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Maybe uncuff te pants, otherwise looking good.

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u got some loooooooong feet

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jared, have you learnt how to read yet?

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I don't know what to say, man... if you had an apron on you'd look like wait staff?

Also stay away from brown shoes with black.

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it's a worker jumpsuit, it's a one piece, can you see that? it's high fashion

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Is my ass too fat to tuck? I lift...

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Since you dont lift I assume it is anterior pelvic tilt.

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> I lift
> not a single ounce of muscle

Lmao okay there calm down there bitch tits you're not there yet to claim shit like that soyboy looking fuck

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>standing 5ft6 with heels

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missed you guys

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you look like you can't move in those clothes

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Not the guy you're responding to. Post your physique.



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Why are we all wearing black, I did not choose this wardrobe, its just a mix of clothes

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Please shut the fuck up

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Nike Air Monarch IVs >Adidas Ultraboost

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You look like a Mexican birdwatcher

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I would love to date someone like you

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Nice pants, Aladin

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my mom made this scarf for me i love her. let your parents know you love them guys its very effay to do so

simple but i like it. dont love the drawstrings(?) on the jacket though
change glasses/get contacts and get a new haircut. air monarchs could be used in a dad fit but your fit and image makes them look autist tier
below normal normie tier. pants are slob fit and that northface has been played out for ages now
very nice, prob my fav fit of yours yet but im also not very into techwear. i admire your efforts though even when i dont like
cant tell very well but get longer socks i like it i guess
is that your hair?

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>very nice, prob my fav fit of yours yet but im also not very into techwear. i admire your efforts though even when i dont like

much appreciated. this is one of the outfits im most proud of. i think the minimal tech (arc'teryx veilance and merino wool) look works best for me as opposed to all out techninja.

i like your fit a lot as well. the break between the pants and shoes makes the shoes seem a bit big but it gets evened out with the outerwear.

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yeah it may not stand out as much as your other fits but looks very nice

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I was going for that thank you desu

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Quas are my current grail atm

>any thicc bois in hurr
winter is our season

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delete this nephew
the kanji leggings with adidas shorts is a really bad look. seems like your feet are trying to break out of your shoes.

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youre not thicc youre just fat

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my boys keep it up

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your earings are sickk
you're also very attractive

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Come back when you're as skinny as these guys, stop wasting your money.


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i love you, daddy

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You are a beautiful human being

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pants a bit tight and shoes are horrible. otherwise great.

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thanks, too kind of you
i love you, son

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Very subtle

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Rate my fashion bros!

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lol im low enough to post fit pics on waywt but not low enough to samefag myself so obviously like that

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other replies don't understand that it's bulking season. I would wear a belt and maybe pull the shirt up a bit to get that muffin-top tuck.

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looks comfy. 7/10
Is this actually you? I get the look you're going for but those trousers are way too tight and the shoes are ridiculous. I like the awareness of colour, though. 4/10.
like the jeans senpai, 6/10.
not rating any of the other boring monochrome fits in this thread but damn you're fa as fuck. 9/10 easily.

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>not rating any of the other boring monochrome fits in this thread
what a stupid fucking thing to say. not to mention your fit is fucking disgusting. the pants are vile and dont look good with the shoes and you look like a substitute teacher.

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those pants are terrible. that trend needs to die. everything else is very good, and I like tha scarf a lot.

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Hey chill it's only his opinion. You do know that fashion is subjective, so what he thinks is boring someone else might think is really cool.

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ditch the boots, fit is great
personal fav, 10/10

not posting my fit cause im done being mocked by you faggots.

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bro on uni campus going to grab a bite to eat core

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nice, i.d. on pants?

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jacket ref?

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Thanks man. Uniqlo Chinos. Their wider fit which I believe they unfortunately discontinued.

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Definitely flattered by you saying mine is your fav, even though I tend to post boring fits. But don't let anyone here get to you, specially on these threads. As someone mentioned above, fashion is subjective. I've gotten tons of hate here and i only try looking at it as a way to improve, even if it's just in one small area.

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ah damn, thanks

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As I just mentioned above, fashion is subjective. That being said, I doubt I could ever rock any of the fits you guys post but they always work so well on you. Good shit, keep it up fellas.

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i like these:

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you look like shit

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Appreciate the feedback. I see what you might be going for and I'm liking it. I bet something as simple as cuffing the jeans would improve this a lot.

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why should i cuff my ejans when theyre not too long baka

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literally the worst shit ive seen in my entire life lmao

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pants should be a tad longer imo

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t. monochrome shitter

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where do you buy your pants or at least these pants

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pants destroyed this fit

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social medias?

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i really wanna lay on that sofa
kinda nice i like it
nah, not really
its fine if you like that sort of thing
yeah, okay
prolly not but whatevs
i can support this
probs chill out on the formalities
not 2day pal
the outfit far exceeds the stance

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shitty mirror.

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thanks. i would avoid buttoning up all the way and find some dif shade pants that fit slimmer to fit with your bean boots better
i'm poor so i thrift a lot of stuff. pants that fit my waist are usually too short so i end up with this look a lot
thanks m8s
what formalities?

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sorry my hair is a mess


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lol thats not thicc
go on a diet

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w2c jacket my brüder ?

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u super cute senpai

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Why don't you taper those jeans and show off these wonderful boots?

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what an ugly little girl.

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Rick coat, leather pants, n the meme German pilot zipper boots

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Best fit ,id on that sweater pls

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Better pic fukk

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very good

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Posted in other waywt

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let this be the last time too

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epic cyberpunk ninja gear

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this looks like winny you fools not someone else

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you're a handsome dude no homo
a belt would really tie that fit together

>> No.12952119

Not mad on the white docs like the rest though

>> No.12952183

How do you continuously look so good?
Also, do you put pins in your pants to keep them up?

>> No.12952191

piss piss piss piss

>> No.12952246

put on a belt plz

>> No.12952287

nah, i just put on a belt and it's enough. are pins used regularly? i thought they were only for photoshoots since it takes too much time/effort to tailor. and thanks, this may seem like im bragging but i used to be a lot heavier and getting thin has really helped my silhouette look nicer. not to say i dont have bad outfits as well i'm sure there are a bunch floating around warosu

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don't listen to these numales this is tight and like you're enjoying yourself

>> No.12952324

>what formalities?
you look like you work in a government facility in a scifi film from the 90s

>> No.12952334

Ah, thought the pants were cuffed. I can never get mine to stay up unless I use pins

>> No.12952347

Thanks man. Few seasons ago from H&M but I believe they just came out with similar ones. Just a plain black textured sweater.

>> No.12952349

Gracias. Thought about a belt but the pants fit so well though.

>> No.12952356

Not need for a belt when your pants fit right.

>> No.12952393

i loved the 90s
oh shit the cuffs yeah theyre cuffed lol but the cuffs are permanently stitched on

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i thrifted it is says hitachi on it lol
who's hair would it be??? nice fit

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get rid of shoes anon, but everything else is good

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whose* fuck

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>this is they guy asking "are facemasks effay" all the time

>> No.12952526

love the tats man, do you have pics of any of others?

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your band sucks. learn how to sing, asshole.

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lmao who is this??

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me on the right

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l o l
ahhh that's good

>> No.12953480

id/w2c jacket?

>> No.12953541

the jeans fit real bad
i'm pretty ok with this
different shoes are needed
it would be sick if dressing like this wasn't ridiculous

>> No.12953561

just screams 'look at all the ninja gear that i dont actually use'

>> No.12953565

You look very handsome, but not /fa/ - And that's a good thing anon. Keep it simple.

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what the fuck are you doing?
This is so bad. You should really read the sticky

>> No.12953711

this guy always looks retardedly pathetic u anons need help bahahahah

>> No.12953715

Yeezys are fucking gross the rest is nice

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Qlo raincoat, Dr Martend 1460, Ricc

>> No.12953739

Not a fan of the yeezys but I love the jacket, w2c?

>> No.12953745

нe зaмepзaeшь?
aлco, гдe взять хopoшиe пaльтo твoeгo фacoнa нa кoнeц зимы/вecнy?

в пpeдeлaх мaкcимyм 20к

>> No.12953748

this is good for what ur going for, i think maybe a slimmer boot would work better but food otherwise.

>> No.12953751

Ceйчac нeт, нo плaщ тoчнo нe для зимы. Гдe взять пoхoжee - дaжe нe знaю, в мaccмapкeтaх тaкoгo кpoя нe пpoдaют вpoдe бы, a дизaйнepcкиe вышe 20к. Этo из юниклo.

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Simple as can be.

>> No.12953766

Little too self conscious to post them on the tattoo thread but maybe some day. I have 10 small, back only tattoos in total.

>> No.12953793

cпacибo, дoбpa тeбe

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wadup /fa/ long time no see

>> No.12953951

You should have stayed off too

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Anon is this you again?

>> No.12953961

so ugly wtf

>> No.12954046

Yeezys not so great but your room is really cool

>> No.12954159

>No slippers
Did you guys break up :(

>> No.12954229

Jesus wept...

>> No.12954236

Sock Runners do not look good when people cover up the sock portion.

>> No.12954521


>> No.12954617

VERY good, maybe some different boots would work better but it's great nonetheless

My man, you finally got some creepers. Excellent fit!

>> No.12954662

No it’s not

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First post since 2013

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I like it but it's nothing special. crop/hem those fucking pants, it's a sin to have them break like that at this time and age. make sure its just above your ankles. also I can't see your shoes but they look like shit, why not a nice thick soled hi shine derbys to start.

>> No.12954843

The shoes would look way better with skinnier fitting pants. I own ozweegos too.

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What color hoodie would look best with the jacket?
shoes look kinda bulky
very edgy
>bought yeezys to fit in not because he recognizes Kanye as the GOAT
What's your soundcloud?
Rich school shooter core
Ruth Bader Ginsburg core
crippling depression core
Not a fan of rings personally

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Been a long time, cousins! Hope you're all having a nice December day. Please excuse the try-hardy pics

You're a handsome dude and will be considered very attractive already, but there's still good room for improvement. Hem those pants for sure, and consider dropping the Palladiums (I'm pretty sure that's what they are). I like Palladiums a lot but I think your style is a bit too mature for them.
Perfectly fine fit. The tucked-but-unbuttoned shirt is surprisingly cool, although that might just be your pose.
I've seen so many fits doing this exact thing that the exhaustion is starting to kick in. It's mainly those Rick shorts, I've just never thought they looked any good in any fit I've seen with them. You clearly put thought into it though, and in terms of what you're trying to do, it's pretty much perfect. Take that as you will, I guess
If you're still in high school, this is fine. No one would consider you poorly dressed. If you're any older though, this is a really immature look. Those shoes in particular are really cheap and tasteless looking. Keep lurking and practice paying attention to what makes an outfit work and what doesn't.
The top and pants are okay, but we all know those shoes need to be disposed of and forgotten.
Throw everything away except the undershirt and hat if you're attached to it. Those shoes look like thumbs.
Wrooooong pants. Look at how ridiculous they're making your hips look. The loose pants look really only reliably works when the waist is high, the material is drapey/flexible, and the legs are hemmed.

>> No.12954945

You look like shit.

>> No.12954947

Pray tell, how could I improve?

>> No.12954976

saved for inspo thats fukcing sick and the bundeswehr boots look great

>> No.12954983

>What color hoodie would look best with the jacket?
None, either you wear a pull-over which would cover the shirt up, or you wear a zip-up, which are inherently terrible and should be dropped after 10th grade

>> No.12954986

they wore out :( have to buy new ones

>> No.12954996

ID on shoes/pants?

>> No.12955444
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>> No.12955452

Nice hair my dude

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can your pose be any more awkward

>> No.12955533

You look like a mix between Bob Ross and Jesus Christ
Dont know if that's a good or a bad thing

>> No.12955534

Can your picture get anymore grainy?

>> No.12955536

I'm actually super happy about that analysis, thank you

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ugh i don't know what i am doing anymore

>> No.12955595

I think you just made me quit /fa/

>> No.12955613

Christmas is coming up, get him something nice.

>> No.12955628

very stylish in a "country boy" way

>> No.12955639

If only you had a better body...Well actually anything looks good on a good body

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>> No.12955758

this looked cool as fuck until I got to the bottom

Yeezy's dont work here. Quite literally any other footwear wouldve worked

>> No.12955996
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>> No.12956050

you're androgynous in an unattractive way. please exercise

>> No.12956074

Looks good.

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>> No.12956214

Tbh that's pretty much what i imagined

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holy moly...

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i'm new to this be nice

>> No.12956413

funny pic anon your legs are hilarious

>> No.12956416

i know it's a long coat so it's confusing

>> No.12956603

pants are arcteryx veilance voronoi ar and the shoes are nike sf-af1 (brown)

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>> No.12956619

one that talks

>> No.12956659

u look really distorted the mirror is

>> No.12956895

Bum ass fucking thread

>> No.12957283

pretty fly, my guy
i dont like the jacket though but it's perfect for the aesthetic youre going for

>> No.12957289

hi carson

>> No.12957305

u mean mugging like a mortal kombat character lol

>> No.12957378


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Very drama

Today's theme is: only clothes from grade school

>> No.12957404

i think ive seen this outfit around skid row

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>> No.12957467


>> No.12957498

That's where I'm from

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Went to grab some milk

>> No.12957513

lol u actually in LA?

>> No.12957515
File: 377 KB, 640x480, waywt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seems like very important milk
the hair and beard makes it work
pretty hot ngl

sorry for grainy picture and awful furniture

>> No.12957521

Hooker alert

>> No.12957522

Nah lol I just look like shit

>> No.12957523


>> No.12957524

I 100% fall in love with you

>> No.12957525

I tuck my shit even tho i have a squat-butt. I think it looks decent enough

>> No.12957530

don't like the gay look that much

>> No.12957532


>> No.12957536

change your pants you gaylord

>> No.12957538

>This dude is rating your fits

>> No.12957545

Yo this shit is tight, good-tier

>> No.12957558

get out of here

>> No.12957572

are those prosthetic legs? there is no curvature to them at all they look like Flamingo legs
wow u took two pics of yourself and fused them into one !
certainly disturbing to say the least

>> No.12957593
File: 1.07 MB, 1970x3825, 6491B2C6-971B-4418-94F7-E827B6451128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12957597
File: 2.31 MB, 2641x3522, IMG_20171202_142129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just have really thin legs anon

>> No.12957601

hmm I don't like this
feet look too small
shirt looks too crinkled and fat

>> No.12957603
File: 2.25 MB, 4032x2268, 20171202_174407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holding on to leather jacket season

>> No.12957607


>> No.12957610

holy fuck is this real

>> No.12957614

that is a nice jacket tho

>> No.12957627

This might be one of the worst fits I've ever seen in a WAYWT thread

>> No.12957679

How tall are you (both with and without the heels)

>> No.12957697

Without, I think 5'8" give or take a half. With 2 inch platforms and 4 inch heels idk what that makes me - 6'2"?

>> No.12957766

i dont trust like that

>> No.12958016

very true

>> No.12958022
File: 511 KB, 1800x1800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

th top two are different tops, the bottom 3 are all different pants, which look good?

>> No.12958043

2 and 3, but you need a burger brah

>> No.12958064
File: 730 KB, 791x627, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not probably topic related but where could I get this hat? Google can't find jack shit these days.

>> No.12958066

you dont want that

>> No.12958085

can your mom make me a scarf too?
10/10 would have 90's lesbian college experience with
I like it.
I'm really unsure if how long your legs are is attractive or frightening, but either way I dig it.
Good pants, you can just put a gallon in each pocket.

>> No.12958086
File: 1.96 MB, 1440x2960, 20171203_010936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12958092

pls be a joke

>> No.12958204

ricks make it kinda dorky. fine otherwise
/r/streetwear if it was good. your hair is WACK
looks like a black jumpsuit lolol, brown boots are trash with that
you are wearing clothing
all black, cool dude. stop with the faggy foot thing
looks like something a gay dude would wear. which is fine
haha nice bait
eh. kinda stupid, it fits though so whatever
hah fucking incredible
get dunked in the toilet fag
shoes are so ugly
fucking asians with their superior style. there should be a board for asian effay posters
all black. wowowow so cool.
introducing the virgin asian hypebeast
being gay is a sin
cool dog. u like craft brew?
lul you look pretty warm
i dig it. u probably got a FUCKED UP FACE though
i hope you burn in hell
you gotta lose weight. youve got the style down, now you need the body. not saying it looks bad, but it can always look better
jacket is cool but try diff colors than BLACK
LOL get back in a video game dork
big meme. not ugly though its a good outfit, corny but more attractive than the other faggots on this board
pants r too long, would look better with white trainers
i love ozweegos but jeez man its kinda boring
get back to class dork
wow this fit is officially DRAIN certified (lmao at the people who dont realize this is draingang ceo BLADEE)
shoes dont fit the fit
conragts fatty you are wearing clothes
omg this is so fucking lame when will you idiots realize
boring, toss the jacket in the second pic and the faggy pose. being gay is a sin!
pants are too long and shoes look odd, the shirt fits though and you arent ugly so yknow good going the publicw ouldnt notice

>> No.12958228

finally someone who actually make comments. THANK YOU

>> No.12958256


>> No.12958262

Sorry... no...

>> No.12958276
File: 1.27 MB, 1383x4012, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

crappy pic (mirror in corner of the room woops)

thom browne/thom browne/norse project/common projects

>> No.12958324

really loving how the sweater drapes in front.
good to see you back

>> No.12958433

w2c jacket

>> No.12958450
File: 1.39 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have mercy?

>> No.12958469

I like the sweater and pull over, though.

>> No.12958472

if you love my mom as much as i do i dont see why not
thanks bro but i dont agree with >>12958228

>> No.12958476
File: 194 KB, 722x1280, IMG_0238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

be gentle

>> No.12958482


>> No.12958511

w2c shoes?

>> No.12958639

>phone rings
>yeah shes here in this thread too
>okay will tell her
Court Cobain just called from the 90s he wants his clothes back

>> No.12958653
File: 126 KB, 978x1010, received_1793104400982054_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12958656

ive seen your insta, you're a huge faggot, kys and go back to r/streetwear.
assuming you are who i think you are.

>> No.12958662


>> No.12958665

Arnt you supposed to be crucified?

>> No.12958753

2 and 3 it is then. I ate one last week.

>> No.12958756

I ate 1 lb package of beef in one night, I made a huge burger.

>> No.12958759

>looks like a black jumpsuit lolol, brown boots are trash with that
actually I am realizing these boots are just not effay enough for me. they will be my winter foot of snow and slush boots. This jumpsuit is too fat for me, and it's too short I realized when I lookat the catalog. it ends up looking like a clown suit or oversized mechanic suit because too baggy.

>> No.12958919

You look like gronass woman in this one

>> No.12958977

>being so new you think this would be an insult on this board

>> No.12959064

This was fucking awful, reconsider your life decisions.

>> No.12959131
File: 45 KB, 700x700, DpQ9YJl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kanji leggings

It's katakana.

>> No.12959141


>muh black

You fucking people...

>> No.12959449

u don't belong here

>> No.12959466

this was unironically a great joke

>> No.12959468

can you at least go back to hiding your face

>> No.12959494

No it’s not this is Bladee

>> No.12959537

everyone angery bout the pants just couldn't pull em off

>> No.12959541

garbage pants, did you get them @ hot topic?

>> No.12959549

>What color hoodie would look best with the jacket?
>image at 206x265
idk, lemme get my microscope out and i'll get back to ya

>> No.12959553

m or f?

>> No.12959656

Drop trip and then kys

>> No.12959658


>> No.12959772
File: 575 KB, 1646x2048, E27540F2-B0A6-46B8-831B-8E7B201AF233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aah, might as well post something basic once in a month

You guys are cute.

>> No.12959782

god i love this reply lmfao. it's like the grandmaster of a dojo telling the student he;s retarded but... in a loving grandmaster kind of way

>> No.12959792

what jncos are those?

>> No.12959820

the guy isnt spot on about pant breaks tho, they have really come back into fashion if you look at recent collections

>> No.12959842
File: 247 KB, 775x1745, 20171203_115019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got out of church, guess what religion.

>> No.12959869

The religion that was founded by literally a guy being cucked and his wife lying about it saying it was a miracle from heaven

>> No.12959882
File: 1.06 MB, 494x1558, 20171203_151111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12959885


>> No.12959889

ur posture is terrible

t. mom

>> No.12959900
File: 36 KB, 600x568, b35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12960000

My own mother hasn't told me that in a while, but thanks for reminding me.

>> No.12960002
File: 473 KB, 1221x2027, 20171203_123826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12960127


>> No.12960129

excellent. i find rings gay but who cares
perfect, nice hair if you're a girl, but I don't think you are
fashion is 2 things: silhouette & color scheme. you fail both by /fa/utist standards, but you'll do fine in the real world
jeans don't go with formal jackets, and your 90's top doesn't go with those pants and shoes. they're both good independently but not combined. get white sneakers and blue jeans at least. silhouette is good though. then again maybe i'm thinking inside the box and you're an innovator
can't see shit, but it's fine. let me guess, you dyed your hair blonde. i guess the fur coat is creative
ok i guess, especially if you have a faggy haircut. red t-shirt is a dangerous game to play especially tucked, but if you have a faggy haircut you'll make it obvious you're wearing it ironically. you'll get chicks either way anyways
let me guess, you stink of perfume. goatees make you look like a greasy threatening shit-skin. if you have woman ass don't bring attention to it with those extremely tight jeans or heels. i suggest explorer retro boots, and kakis
i don't like the boots, they should be leather, i don't like the shit dangling on your side. i assume you have a baby-face and that's why you grew a beard. shave it, you'll just look like a beta trying to look older. for the love of god never get glasses or use gel. also what's with the poped collar? otherwise you have a good silhouette.
if you're tall and work out, you'll do fine in the real world. but that looks like shit in every way. everything's too baggy, and shoes suck
read this >>12951189
i think you're going for a 90's korean town look. lose the chain, get a new haircut that doesn't make you look more mexican, lose some weight. i can't see if the jacket really fits well, but anyways, if you want to go one point up in looks LOOSE THE GLASSES, such a simple step people never do

>> No.12960144
File: 1.92 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20170303_135658 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12960145


SS+GOMAD. You're welcome hungry cadaver

>> No.12960158

Reminder I come here to laugh. You may continue scrolling.

>> No.12960161

marine jacket, work out pants, formal shoes. can you see how none of this fits? plus the dark blue jacket (although nice by itself) doesn't match anything else. get dark blue socks that are showing all the time to make it match at least something
excellent. asians never disappoint
great stuff. i want to shit on the shoes but i can't
you know what to do. it doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you're that fat, you'll never make it. at least you're trying to fix your looks and some fat chicks will admire that
is this laserface? my only suggestion would be losing the faggy ring (youre not maly enough to not look gay wearing it) and get a less faggy haircut. other than that, great. also purple is kind of gay too. you know chicks are attracted to tall, thin, attractive, fashionable guys, but they're also attracted to manliness. you could get an 8 easy, but you'd look too boyish for a 10 imo
perfect. would join the hunger games/10
did you take this on your first day of kindergarten? pants look like they're too long, need to be tailored. boots look generic, scraf looks gay
lose the glasses, or if you're going for an ethnic intellectual look then dress more intelectual. /fa/'s rule is no logos on t-shirts, and I like that rule. otherwise you have a slim figure, shoes and jacket, jeans and belt are cool. an improvement would be socks that match something other than your shoes. and if you're going for a 50's haircut that's a good idea i think like the tripfag huckleberry, google him for inspo
yeah ok. get more sleep though
lose weight and this would be perfect (other than your neck). but i think some chicks in the real world would admire your sense of fashion as it currently stands
perfect. those shoes are my fettish
are you a boy or a girl? either way, it looks like you could lose some weight to look like all the models that inspired you

>> No.12960190
File: 15 KB, 309x163, nazbolglobfck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shirt coming through weater.
Fucking tuck it in. don't be a hipsterfag
Look good and casual. noice
Killing yourself is a good option, but just tuck in the shirt and you'll look 1000% better.

>> No.12960201

are you a boy or a girl. i'm assuming you're a boy. i like the look. i like how everything fits, it's just your androgyny that's problematic. look up preston from vfiles @chaunsumlit he has a viet-kong mustache that looks good on asians with long hair who want to still look like men
i like the boots, and though the jacket is the same jacket fat people would wear, my only problem is with the headphones. i just remember try-hards wore those headphones in college. also i don't like rings. but I guess you're alrgith
ok I can see things better from here. those boots look awesome, and the pant silhoutte and the jacket, it looks all good... except the headphones. (I like cyberpunk but even i admit it's childish and autistic)
in the real world you're a king, i love the top half, i think the bottom half is gimmiky. zippers in pants look faggy, and white boots remind me of country music. but again, chicks in the real world are not so freudian as me
looks great, it's amazing when people match clothes with their hair, i just pray you don't have an ugly face
i absofucking love those shoes but not with that fit. you have a solid fit, and nice shoes that show you know about le "brand names" but that doesn't mean you have to combine them. "kill your darlings". google jewelwave and wear those shoes with jewelwave colors, but not with that shirt at least. your figure is good though, like all asians.
good, except that sleeve could fit better. are you going for a jonas brother look? it looks pretty good honestly
good, but I hate necklecase, but i guess you're going for a slightly trashy look. the problem with trashy people, is that they get expensive flashy stuff even if it looks tacky. but I don't want to criticize and orange for not tasting like an apple. you're going for trashy so...
good, but you do know that orange streak doesn't go with anything else in your fit. r/mfa

>> No.12960239

lame shoes, you know you can lose a bit of weight, but I guess it's fine. yeah, it's good, nice fit on the jeans, nice fit on the sweater, haircut makes you look like a "nice guy" but you have a young looking face anyways, just change the shoes
yeah good, but why are you going to mordor?
good, excellent. I don't like the strap from the bag, but bags are a necessary evil every soyboy needs to carry
excellent. daniel welcher?
lsoe the glasses, and the watch. the pants are a bit too long, so tailor the end. the colors don't match if we're being autistic about it, but in the real world noone is going to care. the biggest problem is that you look like a numale. lose the glasses, jewelry and watever you do DONT EVER TALK ABOUT FEMINISM unless you want to dry up pussies
cant see much but I assume you look fine. your highschool classmates will love it
i like the 70's face. your fit fits awesomely, but the colors are fucked, they just don't blend between each other. the belt doesn't match the boots. then again they're all earthly colors. you could wear socks that match your top half. and a belt that actually matches your boots. but in the real world chicks will dig your sense of fashion. again, maybe you're the innovator and i'm just thinking inside the box
perfect. you're getting old. consider getting a more mature haircut
ask yourself, would a girl ever find me attractive? girls don't find young boys attractive, you have a boyish face, get a better haircut, lose the feminist glasses, get a better fitting jacket. but I guess you're going for streetwear, if you are, then you have to be skinnier. just start by loseing the glasses. get brand shit like the other streetwear try-hards do
in the real world I guess you look fine. most people will say, 2outThere4Me. but I just don't like the shoes with that top. what are you a jewish hippy grandma?

>> No.12960291

i'm assuming you're a girl. Lose the glasses, and don't go for that army style unless you become anorexic any time soon. grow out your hair, and don't buy cheap shit. haha it'd be funny if you were a guy all along.
yeah, good I guess, yeah it's good. assuming those sweat pants aren't too insanely baggy. yeah, it's good. take lots of pictures because you'll get really fat when you have kids
i don't like faded jeans. I also don't like boots that have those metal parts. it looks cheap. you look like a stocky manlet with wide hips. bet darker jeans. other boots, and it looks like, from what i can see, your haircut is a long top that might make you look like an ethnic lesbian. But before you change any of the stuff I've mentioned. LOSE WEIGHT. and don't lose hope, we;re all gonna make it
look up jewelwave for how you can implement those green sneakers. It looks like those pants fit well. i don't find that jacket /fa/, its just a winter jacket not associated with any style except like lunarcore i guess. i don't know man, when you wear that big fat jacket, what differentiates you from any other faggot from your town in the eyes of a chick? its not ambitious
cute, get more sleep
cyber jiggalo
you look like you have a nice physique. and you're clearly very out there in terms of goth ninja fashion. maybe i'm a philistine but i don't like those pants. the top half looks awesome though, not buttoned up imo
i like it, excellent
oh i see now. yeah, you have a good frame. you're dressed like any other college student. pick a style that isn't "internet start-up." but you have a good frame. what if I told you, you could go up 1 point in terms of looks? LOSE THE GLASSES NERD
you could be skinnier. i don't like faded jeans or accessories like necklaces. you have wide hips which theres not a lot you can do about that. headphones are for try-hards. get darker blue jeans

>> No.12960321

continuing, try 511 blue jeans that are more straight and wont just wrinckle at the knees. i like the boots. I don't liek the scarf. if you just wear the red sweater and necklace you'd look like that goofy picture of the rock from the 90's which would at least be something to aspire. right now you just look like "black guy who thinks expensive flashy clothes looks good". but then again, that's redundant
great physique man, i especially like the second panel. again, get a haircut that's more mature, and less "hello fellow kids"
i like the palewave, yeah I like it, except you're fat, if you were skinny it'd be amazing
pretty good. the 4 white stripes look gimmicky, the red stripe at the end looks gimmicky, but in the real world noone would care, nah, it looks great, you have the frame of an asian, which is the highest compliment
don't graffiti your shit. but it looks good anyways, thumbs up
yeah I like it, you're tall and skinny, you'll do great with the ladies. it looks good
neanderthal face/10. i don't think those shoes go with the rest, but it looks good. maybe it's the lighting, but maybe lose the beard to seem less threatening, idk just an idea. the fit looks close to being great if you change the shoes
great but those look like really cheap shoes. but i guess it's fine, yeah it's ok. those pants could fit better, you're not fooling anyone by making a fist inside your pockets because you know that they're too baggy when you took the picture. get them tailored but other than that great
i guess you look good. lose some weight, and you'd look great. like, i think the dude's name was Lucas, that's what your pose reminds me of. anyone remember Lukas?
nice prepcore. excellent
i nkow this is a joke but jeans are too baggy, but at least you're skinny

>> No.12960587 [DELETED] 

not getting a haircut lol sorry
never growing old sorry
I'm a rocker I am not cutting my hair

>> No.12960803

Listen to this nigga

>> No.12960806

listen to this nigga p.2

>> No.12960824

I'd have to meet her first, this relationship is moving too fast for me.

>> No.12961258

>/r/streetwear if it was good. your hair is WACK
please don't make that guy cut his hair. i think he looks cute as fuck...

>> No.12961269

if i wore blue jeans and white sneakers id look like a burger kid or those kids who dress like mac demarco

>> No.12961272

w2c jacket?

>> No.12961285
File: 2.32 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20171203_225325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can I get some feedback

>> No.12961312

>get dunked in the toilet fag
>looks like something a gay dude would wear. which is fine
>all black, cool dude. stop with the faggy foot thing
how absolutely hammered were you when you wrote these, ntl the truth comes out

>> No.12961320

I like it

>> No.12961325

Goodnight anon

>> No.12961499
File: 473 KB, 1002x1731, IMG_3104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12962627

>igor-tier souless eyes

>> No.12962679

Ano stop! you'll get sick

>> No.12962708

how much autism do you have, floating torso? also only 1/5 floating, this is not good my man

>> No.12964163

hey floating corpse. Can you do us all a favor stop posting here. your fits and pictures are shit an nobody bothers to post anything constructive on them.

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