written in your genetic code. That's it.

Fucking idiot.

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totally false. balding is actually associated with higher test, although its becoming more common because the genes are often autosomal dominant. take exogenous test and watch your hair loss accelerate.

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Lol get a load of this nerd

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high test low test doesnt matter you still look like shit, genetic trashboy.

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>>he has a beard
couldn't grow one if i wanted
>>he has plastic framed glasses
i do actually same frame since 2011
>>he wears a watch
i don't
>>he wears outdoor clothing brands
i don't
>>he wears graphic t-shirts
only band shirts sometimes
>>he wears converse
>>he's balding
>>he wears denim shirts
>>he wears rayban or persol
yeah, i thought it was a bad choice too for a while but then i haven't had to change them since 2011 so not so bad

>he avoids any brand labels
>he only has black, white, and brown shoes
i have burgundy sneakers
>he wears a belt even if the pants fit well
>he never use the hood on a hoodie
i don't have any hoodies so i don't know
>he wears hoodies
i don't

>touches hair
only when i'm nervous
>cuffs jeans
>rolls up sleeves when wearing long sleeved shirts
nah. unless i have to, or maybe if it's hot and i don't have a t shirt under?
>wears glasses

>keys clipped to belt
>black pants only
i have blue jeans too but admittedly i could use more pants to choose from
>tucked in tee shirts
no. looks weird and is uncomfortable
>macbook air
never owned one
>middle part/curtains/yung leo type cut
>proud of sub 30 waist
31 waist.
>wants longer legs

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thats all ive got

beard is mostly because buying razor blades sucks dick

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(t. soyboy)

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balding is NOT bad in and of itself, it is a sign of manhood. Balding is a sign of maturity, strength, and status in men, and it used to be a non-issue or even be attractive. Women used to (and still do in the right male) view balding men as silverback gorillas, leaders in their social stratus. It doesn't hurt that balding is associated with high test and especially in older generations there was a wives tale that balding men were more virile.

The problem with balding now is that the average nu-male has achieved none of the status by the time he starts balding as he would have in previous times. He is still a student, still on his parents' insurance til his 30s. is insecure, out of shape, and dresses and acts like a teenager or college undergrad, wearing hoodies and going to bars, insecurely hanging on to his youth. He is, inside and out, a boy, and boys look ridiculous balding, unlike men.

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That's all hipster/cuck/numale/soyboy ever were

Hipster went from a lampooning of a Brooklyn subculture to "anyone who dresses somewhat more fashionably than the average person is a hipster."

Cuck went from someone raising a child their wife made with another man to "This girl opted to date a Chad instead of me, a Pizza the Hutt, WOE IS MOI, I HAVE BEEN KEKED"

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Lmao. You can't just pull shit like this from your ass.

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I'm a numale

>> No.12979727

>he acts all faggy

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Haven’t keked this hard in a long time.

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Read this book written by a gay man. It's quite short an entertaining enough.
It will explain to you why you are being called a cuck or a soyboy.

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If you look unsettling or scary like me, numale style is good.

I hate being told I look like a serial killer or a hitman.

>> No.12979786

Rofl Funniest thing I've read on this site in a long time.

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>>he wears a watch

I swear every guy I've ever met wears a watch, what the fuck is this one about? Do only soy boys need a concept of time?

>> No.12979800

>he has plastic framed glasses

Acetate but I am guessing that counts. Also apart from cost, whats wrong with RayBans?

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Is petrosyan a soy boy?

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Gonna go get a cut soon. Rec me on some funky stuff I could do with my hairs

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Wrong thread sorry

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Just seems to be the latest shitposting craze, like calling anything that's not hype or Streetwear "r/mfa" or "numale"

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such a fucking faggot

>> No.12979868

nah, you are in the right place

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prime soyboy territory right here lads

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>If you look unsettling or scary like me, numale style is good.
>I hate being told I look like a serial killer or a hitman.

It's funny that you say this because this is part of the essence of numale.
Young men get it into their heads that looking and being dangerous is bad and scary so they should aim to look and be harmless.
But you are actually going about it the wrong way!
See, who gets called creepy? Picture that guy. He's probably an autistic weedy guy that doesn't even talk to girls, right?
That guy is actually one of the physically weakest and least aggressive people around, right?
Now think about guys that are physically strong and look powerful and are aggressive. (I don't mean malicious or mean, just guys that assert themselves.)
Those are the most dangerous men, why aren't they considered the most creepy "serial killer" guys?
I put it to you that if you want to seem less creepy this is what you need to do:
*Become stronger and look stronger.
*Get enough of a tan that you look like you go outside.
*Smile more and be more social.

DO NOT try to look like a numale, it will not make you less creepy.

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I have a bunch of soy interests like craft coffee, woodworking and hiking, and would be 100% soyboy if I hadn't been saved by good genetics and autism
>6'2", broad shoulders, strong
>Blonde nordic hair
>Good eyesight
>Too autistic to talk to people, so I haven't acquired the soy accent

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Hi Nick Jonas.

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You're right. I noticed this board has a different idea of soy than almost anywhere else. Op was fairly accurate, soy is basically just a synonym for nu-male. Then its "camping is soy bc its something I don't like"

>> No.12981491

Nugga that is jimmy neutron

>> No.12981525

This damage control is hilarious low test babbys BTFO

>> No.12981551

>daily reminder soy boys are getting laid more than you shut in neets

Look, I'll tell you a secret. Most of the guys on 4chan are probably physically soyboys.
Here's the important thing, though. And somehow this part got lost on you. Being a soyboy is not something to which you should aspire.
There are things wrong with men today both in their body and their brain. There's multiple explanations for what happened. BPA in plastics, hormones in food, hormones in water, sedentary lifestyles, the results of too high body fat, soft food etc.
The physical results are a peculiar kind of ugliness, it's important that I point out it doesn't mean you're a qt andro twink. It doesn't mean that at all!
Thing bad posture, low cheekbones, shitty jawlines and teeth, patchy beards, sallow skin, skinnyfat.
The mental results are that you are lazy, unassertive, shallow, that your thoughts and behaviour often seem like you are aping the the thoughts and behaviour of women. Again, it doesn't mean anything positive here. It's not that you're taking on the qualities of a strong mother, more like you're taking on the negative qualities of a bimbo.

These guys using the term soyboy have realized something awful has happened to them and/or a lot of young men today. They want to fix their thoughts and behaviour and fix their bodies to the extent that is possible.
They also want you to fix yours.

>> No.12981568

It fucking hurts man ;_;

>> No.12981590

t. soy boy

>> No.12981597

>t. soy boy
t. soy boy

>> No.12981605

>They want to fix their thoughts and behaviour and fix their bodies to the extent that is possible.

So it that why they're lashing out at things they don't like instead of actually trying to fix themselves?

Screaming "THING I DON'T LIKE XYZ IS SOYBOY ECKSDEE" isn't gonna fix shit, you obese, pizza-roll addicted shutin fuckwits.

>> No.12981620

It's both. Bullying is actually a deep-seated and useful behaviour. Imagine we're all "cavemen" meaning imagine we are like humans have been for most of their time as a species.
We're in a tight spot, we're one solid disaster away from our tribe being wiped out, right? Another tribe might come in and kill all our men and take all our women or who knows what else.
I'm walking around with my club, scratching my nuts and thinking about taking some men to go hunting for a mammoth because we are hungry.

I look over and I see Soy Ugh. Soy Ugh doesn't like to eat meat or hunt, he spends his days sitting around talking to the women and I think he tries to fuck Ook's wife when Ook isn't around. Soy Ugh is undermuscled and he can't even run very fast or very far, he is basically a useless eater.
So I bully Soy Ugh, I'm not just doing it to be mean. It is a challenge.
I want Soy Ugh to shape up. The tribe needs him get strong, get fast and make a club so he can hunt and he can fight.
>we're not cavemen, dumbass
We were for long enough that it's in our genes to think like one sometimes.

>> No.12981633

i wish mods would ban faggots like OP

>> No.12981643


Soy ugh sounds like a sexy little cavetwink. wanna rp ?? I'll be soy ugh and u can be big strong cavemuscle. " no cave bully big caveman, how bout we rub our 'clubs' together and succ nut??" (; O:

>> No.12981652

Yeah, no, that's not how this works.

You, Soy Ugh, is screaming at Ookuhbookuh because you think his jaguarskin leotard is "soy".

Ookuhbookuh ignores you, because you're a fat lazy hedonist who hasn't moved from his rock in a day-and-a-half.

>> No.12981832

Did you describe Yusuke from Persona 5

>> No.12981836

What kinds of glasses aren't soyboy?

>> No.12981860

>makes an ironic post about how OP is basically calling everyone a soyboy by being too general
>Not a single thing posted has applied to me.

I'm pretty basic so that makes you a soyboy caught redhanded.

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>> No.12981889

>>he has a beard - yes
>>he has plastic framed glasses - nope
>>he wears a watch - yes
>>he wears outdoor clothing brands - yes
>>he wears graphic t-shirts - nope
>>he wears converse - nope
>>he's balding - yes
>>he wears denim shirts - nope
>>he wears rayban or persol - yes
55% soy boy level achieved

>> No.12981990

>sometimes, yes
>last time like 10 years ago

I don't feel wrong

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>> No.12982014

lol this faggot is trying to get his craft brew on while camping...it's called instant coffee you pretentious upspeaking fag

>> No.12982064

>he has a beard
bruh how is that soy

>> No.12982068

who cares, women likes men with manes not men with head that shines

>> No.12982072

You really seem to be taking this in an "irrational, hurt feelings" sort of way which is suggestive of a feminine manner.
Some guys may be ragging on your jaguarskin but you're not that special, you're probably one of a hundred dudes they've seen wearing a jaguarskin and all of those guys were effeminate wankers. That means it's fair to assume you are one too until you prove otherwise, it is what it is.
It's okay for Johnny Depp to wear fedoras but guys like you and me would draw negative attention. It is what it is.

>> No.12982092

The whole hashtag get outside thing is a pretty shitty meme, but calling proper stewardship of natural spaces effeminate (whether or hiking or doing anything else) fails to account for the long history of manly fucking guys who advocated the same thing.

Brass tacks, if you're arguing against Edward Abbey, you're the soyboy.

>> No.12982098

4chan has never indicated it was secure about any of its decisions. Shit I just realized 4chan is just a meeting ground for insecure people. Fuck. Why am I here?

>> No.12982102

not him but 9 out of 10 times pp grow beard to hide their shitty jaws

>> No.12982105

beat me to it xD

>> No.12982106

I think at some level soyboy functions as shorthand for all the trends r/mfa picked up from the menswear heyday, and since /fa/ is always trying to position itself in opposition to what it thinks r/mfa is doing (the same fucking things /fa/ does, incidentally), it threw watches out.

Admittedly, /fa/ still has daily watch threads, so all this soyboy talk seems pretty isolated to a few shitposters.

>> No.12982107

I think most people grow beards because if you can grow a decent one why the fuck wouldn't you? Shaving is a pain in the ass.

>> No.12982108

/fa/ has always kinda hated on all the Luxottica brands and sunglasses in general.

>> No.12982109

>soy accent
The hell is this?

>> No.12982115

No individual in a tribal situation where food is scarce has a preference for food beyond, "I eat all the food I can get my hands on." Dietary preferences are a product of choice and excess.

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>browse /fa/
>literally a board where men speak about clothes shoes and face cream like a bunch of homosexual and where everybody want a skinny skeleton body
>is afraid of being called soyboy by other faggots
>Think he's not a soyboy

Ooook faggy McFaggot

>> No.12982122

We get it, You're broken.

>> No.12982124

This. I never thought about the weak jaw thing until the beard = weak jaw meme.

>> No.12982662

Hardly, I'm mocking tards like you who think that anyone is actually listening to your "I think camping/leaving mommy's basement is soy" diatribe.

We aren't, we know you're shutin NEETs throwing the Insult of the Week at whatever shit you're insecure about.

The jig is up.

>> No.12982677

good point

>> No.12982681

At this point none it seems. I have round glasses which seem soy but what’s the alternative? Regular rectangular plastic frames? Also soy. I’m tired of boring glasses so at least I have these.

I guess contacts are the true answer but I have a young face and glasses somewhat make me look a little older.

>> No.12982693
File: 155 KB, 1201x638, ydrbfgbnn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>numale detected

...know the difference.

>> No.12982731

Dude on the right isn't even balding, faggot

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File: 30 KB, 800x450, Xbawks2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12982743

Soyboys are like metrosexuals without any fashion sense
Or post hipster
The next step to a soyboy is a fuccboi or a trap.

>> No.12982751
File: 90 KB, 640x736, 62188fc5b21ba8802bb960820e9a54ee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...so do i not bald with 30 years, but i think this look is pretty based. People seem to have more respect.

...unlike your hitler youth beard shit.

>> No.12983735

I'm not the guy you're responding to but i read the entire exchange between the two of you and as someone who is neutral about the whole soyboy thing you really do come off as a beta faggot.

>> No.12983772

A lot of you feel personally attacked don't you?

It's okay, I still like you.

>> No.12983920

you look like a billy goat

>> No.12983971

The only betas in this thread are the ones using soyboy to project their own insecurities onto others.

Because blaming others is literally one of the defining features of betas.

>> No.12984557


>> No.12984575

>Go outdoors to hunt, or build a cabin, or climb a mountain, or tame the land in some other way

What a tryhard. I bet you've never done any of that yourself, gayboy.

>> No.12984588

lul at this fucking cuck

between all that soy and your girlfriend's dom's cum, your mouth ought to be full enough so we don't have to listen to your blathering here

>> No.12984608

>soy accent
what did he mean by this?

>> No.12984838

>he has a beard
Only soyboys think this matters

>> No.12985468

>He thinks nobody can tell this is projection.

Project harder, it pleases the ghost of Freud.

>> No.12985502



>> No.12985532

lol u triggered? the only thing projecting is your low-t clitty as you read huffpo and mumble "IM WITH HER"

>> No.12985539

you are the absolute last person in the world who should grow facial hair, dude.

>> No.12985557

>More projection.

I'm calm, and the fact that you brought up the ever-so-irrelevant Cunton, gave it away that you're the triggered one.

Go cry about how your "fee fees" are hurt to /pol/

>> No.12985563


what a good lil soy boy you are

>> No.12985568

>he wears multiple colours like a fruitcake
>coloured shoes like child
>thinks sneakers are shoes

>> No.12986140


>> No.12986155

>>he has a beard
I have azn beard, all that soy didn't inhibit it
>>he has plastic framed glasses
mine are 3 years old from warby parker, it's a good deal
>>he wears a watch
i have a casio watch because it's useful for timing laps...analog watches are just jewelry
>>he wears outdoor clothing brands
it's cold in san francisco so yeah it makes sense
>>he wears graphic t-shirts
no graphic shirts at all
>>he wears converse
no, chucks are garbage quality
>>he's balding
no..but wouldnt soy prevent hair loss
>>he wears denim shirts
no, i hate heritage wear
>>he wears rayban or persol
cheap $10 shades from zerouv or something

>he avoids any brand labels
avoid gaudy ones
>he only has black, white, and brown shoes
plus blue, gray, beige, and burgundy
>he wears a belt even if the pants fit well
no, hate belts
>he never use the hood on a hoodie
it's SF, hoods are useful
>he wears hoodies
see above

>touches hair
sure, is this weird?
>cuffs jeans
generally no, they are hemmed
>rolls up sleeves when wearing long sleeved shirts
depends if i dont want to get them dirty or it's hot
>wears glasses

>keys clipped to belt
key (only one needed) in pocket
>black pants only
nope, have lots of gray/khaki/green/red
>tucked in tee shirts
>macbook air
never owned any apple products
>middle part/curtains/yung leo type cut
i've never even seen anyone with these
>proud of sub 30 waist
29, are you jealous, american gamburger?
>wants longer legs
yeah im a manlet, but even then who wouldnt want to be taller


>> No.12986337
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Beard, watch, occasionally outdoor brands.
I guess I touch my hair? I cuff my pants and roll my sleeves sometimes, depends on the fit and weather.
I do the keys thing sometimes and usually tuck my tshirts in. Got pretty long legs already.
Damn, got me.

All in all shit thread. All it teaches us is that soyboy is a vapid blanket term.

>> No.12986339

No he is alpha as fuck

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