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What ever happened to Denim Dan?

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what the fuck is wrong with his body

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he denim died

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sieg killed him in his sleep while doktor komme watched

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What happened to doktor komme?

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What happened to Trunks?

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What happened to helders and shruggs?

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oh shit, I hadn't thought about those names in years
komme has gotta be like 45 by now.

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Trunks got a job moved on, Shannon Jane sells at Saks, jackal passed away from some sort of liver condition, blah lives in Toronto got clean normal chick, komme was 45 in 2010 so he's pushing 50.

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Helders was in a pretty high end school in England last posted his sophomore year. Was dating a black chick.

Denim Dan would be ~37-38 today.
He last posted about finding a career in Toronto moved out of his parents place.

He probably has a wife and kid

/Fa/ tripfag era is coming up on 10 years.

Only a handful of the old trips are still single and I'm the only one doing the same old shit a decade later.

I think even casemods had a fiance over on Reddit

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What is tripskank and blah up to now a days?

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What the hell happened to SpaceJew and Knoch?

They used to post all the time a few yrs ago and had some of the sickest fits

And What was SpaceJews Tumblr? I can't seem to remember, and is like to find his old fits

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idk tripskank has been bouncing back and forth between germany florida and canada

she's not too interesting

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I thought blah died from heroin overdose.

>> No.12610576

nope was a lie, she's alive and well

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trips is quite attractive now, idk if she got ps or something

I thought blah died for real

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Wow, I though DD was like 27, well at least around 2012 or so.

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Nah Blah is really dead. Alicia Fuller was her name. Her tumblr was demon bitch or something like that. In the end she was too deep into escorting and drugs took over her life. Shame.

Spoony is probably still over at /a/ being a weeb nearly 10 years later.

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>idk if she got ps or something
She most definitely did, I noticed a few years ago.
She's no where near as dark as she used to be and she changed her nose.

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>I'm the only one doing the same old shit a decade later.
you really are a loser aren't you
hanging out with teenagers when you never were or ever will be fashionable or cool in the slightest heh

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What happened to casemods ,Tom, unpop and apg?

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What are those pants? Those are really fucking clean.

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>tfw you're almost as old as Denim Dan was when he posted here and you used to call him old

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anyone know how to contact twerk it? i miss them

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SpaceJews creation

He used to make and alter alot of his pieces,
He helped answer alot of my questions in DiY and lunarcore threads back in the day
Miss him alot.
Always made cool fits and designs..

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Isn't that cheasecloth or whoever?

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that feeling when im inrl friends with several of the trips in this thread and a couple more no one has mentioned.

everyone posted on here when they were teenagers and now everyone is grown up and has careers some in fashion some in other creative fields.

none of them post and i think only a couple like myself lurk out of habit. i'm kind of jelly of the ones that have kicked imageboards completely. i still get bored once in a while and binge lurk for a week at a time. it's really unproductive.

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Same here.

I never tripped, but I come here out of boredom/the fact that even Reddit isn't much better for discussion.

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I think so
I thought his Tumblr was something "cheese" but I didn't know for sure

Sure do miss him and knoch-kun though..
Golden age of /fa/ if there was one..

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Where did Curlgurl end up?

>> No.12611104

it was a fake obituary, made in an attempt to end her internet past

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I'm still here too bro

You don't know me because I never used a trip

It's sad seeing all those other guys move on and we still on this shitty board.

Hopefully I finally get my shit toghether next year and leave this prison.

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It seems you're right.

Faked death in 2014
Friends are still going along with it in 2015
She updates her facebook in 2016


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So basically OP is drunk and slightly nostalgic for when /fa/ was slightly less infested with fuckboys and dare I say good? Same fampai.

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And we get left with Sieg cuck and Igor shitcunt

a middle age fatty and a bald nu-male

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you shoulda got quints for that

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What happened to q_ko?

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>blah lives in Toronto got clean normal chick

but you still fap at pictures of a dead girl who was cremated years ago?

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down the drain

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I bet slater isn't alive anymore

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Can someone pls post the picture of Jalland(?) with his very stretched out shirt, it's been too long.

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In terms of useful shit, I only really miss euro, knoch and space baldy or whatever his name was.

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>tfw he hasn't uploaded a new video in four months

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Knoch posts on tumblr to sell clothes he's made from time to time. He's alive but doesn't give updates beyond that.

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You now remember: Matt lelders

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I was pretty young when I first posted here


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linque to his yt

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So he was like 15-17 ish while on here?

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chloefiend still lurks every now and then

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where is casemods?

>> No.12613299

how are you keeping track of them

what happened to mama dod

>> No.12613308

Facebook/Instagram. I only sometimes talk the the decent trips from back then though.

Berry is dating this old dude.

And she tans now...bitch looks 100 times.better

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post their tumblrs or instas

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I wish I could look her up. She was fucking hot.

She was 23 in 2010. White and blonde so she's probably looking pretty Haggard. Crows feet and forehead wrinkles most likely.

Probably married to that one dude. was in college for something medical related

Probably nursing

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Berry is whereishailey

Tomorrow is shannonjane or shanon kackley Saks she has 2

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lets get a list of old tripfag social media

>> No.12613721

Holy shit I thought that was her dad

Why is she dating that old guy? Is she a gold digger

>> No.12613733

thx my dude

>> No.12613954

slater still chats just not on tinychat

how's colton

>> No.12613969

very bad posture

>> No.12613988

Casemods is so damn old he's probably pushing 40 right now

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I want to see a recent pic of SIEG

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damn my muscular genetics, my legs can never be toothpicks. why must my body be so strong and useful.

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lol just lose weight fatty

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what the fuck happened to pigfuck? i remember him selling all of his raf parkas on grailed. i wonder if he's found an aryan qt yet.

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Klinefelter syndrome

>> No.12614562

Sjws on here permabanned him because they couldn't handle the truth

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im not fat, i just develop and maintain muscle easily. ecto-mesomorph. :3
can only be /fit/ for /k/ombat.

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this seams old and who bothered to make this

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>>free flowing wild child
As I expected, peoples claims to have all grown up and moved on were lies. They just changed social circles.

>> No.12615136

so dont do physically strenuous activity

>> No.12615325

literally whos other than tripskank

>> No.12615339

It looks fine, thats how tall people with low muscle mass and bf% look.
>lol @ ur manlet ass

>> No.12615946

It looks shit mate. Also look at his ass.
What the fuck is happening there

>> No.12615973

the best years of /fa/ were 2010-2012 with the slater chat room on tinycam

>> No.12616987


Berry is young 21

Never went to college.

Every other ex-tripfag has completed at least a bachelor's level of education....and most have gone on to do other things. Like college + art school or post-grad professional degrees.

>> No.12617387

Are there any anons who remember the guy who posted in the jap accent? Or how about when all the trips had their codes cracked lol I remember that thread was hilarious and thats when sieg stopped using one all together. There was the guy who posted all that leather jacket copy pasta too, he literally never did anything else. Also whatever happened to the tranny that went to the antwerp school what was their name again

>> No.12618024

who was that scandinavian trip who wore patch jackets and had a nice apartment ?

>> No.12618043

>Komme will never be your dad

>> No.12618562

I really miss old /fa/

I never thought I'd say that

>> No.12619690

2012 /fa/ was GOAT

>> No.12620364

I don't know who you are, but you might've just opened my eyes to something I would've never noticed otherwise. I'm gonna see a Doctor. Thank you anon.

>> No.12620401


tiny chat /fa/ rooms all night

>> No.12620448

I'm barely here. never post. must have gone on here maybe one or twice a year when I was a kid. Somehow spoony is burned into my memory. Just her.

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How can the board be revived?

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lmao he still looks like shit

>> No.12621107

he looks like a normal guy that'd you see walking down the street

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