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r8 my messy room, also general interior fred

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from my bed

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my favourite room

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reduce waste to a minimum<3

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i love it
except for the shitty table and it beign right in the middle
still confy af/10
the rain only makes it better

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Can I get an ID on some plants?

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actually hideous

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some kind of dracaena

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>hey want to come over to my place and stare at the wall

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more here

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Ficus Benjamina maybe?

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plebs, enjoy your pretentious "le oh-so-artsy" new york lofts with exposed brick, unfinished wood furniture that looks like it came form the middle ages, and meme-plants all over the damn place. don't forget the gratuitous acoustic guitar and french new wave film posters on the walls to show all your trashy hipster girls you invite over to fuck just how cultured and artsy you are!

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Tiles were very much loved in De Stijl and the Amsterdamse School. (pic related)
I really like the idea of making a bed like that, but I would have picked some nicer glazed tiles with nicer colours.

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you're making a lot of assumptions there buddy

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this looks cliche af

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I didn't know much about tiles in modernism like that, thanks for the interesting fact

interesting you mention the Amsterdam school, because in Germany we are Kachelöfen which are especially cosy radiators that you find in old and new houses. but the old ones like pic related (probably 18-19. century) are almost always made from Dutch tiles.

I like to shitpost

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by point being it seems the tradition is much older than De Stijl

Tiles in general are an underrated construction material in homes, I think.

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your room isn't messy at all m8

also 9/10 comfycore. What type of keyboard/synth?

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My living room. Desks are on the wall to the left.

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This is fucking incredible. Architect here but stealing this

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Shitty roommate moved out so I redid the common room

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Thanks! The keyboard is a very shit Yamaha np-30 I had when I was 9 (practicing jazz/classical) that lags by about 200ms when I plug into Ableton

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Thanks people, I only visit this board to see interior threads. This had some nice OC.

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some inspo from reddit/pol

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w2c desk?

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take some mescaline

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Post Memphis group is the most effay design of them all

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It's crazy how I assumed this was reddit before reading a thing

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where is this?
i also remember some bathroom in mondriaan style

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I love how much of an uproar this causes each time someone posts it.

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ikea and then stick it on sum metal stands

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nice chart but i dont think you intended to post that

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this is reminiscent of a bathroom. i can appreciate it, but i wouldnt actually live there.

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One side of my room. Just moved out of my parents place.

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Anyone have similar bedframes to OP? Looking for something low-profile

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You wear your linothorax out much? I feel it's too breezy for daily use.

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thanks! just got pic related growing in my place and i love it

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Literally 0 coziness

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Haha I didnt think anyone would notice. I also have a chiton hanging up as well. I actually wear that

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bump, need bed

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A splitting fucking headache/10
would have to take to Advil before walking into this living room

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this is fucking awful

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dunno the name of the other

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>iphone alarm goes off
>move arm blindly to try reach it
>knock $500 vase over
this is effay

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My appartment is boring. I like it anyway

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It looks pretty comfy

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well i like it. beautiful window. is it a studio? do you have a kitchen too?

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What kind of seats are those? Thrifted?

>> No.12523501

>door that thunks into the seating and doesn't open all the way
>a headboard? why?
>a lamp and mini fridge, as if someone is going to want to spend time here
>even cluttering the window and ceiling

More like reduce space to a minimum

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No studio. Common 1 room apartment plus a kitchen and a bath room. Living room is 20 square meter, whole flat is 30 square meter. Yeah, the big window is nice.
This is actually a sofa. I had to take it appart when I moved from my previous apartment and didn't reassemble it

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Digging that just like >>12521010 said. Do you do some kind of re-enacting or just for fun costuming?

I go with a group of friends myself to renfaires/the like as an excuse to wear those kind of fun clothing. Pic related is my favorite aesthetic for those kinda things, those fucking pants are so god damned comfy I wish they were fashionable.

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Im studying greek archaeology so its just like something I did for fun. Although I feel you. Some of that historical shit is so damn comfy. For example my chiton. Im trying to figure out a way to make it more modern. For the time being I just wear sunglasses when I go out in it. What kind of stuff do you wear to the renfaire?

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What should I put above my desk?

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Terrible. Has the look of an overpaid interior decorator

>> No.12524128

Where did the piano go???

>> No.12524133

bottom right :)

>> No.12524134

Now this I fucking love

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This is a fire hazard. Stupid architects and interior designers design shit with no regard for human safety. Then engineers need to clean up your shit! Keep up the good work fake science school retards

>> No.12524146

Oh now I see. Swap that electronic one for an upright piano and youll add more character to the room

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I had a dream once where I was in a museum or something and it looked just like this. I don't think I've ever seen this picture before, though. Weird.

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only good and cozy things about this are cats

>> No.12524367

clean up your fucking floor u heathen
otherwise comfy

>> No.12524423

You live like a grandma.

Also, your VHS collection is shit.

>> No.12524426

What do you shoot at?

>> No.12524428

Commission Chris (Simpsons artist) to paint you a from-behind-dog pooping.

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Or just have this printed in large format.

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This is my favorite bed room to ever have existed.

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I like that im not the only person in the world who picks one room in their house to live in.

Single male and it gets lonely at times, so I buy TV's for all the rooms, use them as storage theme rooms, like one room just has guns and gun shit in it, another has a bunch of bikes and bike parts + workout equipment/clothes

and i choose a bedroom that isn't the master so it doesn't feel like sitting all by myself everyday (despite that i do in fact spend everyday alone)

Roomates don't help since they're almost always gone and generally bring back skanks to the place (i had one in college because i was depressed and needed ambient noise around)

I kicked him out and got a dog instead

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I dig the ceiling but that blue monstrosity ruins the room

>> No.12524737

love that yellow parka, what brand is it, is it goretex?

>> No.12524739

Nahh the yellow raincoat is nautica

>> No.12524744

meh. i like it.

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Looks nice, i like the potted plants

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Nothing by now. Bought this soft air rifle a year ago but did some test shootings at a telephone book. In my country it's not allowed to just open up the window and start shooting at birds or something. Also I don't wanna hurt animals

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Do you want to buy this original painting?

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half my livingroom

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a framed portrait of someone who inspires you
pic related for example

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mah nigga

>> No.12524927

is it made of goretex though

>> No.12524969

must be spoopy at night

>> No.12524975

Where did you get that table?

>> No.12524983

another desk lamp

>> No.12524987

Get an effay ceiling lamp and make apply a color scheme to the bed, seats, curtains etc. that works with the wood hues you have.
I like the electronis stuff you have going on there

>> No.12524996

no huge portrait, you sit too close. Either a huge landscape foto that reaches into the distance, or a board above the lamps with hanging plants and nice pottery

>> No.12525000

sensible but very non-effay

>> No.12525120

how do u heat a place like this in the winter?

>> No.12525122

are you an electrical engineer?
Or just a hobbyist ?
Also are you from Germany?

>> No.12525211

>are you an electrical engineer?
>Or just a hobbyist ?
>Also are you from Germany?

>> No.12525282

english grandma lmao

>> No.12525442

Why not shoot a real gun inside like that one kid from /k/?



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That recamier's pretty neat, but it certainly doesn't fit in that decor

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What the fuck is a cocoon club? And why aren't you wearing pants??

>> No.12525870

>What the fuck is a cocoon club
Google knows

>> No.12525964

Nicht übel

>> No.12526267

Noted. Still curious about one thing though. Pants???

>> No.12526286

Should i buy a Chino?

>> No.12526289

Absolutely but more to the point why aren't you wearing any??

>> No.12526299

Don´t know. Always wear jeans.

>> No.12526308

Please tell me that's an air soft gun in the right corner

>> No.12526310

lol'd hard

>> No.12526334

>get up at night to take a piss
>trip down stairs, faceplant
>piss on floor while passed

Oh, well at least it looks like a bathroom.

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it is look at the magazine

I have 2 sitting in the room next to me right now

the ar in ar-15 stands for armalite

the provisional irish republican army wrote a song about a similar rifle


>> No.12526356

jesus christ this is so corny. like does this person actually have a personality?

>> No.12526374

ok so seconding this and this >>12522607
but also, can we talk about how there are french windows butting right up against the side of the bed basically? really impractical

>> No.12526401


Nice optic and hand guards hahahaha. Boasting Bravos cheapest rifle, save up for a real gun pussy. AND zero rounds down range with that crispy bolt carrier...

>> No.12526428

that picture was me cutting up a zegna shirt to clean my gun. that picture is roughly 2000 rounds down range.

I don't shoot cheap steel cased shit, and i actually clean my gun, how novel.

it's not a BCM complete rifle, but everything minus furniture is mil-spec

my other gun isn't milspec that's built on a Franklin libertas billet lower

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I'll dump some inspo here. Pls no bully.

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Where can I find a place like this and is it expensive? Trying to duck a stock overpriced apartment for something cool like this

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It definitely depends on where you live. I did find a similar studio here in Connecticut for six hundred a month, though, but that's definitely at the cheaper end of rent here. Expect more if you live by the coast or in a major city
But exposed brick walls, high ceilings and weathered hardwood floors (as opposed to carpet) are quite often sought-after and any landlord would use that as an opportunity to skyrocket your rent

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who's the ghost?

>> No.12526607

>come home shitfaced ready to fucking sleep
>trip when taking step up to bed and swing front row of teeth right onto the tile edge

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>Tiles in general are an underrated construction material in homes, I think
They're very common in Brazil, mainly because they're cheap, easy to clean and don't require much maintenance. I personally find them cheap-looking and tacky.

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File: 95 KB, 960x955, 18952956_1471230966232927_4041889041902741670_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tiles can also be used for passive heating. I kind of agree that most times tiles look like shit.

>> No.12526670

watchu looking at on ebay?

>> No.12526855

Jesus the amount of visual clutter

also this one >>12526466
is just retarded

>> No.12526881

it's cool but I can't stand those shitty walls

>> No.12527131


>> No.12527297

Yes, it is. It's a Crosman M4-177.

>> No.12527630

is it a dorm?

>> No.12527633

One day i will move to america

>> No.12527636

How do you dress and how old are you and what kind of music do you listen to ?

>> No.12527657

>How do you dress
I don't give a fuck on clothes. I buy cheap 2nd hand if possible since a new t-shirt took 4000kg environmental resources when one buys it in a shop where a 2nd hand t-shirt took only 30g environmental resources.
>how old are you
Mid 30
>and what kind of music do you listen to ?
Am listening to this right now https://soundcloud.com/clakclakboomclak
>>Also are you from Germany?

>> No.12527659

I don't think it's healthy to live in a space as small as this

>> No.12527682


>> No.12527758

Looks nice. I'd on plants?

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>> No.12527796

looks like marijuana(cannabius) my friend

>> No.12527848

God I would kill for an apartment with a view like this. Even if it was a studio with on;y a mattress on the floor and a mini-fridge. And, considering rent at a place like this, that actually seems pretty likely.

>> No.12527929

10/10 cats and Madoka Poster otherwise it's quite bad

>> No.12528587

reminds me of my Mums house (England)

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A shelf covered in bad dragon dildos

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File: 555 KB, 3000x1970, jyh1fxmn2t5y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.12529954

Maximum comfy.

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Can't put any thing into the walls, no shelves : ( I was gifted all this art from my designer sister and was thinking about just putting it all up with a nice arrangement and angles to make a full wall of different things. There is a Rothko calendar that I was thinking of just separating and putting em all up, in addition to the book of cycling prints (these are on the right side). Thoughts ?

>> No.12532708


>> No.12532727

literally england, i like it. Its one of the few pics that actually looks like a house for a grown up and not some student or staged picture. 10/10

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>> No.12532800

Seeing this image provokes the same physical reaction as seeing the girl I love

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File: 64 KB, 685x385, IMG_1468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step aside faggots; here's a real aesthetic room from mid eighties Memphis design

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>> No.12533053

fucking christ i am stressed out

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Clean your room
Sort yourself out

>> No.12533076

nice hospital

>> No.12533106

Is this ancient Hungarian stuff?

>> No.12533390

this is true maximum comfy

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>> No.12533671

where is this?

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Is this because of the Kero Kero Bonito? I've seen this joke on /mu/ but don't understand.

>> No.12533983

singer's bf is called crusher
his insta posts consist mainly of his shlong showing through his pants, shit like 'a bj a day keeps side bitches away' and other stuff that very much implied their pure waifu with the lighthearted lyrics loves the big dick
this made a lot of people on /mu/ bitter as hell so now the album can't get posted there without getting memed on

>> No.12534013

A knife, then sit on it.

>> No.12534021

way too much going on, not good

>> No.12534054

are you in the army

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yeah, its pretty /fa/

>> No.12534180

Do you have a family (like wife & kids) ? Do you plan to have one ?

>> No.12534220



>> No.12534234

talk about fucking boring. i've seen this interior about a billion times, just done more cheaply. not even the tiniest shred of uniqueness. the only thing interesting at all is the garden in the back which you can't even really see

>> No.12534247

what utility does that coffee table offer

>> No.12534324

being a table with a flat surface on which items are placeable

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