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Post your bedrooms, livingrooms, Etc.

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bump for interest

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Not mine, just contributing.

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wasn't implying this is mine.
though its not like anyone ever actually posts theirs anyway.

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not effay, but the lighting is nice

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that floor

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How is this fashion btw

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that's fa as fuck except for that fucking mlp poster. you ever heard of tom sachs?

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Here's trying to make the most of my freshman year dorm. (Yes, I know the lighting could be improved)

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Flintstone tier

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that's like the arab version of The Flinstones.

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That is like the Frankenstein Monster of interior design holy shit.

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Where's your roommates stuff

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Dieter Rahms mememorial?

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how r u fashin, feget

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urban outfitters?

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I need help, /interior/
I am moving out with my partner within the next year or so and plan to buy furniture first. This is what I came up with for the living room, and any suggestions would be really great
>Inb4 too much IKEA
If you can name any decent furniture stores like IKEA, that would be awesome too

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>If you can name any decent furniture stores like IKEA
jeez. you're on a phone or computer, right?
just SEARCH you pathetic faget
also, is that credenza IKEA?
kinda sorta like
IKEA shit just warps or falls apart

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The left side is his side, most of his stuff is put away in his closets/drawers/under his bed. We're both pretty tidy.

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To have real quality furniture you need to understand a little woodworking/leather/fabrics. To have real quality looks you need to fit furniture to match with the room and have a general style you are going for. What kind of styles do you like?


Also, what do the rooms look like?

I will say, generally stay away from buying too much stuff before moving in. Have only the basic necessities at first (bed, desk, table, 2 chairs). Then, build little by little, maintaining a good style.

Ikea is good for design and style/functional furniture. Unfortunately you will rarely get solid, authentic woods like oak, maple, hickory, and walnut from Ikea. Luckily, you can buy furniture off of craigslist and the app letgo, locally.

People are always looking to quickly sell their furniture when they move, and you might be able to find high quality pieces that can be altered/restored. Just be careful between shit pieces and nice ones. (altering and restoring can be as easy as stain-removal, re-dying a leather couch, washing things for odors, or sanding/refinishing a wooden piece.)

This is how I got my rug and dyed the brown elephants into it with fabric spraypaint. It's also how I got the large painting of venice for free. (Yes, people also give away their shit for free when they are moving, esp. on letgo.)

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Also, show pics of your future room(s) if you want decent advice, different spaces need different interior designs.

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Lucky. Mine wasn't :/ I live alone in an apartment now

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Why do you never post rooms with hammocks? If you sleep alone they are god tier for rest, comfort and deep sleep, take up 10% of bed space and look amazing

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advices for my "new" room ?
I will give a second life to my floor and i want advices to make it comfier. (lights, carpets, colors, curtains...)

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It's not their definite place (the furniture)

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Im sure half of us sleep on our stomachs

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this room aint comfy at all. high ceilings are shit when it comes to being comfy

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I was posting the hammock, not the room. Agreed, it's shit

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Nice furniture

Neat, Shotcrete earthship.


Do you own the place or are you renting? If you're renting you might be able to get your landlord to subsidize some refinishing. You can rent a floor buffer and get some polyurethane which can be applied with a mop. Otherwise, try vacuuming and cleaning them with some hardwood floor cleaning solution.


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Since you'll presumably have a white wall and Brown floor, start by picking a consistent color theme.

I would recommend White, Brown, Red or White, Brown, Blue.

Then, start by adding a rug and 2-3 couches, depending on how many you think you might need.

Maybe nice solid colored burgundy couches and a patterned whitish or beige rug.

Maybe a nice Turquoise or blue rug and brown couches.

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microwave in the room

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Its my home but dont mind the floor, it will be clean soon.

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Thanks man, what color and transparency for the curtain do you recommend me ?

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Honestly it'll all depend on what other items you pick for the room and what you can get for a good price/style. For a warmer cozier feel go with a red, blue, or brown. For a lighter more carefree feel go with a beige or white.

If the sun is very bright where you are, I'd go with a less transparent one, if you live in a cooler climate I'd go with a more transparent one.

Just avoid having curtains the same exact color as the walls or floor, it would be like wearing pants and a shirt that are the same color.

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Your point? It's a dorm...

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>mlp not effay


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Where can I find a chair like this ?
Does it have a name ?

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It's very American, I think this style is still very popular over there.

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All of the Chesterfield office chairs I've looked at have too many buttons which I"m not a fan of.
The chair in my screenshot is more modern in its design.
But thank you.

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Good choice on the vodka.

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just do it

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Looking for a brand for fine furniture other than Restoration Hardware. Any budget.

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>take up 10% of bed space
not at all

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fall colors my ass those are neutrals +
yellow and blue.

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God i hate this american interior style

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Wait so you share a room with someone? Isnt that really fucking awkward? Why not get a place with two rooms half the size of this one? I share an apartment with two others and we have a kitchen/ living room as common area.
I could never imagine having to share my literal room with one of them...

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Dude... it's like a common thing for first years at American colleges to have 1 dorm room where they are with 1-2 roommates. I actually have an unusually roomy situation with a larger room for 2 people. Often colleges will cram more students into less space.

Also, this is mandatory for the first 2 years.

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I'm curious, what do interiors from your country look like?

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can't believe people keep posting this trash

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enjoy your cold & condensation

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>buy furniture first
that spells disaster desu

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why do you live under the stairs?
are you harry potter?

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paint these yellow things on that door white
get rid of that weird green hanging thing
get rid of that ugly white shit with drawers
the cabinets are too tall, so paint them white if possible, or even better, get rid of them
move that huge thing in the corner to the opposite wall in between the two doors, maybe, so you can at least see a somehow not too clustered room when you enter it
keep the desk as is if you can get the missing parts
ditch this weird ceilling suspension
clean that floor and wax it
put a bed first in the middle of the room
keep it simple, low, white
see how much space is left after that
put some venetian blinds if needed

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wtf are you doing dude?
these pics are ugly

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uncluttered spaces in subdued tones
none of that circus shit

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i like it everytime someone does desu

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thrift store? craiglist?
70's american office leather swivel armchair?

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millennial scum

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i had a semi/similar flat with roommates back in the days
shit was awesome
t. gen Xer

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cause the board also encompasses aesthetics

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Looks like a cafeteria at a long term care facility. Absolutely depressing

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