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Wool loden edition. Waldgang edition. Venerate the yoni! edition. Doot doot edition. Feldgrau edition. Pinecone edition. Vama Marga tantra edition. Bergmütze edition. Lubstein edition. Durruti edition. BEES! edition. Dadaism edition. Dadaism edition. Serialism edition. Dadaism edition. Spinoza edition. Ernst Röhm edition. Mature aussie edition. Pinecone edition. Dadaism edition.

Seriously though, is there anything better than those old grey European wool uniforms? No. No, there really isn‘t.

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I'm not getting the Duchamp urinal.

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That's kind of the point of the Duchamp urinal, non?

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Yes, but why in the neofolk starterpack?
Did you make it btw?I never saw that one before.

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It's in there because dadaism is an important influence on people like Dougie and Boyd.

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K.I knew that Boyd was into that didn't know about Douglas.

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It's kind of sad that this is the best pic of Swiss army loden trousers I could find.
I would photograph my own but I don't have a camera. The fabric on this is actually amazingly beautiful up close and has a very interesting green/blue tint and the craftsmanship is superb.

I think most of the old men of industrial are into that.

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I never understood the appeal of dadaism, can anyone explain it? Just remembered that Rozz Williams had a huge obsession with it.

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Deconstructing the idea of art, driving the recipient nuts with conflicting messages, absolute creative freedom, absolute authentic expression, that's what I think the appeal is. To a certain degree it's probably a idea of the outsider artist taken to its full extreme that draws people to it. It's meaningless revolution, overcoming boundaries for the sake of it.

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yeah traditonal and shit! scandanavian! yeah t r a d i t i o n a l. yeah pagan! neofolk! look everybody I'm a white nationalist! modern society is cancer. traditional!

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Fuck off then, only flaming tantric dadaist homosexuals are allowed in this thread.
If you don't own Finnish/Swedish/Swiss/German/Austrian army wool garments I feel bad for you, son.

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>the larper feels bad for me

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I do.

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Okay, so much for inspo.
Does anyone have actual fits?

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I really want a neofolk gf

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You won't meet them, you have to make them.

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I don't, but I want to post my favorite uniform.

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That is a beautiful uniform.

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That's more like David Tibet GF, too esoteric for me.

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humor has a lot to do with it
duchamp once said that when he was growing up training as an artist that art was a very serious pursuit, there was no room for joking or playing or laughter. One of the things he did with dada was introduce humor and absurdity into the artistic lexicon

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I dig those masks, neat idea.

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who is that semon demon?

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Ordered pic related and not sure what I am going to wear with it. I just really liked the camo and thought it would be easy to work with.

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That's a 1980's isralei civillian gas mask without the filter this image is a fraud

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Yeah, Russians have some nice patterns, and a lot of them.

Thanks for the tip. Are you certain? The German gas mask does look very similar.

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A drab, timeless wool jacket patterened somewhere between a blazer and a chore coat

That’s what I need.

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I have this version, less boxy in real life than pictured.

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Bam. Have this hanging right here.

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What color (besides black) should I dye this?

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Yellow or red could look dope in the right fits. Dark green would be more verstile. I can't picture this in blue, it doesn't go well with woodland I think. Fuck woodland, most uverused ugly camo there is.

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I was thinking of an autumn looking palette too. Should I attempt orange?

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Yeah, that sounds dope. Brownish orange or dark red would fit very well. Woodland is generally so cold, perhaps this would make it more appealing.

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I'll try that then and post it here ASAP.
I was going to attempt navy for picture related but figured the result would NOT be this.

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Yeah, I think this colourway just works better with DPM which is from the get-go much more vibrant than woodland, perhaps even better with summer DPM. British army summer parka dyed light blue would be pretty neat.

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Where's the starter kit for neofolk?

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You know your shit.
What pieces do you have?

>tfw I'll never cop this

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I don't know as much as I seem to, I just like to browse. I have a british windproof smock dyed black so that the DPM shines through as very dark green and brown. I had a pair of trousers in the pattern Knoch is wearing in your pic, much less pristine though, which I dyed black (they looked very menacing, with padded knees, pockets way down, drawstrings, now they are much more suitable for everyday wear, it shines through just a bit, like the Brit jacket) and a Belgian puzzle camo raincoat. My favourite pieces are my wool loden pieces. The Swiss wool trousers are amazing (beautiful aquatic tint, great craftsmanship), the Finnish are very modern in design but have that old-timey loden fabric, the jacket that goes with it is probably my favourite jacket right now (the one pictured in the OP). I also have a Swedish wool tunic from 1949 (>>12794622) which is also very nice. I just ordered two pairs of old Swedish loden trousers (similar to the Finnish but with very decorative button-closure on pockets) and a Norwgian wool sweater. I also have one of those Swedish 50s/60s prison uniforms they had at Varusteleka and the jacket is very nice for more leisurely, elegant fits. The fabric is beautiful as it changes colours depending on light/viewpoint, being woven from with green and brown threads. Apart from that black dyed Bundeswehr cargo trousers, black Bundeswehr parade trousers, Finnish service belt (which is great) and that might be it. I also have German 80s Springerstiefel, restored 70s Norwegian brown ankleboots and, my favourite piece of footwear for life, very comfortable and aesthetic, a pair of 1960s black Bundeswehr ankleboots which I bought in mint condition.

I never realised how much of this I really own. Huh, wow.
Oh, and an 80s wool US army field shirt. And Australian puttees. And Swiss wool neck tube and gloves. And a Finnish fur hat. And a Belgian M-64 parka.

That might be it.
Thinking bout getting pic related but unsure, never bought replica.

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That's quite a list. You should post pics some time.

Thanks for sharing.

As for the hat, you probably know that it should only be worn with long coats.

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I agree you really should post those

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The buttons are cosplay tier and the fabric is some of the worst I have ever seen.

If you want an engineer's hat, just get one. They're gettable. This one is from fucking Target.

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Just saying: I just found a really nice brand owned by Arktis that should be added to the OP material
Fortus, everything is made to order and very reasonably priced

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uhh....how are you going to dye that lighter?

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Do old fashioned jackets have buttoned cuffs? I’m starting a diy and I want to know if I can cut that corner

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Not lighter necessarily, just some RIT dye. I'll post the results tomorrow.
If it looks too fruity and not fall enough, I'll dye it a bit darker.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the green zippers/buttons though.

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how are you going to dye dark brown and green to orange? that doesn't make any sense

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I dunno lol. I just want it to look different than what I have now.

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You can't dye things lighter, retard.

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I will post results tomorrow. I do not want lighter, just different.

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Modern "non racist" neofolk is so gay, it completely misses the point of folkish ideology - veneration of the ancestors as a way to preserve the tribal knowledge and keep your tribe unified, guided, independent yet cohesive and strong. It's ethnic collectivism as a philosophy and spirituality, resistance to anything that would erode the tribe, such as rampant pederasty/paedophilia/homosexuality. Pussies like Op's image are just scared of being called a Varg follower or a Nazi.

Your Volkisch identity was bequeathed to you by your tribal ancestors, and could only be forged by a cohesive tribe that had endured the highs and lows of group cohesion and unity. If your tribe disappears from the earth, or is reduced to a hated minority, your folkish inheritance means nothing - it's a relic, a dead end that will be spit upon and forgotten by your disenfranchised offspring and the other tribes of the future. Volkisch men should stand up for their race, always.

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I'll be patiently awaiting

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This post gave me cancer

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I will when I have a camera. Not too keen on posting pics of myself or my thing online.

You sure? I've heard good things about Lubstein. It's not the shitty moleskin hat you see on many alt-right heads.

The Swedish tunics aren't cuffed, the Finnish jackets have buttoned cuffs. If you want it old-fasioned, either no cuffs or real cuffs.

Do you want me to lick the booboo? Homosexuality is perfectly evolutionarily fit and your cherished berserkers were just as keen on licking other berserkers' buttholes as they are today, you just can't into darwinism.

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fucking Antifa

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Could anyone ID this pattern please ?

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Can anyone ID these?

WW1/Freikorps era officer tunics, can't find their proper designation though

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