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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...

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patiently waiting for the olfactory library from cdg to drop, dying to try sequoia

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That's a thing, or wishful thinking?

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that bottles looks like something to drink

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Daily reminder that girls don't like guys who wear too much cologne or tries too hard spraying themselves 3-5 sprays a day.

Daily reminder that cologne is only makes you 15% attractive, but without a big wallet or an attractive body/face you are nothing more then someone who just smells.

Daily reminder that Bleu de Chanel EDT and EDP are the GOAT cologne.

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>3-5 sprays
>too much


You should trip.

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pack your shit and leave loser

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What should I buy for my grandfather? He's an apathetic retard, and he's generally against fragrances.

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I'm gonna try to do something autistic and coordinate my clothes with different elements and I want to accompany it with a scent.

Water: BdC EDP
Earth: TdH
Dark: Black Aoud

Dunno about fire and air, any ideas? Pls no Fahrenheit, don't want to smell like gasoline senpai.

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Probably not a fragrance. Get him a book or spend some time with him doing something he'll actually enjoy

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He enjoys nothing. But if I had to get him a bottle what would it be?

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>black aoud
dont steal my favorite frag

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>He enjoys nothing
Buy him matches so he can burn down some of the things he doesn't enjoy. Maybe he'll enjoy that.

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I bought my gramps Aqua Fahrenheit for Christmas and he seemed to enjoy it right out of the box despite not normally wearing fragrance.

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i like how you just cant figure out how to word the 15% part.
>makes you 15% more attractive
>is only 15% of attractiveness
>makes you 15% attractive

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I mean, he's technically right. If you're a fat NEET with a shit personality who spends all his time on /pol/, covering yourself in Aventus won't do shit for you. He just chose the most retarded way possible to word it.

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yes but why does he feel the need to say that. im at least 15% sure noone in this thread thinks hes wrong. except for his third point
so whats the point

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I dunno, man. I guess he wants to feel like a big man or some shit.

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There are some days I like l'homme. There are other days I remember I don't like violet leaf.

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M, 25, summer/allround daily wear,
maybe something in the direction of diptyque/byredo or so. price up to 150€
my rotation so far is cdg blue encens & wonderwood for winter, and margiela untitled in summer
pic is a feeling that’d be nice. chill, sophisticated, /fa/
i wear mostly black with a little rick so it can be „different“ but not too outlandish or aggressive (its summer after all)

i always think i’d enjoy something forest-y/natur like but so far everything ive tried has been disappointing.
same with ocean scents, sound good in theory and i’d be interested if its not mall-adg-tier. sampled sel marin which was better but also disappointing. so maybe thats just something that sounds good in my head and should be ignored…

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has anyone tried type c by henrik vibskov?
sounds kinda nice but i never had the chance to smell it and have no experience with his fragrances

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>always think i’d enjoy something forest-y/natur like

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For marine scents, try Creed MI or Creed Erolfa. For nature-y scents, try Amouage Bracken.

>> No.12413986

will check them out, thanks

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I've got a job interview for Housekeeping in a hotel on Monday.
Obviously I'm not going to wear a fragrance, but if I do get the job, would one spray of something like Joop Go or 212 Men be acceptable?

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Gay guy here. Not especially good looking. 5'6". I don't even try to attract females and barely acknowledge them in most cases. I still pull compliments from women almost daily, specifically about my fragrances.

I choose crowd-pleasing, season specific scents and apply four sprays on average. If you aren't confident enough to be noticed, why are you even wearing fragrance at all?

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Just speaking as some who stays in hotels fairly often... whatever you wear, I don't want to smell it when I enter my hotel room. If you can be discreet and are sure you're not over spraying, enjoy yourself.

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What molecule is it this time? Cashmeran?

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This shit is so nice. I'm too hairy and muscular to rock the original Dior Homme but I think it smells amazing so I'm glad this thing exists.

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>Amouage is a luxury perfume house established in Oman in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman.

How much money does it cost to establish a high-end fragrance house like Amouage from scratch?

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>I'm too hairy and muscular to rock the original Dior Homme
Why is that an issue?

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A good perfumer and a good bottle maker

ie not too much I would assume. you will start kinda small but if you have super good fragrances it will catch on pretty fast

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How did you get into the fragrance world?

For me I was browsing this board and found this general.

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this is a good read


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>forest-y/natur like
Have you tried many vetiver scents? It's hard to pin down, as it smells like grass and wood and earth and roots. Here are a couple summer favorites:
Guerlain Vetiver
Encre Noir Sport

And 212 Men smells like a computer's version of fresh cut grass.

>ocean scents
Hard to dissociate this from cheap aftershave for me. Pleasant but doesn't really do it for me.

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>for years wear Crabtree & Evelyn's Vetiver. one spray to the chest errday. no one could ever smell it. was too scared to try more than one.
>4oz bottle gets confiscated at Zurich Airport after getting through LAX.
>go to replace bottle
>do research to see what is closest. go on a vetiver hunt.
>nothing is even remotely close
>eventually get TdH and even though I liked it enough to buy after sampling, it revealed itself to me more and more, layer after layer over time.
That was my first time truly falling in love with a frag.
>oh yeah, tried two sprays, then three, then four and people could finally detect my fragrance, but only in my personal space.
>bottles started to accumulate.
>full blown hobby now
>oh yeah, found a C&E Vetiver on ebay
>hardly ever wear it

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Citrus REALLY doesn't last on me. Tried Allure Homme Sport and couldn't smell it after 2 hours.

>> No.12415246

Are custom bottles really even necessary? I can think of a few houses that look like they get theirs on amazon or some shit.

>> No.12415249

>a computer's version of fresh cut grass
Never heard of this, but that's an intriguing description. Is the lavender note prominent?

>> No.12415276

Well ... for marketing sake it kinda is, if the design speaks to someone they might be interested in its content

but also if you ask me bottles should look like what the perfumer wants to evoke with the fragrance. but if you look at dior and chanel their bottle designs are very minimalistic yet their fragrances are supposedly intricate. in their case they want to appeal to the masses and dont want to be too specific in what it should evoke.

so i think it depends on your clientele. if your fragrances are niche I suggest you have more intricate bottle designs, and if you want to have generic designer-like frags you should have minimalistic design. it's kind of a shame that some niche perfumers choose to have simplistic bottle designs.

unless you sell to the same 3-4 loyal people i think it's kinda necessary to have a bottle design. not that it should bother you, fragrance is art.

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and by bottle designs i dont necessarily mean the bottle shape. i mean the art on it.

for example, apparently this frag here smells like an explosion of ripe fruits? the bottle sure says otherwise.

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it's true that scents are really attached to memories and designer houses are careful with that, going the safe route with minimalist bottles and art, but if you do it right it wont change how the customer perceives the smell of the perfume, and if anything, enhance it. if you think drawings arent safe enough change the shape and color of the fragrance and so on.

im not really sure why byredo chose to have such a boring bottle design. ultimately it doesnt matter at all but for marketing sake it kinda is. also it looks good.

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looking at it like a living entity of its own, and not merely a shell containing a fragrance.

>> No.12415339

Frankly, other than the synthetic cut grass note, I really can't pick any others out. It's just a fresh, ambery, white musky borderline aquatic accord that is also synthetic but I like it a lot and it performs like gangbusters. Probably easy to over apply if you go more than 3-4.

>> No.12415358

I wonder if having generic bottles with evocative labels would be good enough. I'm not familiar with the cost of custom designing and producing bottles, but I'd think it would be way out of the financial reach of someone starting a small venture.

>> No.12415435

>color of the fragrance
This can look incredible, but the more dramatic ones must stain like a bitch.

>> No.12415436

Not the same guy but it does have a slightly feminine vibe to it

>> No.12415474

maybe ... browse the bottles on fragrantica or something like that to get an idea

>> No.12415476

work on your fragrances first and see what can be done afterwards in terms of bottle design

>> No.12415483

encre noire a l'extreme i can only smell iso super... i hope the original formula is better, because nothing about a l'extreme smells anything remotely dark

>> No.12415673

the citrusy opening of los angeles no 1 made me think of one thing:


i guess minecraft smells like citrus

>> No.12415701

So I blind bought 50ml of santal 33 and after wearing it I'm really surprised everyone said cedar but what I really smell is eucalyptus then is fades into a warm vanilla after a couple of hours. Definitely an interesting fragrance! Thinking about ordering a sample of rose 31 and bergamot 22 next

>> No.12416276

4 is too many.

You're getting compliments because people can smell you very clearly from a distance or in passing. That same projection will choke people out if you're standing near them for long periods of a time. Frag heads over spray the shit out of themselves and it's horribly tacky.

>> No.12416287

Not him, but is two or three the right amount? One on the neck and two on the arms, just two on the arms, or just one on the neck?

>> No.12416307

What's a good entry level frag for a skelly that just got out of rehab and is starting to browse /fa/

>> No.12416383

Not the anon you were looking for but

I do 2-5 sprays, depending on frag, atomizer, occasion, etc. Most frags 3-4 sprays. 1-2 on chest for nice wafts from collar all day, 1 on back of neck, 1-2 on forearm(s). Avoid proximity to nose, i.e. face/front of neck, to prevent olfactory fatigue. Under clothing mutes projection. On hair/clothing holds on to top notes longer.

Best to test application in more casual situations and best to ask others about projection, rather than rely on your own nose. And always err on the side of caution if unsure in more important occasions.

>> No.12416390

secretions magnifiques

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Is there a more conventionally wearable fragrance similar to this? I really like the metallic, ozonic fresh smell but I feel it might irritate some people if I wear it in public. Has anyone worn this regularly?

>> No.12416506

Incredibly stupid because the amount of sprays depend on the fragrance

>> No.12416526

Are there any good fresh sandalwood frags? Something woody and clean smelling, maybe a little sweet, but no oud?

>> No.12416581

Cdg2 would be the closest "wearable" fragrance but honestly the odeurs aren't that strong so just wear them. Me personally I love both but I just love odeur 71 but I also like odeur 53. I feel like because they're so light and you end up smelling like part of the environment anyway you really can't over spray either. No one will think it's you.

>> No.12416584

Diptyque tam dao. Me personally I prefer the edp because they heightened the cedar note as well as adding lime and coriander to make it fresher even though it's a higher concentration

>> No.12416628

Not a huge fan of cedar, unfortunately. Doesn't smell good on me.

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>up to 500$
>going to officially become a Professor this May
>Egyptian heritage, very proud of it
>Dress like a young professional with some bold statements everyonce in a while
>full trimmed beard
>buzzed head
>flirtatious but professional
>high work ethic
Want something to wear daily in my lectures, something pleasant but with character, something that will make my female students remember me by when they graduate and look back at their academic career "that one professor smelled amazing", Thank you.

>> No.12416657

Amouge XXV or find the best most authentic Egyptian Musk on eBay imo

>> No.12416663

Egyptian Musk

>> No.12416671

Second Jubilation XXV. It's what you'd imagine a sultan's palace would smell like.

>> No.12416680

Do you want to feel clean and fresh or warm and cozy?

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Recommend my sad ass something
>poor so less than 100$
>fat (working on it tho)
>25 still live with his parents
>graduating University in May
>probably won't move out till 2018
>dress in black shirt, leather jacket and black pants with white superstars
>the funny guy
>very likeable
>despite being broke, fat, and bald still a very confident man who hasn't given up no matter what life throws at him


>> No.12416738

Kill yourself EDP

>> No.12416742


>> No.12416760

Eau de Cyanide

>> No.12416763

drakkar noir

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Please talk me out of it

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ya'll mean af, like I don't already consider killing myself every week

>> No.12416809

Just ignore them. This board hates fat guys more than /pol/ hates Jews. Buncha dicks can't handle a big dude enjoying life.

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>> No.12416830

why the FUCK would you pay 455 for that. at least use the fucking discounters jesus christ.
quick story - I sprayed club de nuit intense man and a girl was asking who sprayed creed aventus
today my friend was wearing aventus and I asked him if he was wearing club de nuit
it costs 10% of what you're about to pay

>> No.12416835

buy pineapple vintage better

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>> No.12416842

I'll sell you a full bottle for less

>> No.12416856

What site is this from? No one seems to have Pineapple Vintage.

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Lmao senpai

>> No.12416868


>> No.12416901

With all the info you provided, you actually gave no real useful info with which to recommend a scent. See second post.

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Jesus has it really gone up that much?

>> No.12416907

>$166 for aventus
fake as fuck

>> No.12416912


>> No.12416945

clean and fresh sounds more appealing

>> No.12416951

what? was aventus really that cheap back then? and amazon is notorious for fake sellers

>> No.12416976

If you were patient, the prices would dip in that ballpark. Amazon was the seller. Wouldn't have pulled the trigger if not. Z01 batch too. Almost never wear it any more.

>> No.12416999

Buddy boy go for the edt then

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How long did it take you guys until you realized you had too many?

Also, r8/h8/appreci8/ask for an opinion

>> No.12417020

Chug it all senpai

>> No.12417049

How come you never wear it?

>> No.12417093

It's a good frag and a crowd pleaser, I'd never say it's not. It's just not that interesting to me after a couple years. I like a bit more dynamism and complexity in my frags. Plus, its place at the top of the list of BN's female compliments thread makes me second guess that anyone who recognizes it on me will think of me as a douche who bought it solely because of that. Not a logical reason, admittedly, but it still factors in.

>> No.12417115

Canoe by Dana

>> No.12417138

>Egyptian heritage, very proud of it


>> No.12417208

Do you boys think Viking will achieve the same meme status as Aventus when it drops?

>> No.12417234

I don't know man, I think they where ready to release it and the few events they showcased it in got such a horrible response that they pulled it and decided to work on it more, I hope it's good tho.
Bottle is kind of lame with the red and clear glass, should have went with black GiT glass but with stripped red and white.

>> No.12417236

Women like a confident, nice smelling man. Don't tell others they're wrong to wear scents the way they like just because you're a fragrance beta.

>> No.12417241

t.insecure self hating white boy who brings down people proud of their heritage to feel better about his horrid ancestors

>> No.12417253

not him but the
>very proud of it
part is what invites ridicule

if he said
>Aryan heritage, very proud of it
you'd surely jump on it

funny that you actually look like the insecure one, assuming race and talking shit on an anon's suspected ancestry in response to a meme

>> No.12417256

Nautica voyage
CK one
L'eau d'issey pour homme
Ed hardy love and luck (similar to creed's MI with the salted fruit note)
Lalique white

Slightly more dear:
Mugler cologne
Mfk aqua celestia
Creed GIT, royal mayfair, aventus
Chanel bdc edt
Ysl live jazz
Atelier cologne philtre ceylon, or any of their citrus offerings

>> No.12417262


>> No.12417268

not him but aryan is not a heritage dumbass, being proud of a race is different than being proud of heritage. For example, I'm Swedish and I'm proud of my heritage but I'd never say I'm proud of being Caucasian.

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>university professor asks for fragrance recomendation
>mentions he's egyptian
>white beta starts memeing and derails thread
ffs just quit this shit there's whole /pol/ board for you guys to fling shit at each other at we just want to talk about fragrance here

>> No.12417330

it is, thanks for the link.

>"Take this gentleman," he said, discreetly motioning to a man across the room. "Dressed in a showy way, a little loud, confident—I’m going to guess he’s wearing an oriental fragrance. People who like these types of perfumes tend to be a bit larger-than-life." And why was this? he asked, stabbing the asparagus on his plate. "Because usually underneath they’re a little insecure. When you come across vanillic scents, whether the association is with ice cream, cake, or biscuit, the vanilla subconsciously makes somebody feel very secure. We learn that security is a kiss and a treat. So the big character, who inside is vulnerable, loves these very large perfumes, because inside it feels like a safety thing."

>> No.12417439

thanks for the suggestion man

>"You’d think that the French would be the most open-minded, but French men are so inward-looking. Really, it’s Middle Eastern men who are the most adventurous. You’ll go somewhere extraordinarily alpha male, like Saudi Arabia, and see two men in a shop talking about how they want to smell. They don’t distinguish between male and female fragrances. They’ll wear Chanel No. 5 if they want."

I always knew my middle eastern upbringing made me more open minded about scents, plenty of burly macho men here smell like Damascus rose

>> No.12417534

Fuck. Wrong reply

>> No.12417535

>would never say I'm proud of being Caucasian
and that is why your culture is going extinct, Lars.

>assuming whiteness
obviously also not beta, he managed to successfully troll emotionally charged responses out of several of you

>> No.12417573

>obviously also not beta, he managed to successfully troll emotionally charged responses out of several of you

this is what the average /pol/ white boi thinks being an alpha man is, just go back to your threads and fantasise about sucking trumps dick or something you're not welcome here

>> No.12417785

Daily reminder Arab "Egyptians" are not the real egyptions.

>> No.12418103

Should i buy molecule 01 or just save it and buy creed MI In a week or two

>> No.12418185

Just buy iso e super from eBay for fraction of the price

>> No.12418205

Is the quality similar?

>> No.12418223


Molecule 01 is literally ISO E Super and alcohol. The stuff on eBay is identical. Creed MI, on the other hand, is gorgeous, makes you smell like money, and women love it.

The choice is pretty clear.

>> No.12418231

Thanks, appreciate the input

>> No.12418265

Is Tres Nuit any good?

>> No.12418314

i went through about 30 ml of this, then i kinda grew tired of it

legitimately gave some people headaches when I wore it

>> No.12418324

that is the most cozy room

>> No.12418334

The stuff on fragrance.net has to be fake right?

>> No.12418354

Nope. Their product is legit, but possibly a year old (not that the perfume will go bad for maybe ten years at minimum). I have had nothing but positive experiences with them and with notino.

>> No.12418414

Hey people I am new to fragrence but want to get into it. I have never worn cologne in my life so when I say I am new to this I really mean it. You will probably never come across someone else more clueless to frangrence than me. Where do I start learning about all these fragrences? I will just lurk around these threads when they pop up from now on but what else could I do thats more productive?

>> No.12418438

Go with classics; Azzaro PH, GV, Dior Homme, Stetson, GIT, etc

Everyman smells that aren't too hard to pull off but still smell good.

>> No.12418562

Welcome. Have a look at the links in OP. I'd start with
http://perfumesociety.org/discover-perfume/an-introduction/ esp their FAQ

>> No.12418601

Recommendations for a sandalwood scent with vanilla, maybe some amber, maybe some citrus, a little sweet, a little fresh? Nothing too overly woody, preferably no strong oud notes since it smells bad on me. Looking for sort of a smooth, creamy sandalwood.

>> No.12418629


and go smell things. especially the things used most commonly in perfumes, but also everything that surrounds you. smell flowers, their stems, their leaves. smell herbs and spices. smell nuts and berries and fruit and vegetables. smell every piece of wood you encounter. smell book every book you own and notice the differences between them based on age or binding. smell the inside of your computer. smell a freshly snapped piece of plastic. smell your underwear. smell your laundry detergent. smell your bodywash, shampoo, conditioner. smell your toothpaste. smell sunscreen and moisturizers. smell that blanket that's been sitting in the closet for years. smell your hand after pumping gas. smell a bicycle tire. smell a soccer ball. smell the air you let out of them. smell your shoes. smell your belts. smell used leather work gloves. smell a designer leather purse in a store. smell your mothers or grandmothers purse. go places, pay attention to what you smell.

>> No.12418654

Not that guy but
>tfw have always done this but have smelled very few actual perfumes and colognes in my life
Strange feeling. I've been wanting to add fragrance to my scent experiences lately, but it's hard since there aren't any places to test good ones near where I live and ordering sample vials is adding up. Are there any particular stores in major US cities that would be good for this? I'll be visiting NYC soon.

>> No.12418672

This. Exercise your smell muscle.

And not that guy, but visit a high end fragrance counter or boutique that isn't a single house like Le Labo.

7 Greenwich Ave.
New York, NY 10014

Saks, Barneys, Nieman-Marcus

and it it's not too busy, chat up the fragrance person. They tend to be friendly and knowledgeable. Might even hook you up with some samples.

And if you just want samples of the more popular designer scents, hit every Sephora you can. Their policy is three ~2ml spray samples per visit, with a smile.

>> No.12418702

in addition to those suggestions, I've heard Osswald is amazing. nyc is probably the single best place in the u.s. for an in-person fragrance experience. i've also always wanted to visit the CB I Hate Perfume gallery.

>> No.12418794

try eau duelle edp, gypsy water, dries van noten, bois des iles, see where that gets you.

>> No.12418835

Awesome, thank you. From what little I've smelled so far niche seems to have more up my alley than designer, but I'd like to familiarize myself with everything, so I'll try to fit in as many of those as I can.

>> No.12418846

Cool, I'll add those to my list.

>> No.12418890

> I've heard Osswald is amazing. nyc is probably the single best place in the u.s. for an in-person fragrance experience

This may be the gayest sentence I have ever seen on 4chan

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>longevity important, projection/sillage not so much
>doesn't smell like a high schooler or a dad
>under $150

i like sauvage for the first couple hours but then it starts to smell like cheap powder laundry detergent or something

>> No.12418984

L'eau d'Issey

>> No.12419060

Armaf CDNI as an Aventus substitute, y/n?

>> No.12419069

yes yes yes.

>> No.12419071
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thanks senpai

>> No.12419081

Hey fragen I think I'm getting a bit too old for my nuit pour homme but the other one I have is varvatos vintage and that's just too mature for how I look.

Can anyone suggest something, possibly with natural, earthy scents, something a hippy might imagine they smell like? Or like a library with leather chairs.
Obviously I'm male, preferably something less than £100, order online.

>> No.12419119

Ex-NYer hearing about this for the first time. On list for next visit, thanks!

>> No.12419156

lmaooo never change

>> No.12419175

What if I want to smell like stale come, but think that Secretions Magnifiques is too mainstream?

>> No.12419200

Just finish on your clothes the night before you wear them. Maximum authenticity.

>> No.12419226

But what if I'm doing nofap?

>> No.12419248

what does nofap have to do with all the dick you suck?

>> No.12419262

Stop it, it's useless at best. No porn is what will give you the results you're looking for. Also, cumming on your clothes.

>> No.12419266

>No porn is what will give you the results you're looking for
what about pictures of naked girls? are they ok?

>> No.12419285

Technically porn, but IMO fine and healthy regardless. Now go forth and smell avant-garde, and if anyone complains let them know they're a pleb.

>> No.12419307
File: 12 KB, 350x262, 3a76b0e0a6cab074377d9c95e7dc4583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am not a scientist.

But, I stuck my new digital weather station in my wall-mounted medicine cabinet in the bathroom and did a little experiment to see how much the temperature and humidity changed while taking a shower. Some people say it's a bad idea to keep frags in there as the temp and humidity vary widely enough cause frag degradation.

It was 74ºF and 50% humidity in there before I turned on the shower. I'd normally never do this when it was this warm, but to prove a point, I also turned on the heater and closed the door and took a leisurely hot shower. When I got out, the bathroom was like a freaking swamp. It felt like 85ºF easy and pushing 95% humidity, as there was lots of condensation on the walls. The weather station in the cabinet read 76ºF and 66% humidity. Considering all the frags are in thick-ish glass bottles, I doubt the actual temperature of the juice inside changed by a tenth of a degree, if that. And also considering all of the bottles are sealed at least watertight, or more accurately alcohol-tight, I'd assume that there was zero moisture getting in to any of them.

So, after many years of keeping vintage and niche frags in my bathroom medicine cabinet with zero damage, I will continue to do so. Thank you.

>> No.12419331

why risk it...
>Considering all the frags are in thick-ish glass bottles, I doubt the actual temperature of the juice inside changed by a tenth of a degree
do you not understand how heat transfer works?

>> No.12419332
File: 271 KB, 610x720, hmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Convenient if true.

>> No.12419347

>do you not understand how heat transfer works?
OK, if you expose a 100ml bottle of EdT to a 1-2º increase in ambient temperature for 10 minutes, how much of an increase of temperature do *you* think the liquid inside the bottle will experience? Let's just say it instantly changes in proportion to the ambient temperature. It's still only 2º...

>> No.12419630
File: 15 KB, 600x364, 67159m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know we are heading off into summer, and would eventually need a fresh fragrance. But whats a good alternative to HeWood Mountainwood by Dsquared? I can't find it anymore and I feel like they discontinued it.

>> No.12419646

>Not swallowing
>Seriously hope

>> No.12419717
File: 98 KB, 1535x1086, dom ford.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are your experiences with this, just picked it up. gonna try layering it with black orchid

>> No.12419749

How long do fragrances usually last, anyway? There's a scent I really like but am hesitant to make my signature because it was discontinued a few years ago and even if I buy a few bottles I'm not sure how long they'll stay good.

>> No.12419841

Direct sunlight, air and extreme temperatures are the enemies. Don't keep them in your car or on a sunny windowsill, for instance.

I have bottles from the 80s that still smell fantastic and other than the above, I've done nothing special. I've only had one sample that has gone bad. It was noticeably darker and just smelled "off." Cap must have leaked air.

>> No.12419853

You will straight up suffocate yourself if you put them both on at the same time.

>> No.12419866

Tom Ford Noir reminds me of like international students who went to my university who don't really have taste but live in condos that their parents own with good furniture and expensive lithographs but no photos or mementos.

>> No.12419930

Oh, is that all? Then I should be set, mine are kept in a dark closet. Is non-direct sunlight damaging too? I wouldn't mind having some of the prettier bottles out on display.

>I have bottles from the 80s
Which frags?

>> No.12420158

Why don't I ever get compliments with fragrances? I dress nice, wear meme tier shit (Aventus, sauvage, etc), I'm outgoing, have a lot of friends etc. but I've never ever received an unsolicited compliment on my fragrance from anyone not my girlfriend. I've tried spraying more and spraying less I have no idea what I'm doing at this point. 9/10 I wear frags for myself but I wonder if I people even smell me.

>> No.12420244

They all hate it

>> No.12420279

You might not be wearing enough so people can't smell you. How many sprays do you use and where?

>> No.12420375

In before he is taking advice from >>12413325

>> No.12420391

Are you unattractive? Or so attractive that you're intimidating? Might have to do with it. Or if you're with other people while wearing it, people might not bother saying anything to you.

That being said, I've never received a compliment from a stranger either and I'm decent looking. But I go light on the sprays.

>> No.12420483

The compliments thing is basically a meme. I mean, it does happen, but if you listen to fragheads, you'd think every third fucking person you run into is gushing about how good you smell. I get MAYBE one unsolicited compliment from a random person every few months. I do get a lot more compliments from girls I hook up with, but that's a little different, given that their face is like right up in that shit.

>> No.12420700
File: 73 KB, 1024x1024, 1484833909999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I think I need to change my soap. I've been using this since for a while, but I think it's leaving my pits smelling a bit gross. So as a result, all of my clothes are starting to smell like this

Any recommendations for a lighter smelling soap that doesn't leave much of a residue behind? Doesn't need o be anti fungal or anything (although would certainly be nice)

>> No.12420816

Unscented Dove

>> No.12420953
File: 997 KB, 500x700, Y3GOoqT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you probably live in a hick town or something, live in a hip metropolitan city with young professionals who aren't afraid to approach and talk to strangers and you'll get your compliments

>> No.12420971

I find it's the opposite. I live in a big city and people here don't really talk to strangers. I find people in more rural areas are much more likely to compliment you because they're much more friendly to strangers.

>> No.12420994
File: 839 KB, 1260x1260, 5055321374953_l_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

since the home thread is dead, what do you think about room smells?
candles, diffusers, oil?

personally a big fan of diptyque mousses & feu de bois (-> mujis log fire is the same on a budget)
and might get a diffuser for essential oils

>> No.12421012
File: 32 KB, 337x355, 91LWtEHjyHL._SY355_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a big fan of Kobunboku, pic related, smells so soothing and natural I love to burn some while having a cup of tea/coffee and just relaxing. I'm also a fan of arabian style agarwood and oud chips but that shit is crazy expensive.

>> No.12421071

That's actually probably true. I live in a college town where sweatshirt sweatpants and some roshe's are an acceptable outfit. I feel like an asshole for even dressing in the most basic /r/streetwear meme tier unoriginal shit.
Probably. I'm very polarizing looking girls either ignore me or want to get every last drop of cum out of me.
That's what I mostly figured.

>> No.12421104

Fuck yeah my dude, bought it blindly from amazon and goddamn that shit just calms me better than anything. Good stuff.

>> No.12421134

Should I get la nuit d'Issey or l'eau d'Issey pour homme?

>> No.12421217

suggestions for female?

>> No.12421224

This, I'm from a rural area and it's striking how people in cities go out of their way to avoid interacting with each other.

>> No.12421230

how about you get what you like

>> No.12421235

Pussy stank

>> No.12421264


>> No.12421313


>> No.12421338

>CDG Olfactory Library
Just looked into this. Pretty pumped. Sequoia and the Synthetic Series have always been on my list, but I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the Red and Sweet Series as well.

>> No.12421540

I live in Northern Ireland and can't import the brands i want what can i do?

>> No.12421544

Does this look legit to you guys, or should I pay extra for ones that come in a box?


>> No.12421743

Antaeus, Fahrenheit, Grass Oil fM, Gucci pH (which might even be from the 70s), Kouros, Opium, Pierre Cardin pM, Polo, Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood & Vetiver, Van Cleef & Arpels pH. Probably more, but I'd have to do research on exact dates, but all I care about is for classic scents that were neutered by the IFRA to smell as they were intended. If reformulations are close enough I don't bother seeking out vintages, but if the consensus is that the vintage is greatly superior, I'll seek it out if it's not super expensive.

>> No.12421758

>Is non-direct sunlight damaging too?
Oh, forgot this. I am still not a scientist, but I probably wouldn't keep my rarest frags in the brightest room in the house. I do keep them in a glass-doored cabinet in a bathroom with a small south facing window, where they are exposed to some sunlight that will have passed through two panes of glass and two vinyl shower curtains.

>> No.12421797

>tfw you will never fug ibiza sluts with jeremy

>> No.12421836
File: 240 KB, 2000x2000, Aqua Amara Bulgari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just bought this. Did I fuck up?

>> No.12421855

>spray tester of Eau Sauvage
>instantly realize it was my grandfather's signature scent

holy FUG

still might cop a bottle tho

>> No.12421872

Dr. Bronners Unecented

>> No.12421882

nigga u got meadows and shit that u can frolick naked on and u got incels trynna get green irish tweed for 300 bucks

>> No.12421927


>> No.12421961
File: 70 KB, 300x412, nd.4840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few weeks ago I recommended someone Tocca's Florence in one of these threads and it made me want to try it again, especially for this time of year. I ended up buying a rollerball today. It is such well-composed floral scent. The white florals play well with the opening fruit notes (primarily bergamot and apple for me) and the drydown is a warm, woody musk. It's a perfect scent for the days at the beginning of spring, when you can wear bare your shoulders in the afternoon but need a coat at night. It's feminine without being girly and it feels mature without being old-ladyish.

Anyway thanks for letting me revisit that, hope you liked it too Anon <3

>> No.12421968

post images of what you would like to smell and we might help you

thats the best way to get into fragrance imo, to go straight to things you might be familiar with

>> No.12422106

Looking for a spicier/warmer fragrance to wear during winter. Niche or designer, but I want it to be pleasing and likable, not trying to be super unique. Preferably no more than $150 USD.

I'm in my mid twenties, uni student.

Really like F-Black but find it has this chemical/babywipe vibe sometimes.
Also really like La Nuit but just wish it was a bit more masculine.
Not a fan of Spicebomb.
I like TF Noir Extreme but find it's a bit rich for everyday wear.
I also enjoy Luna Rossa Extreme.

Any recs?

>> No.12422267

>niche or designer

never specify this again

>> No.12422345

I got Tobacco Vanille duty free at the airport the other day for $200 AUD.

>> No.12422403

Im Looking for something new for spring/summer. Something masculine and clean but also casual. What do you guys recommend.

>> No.12422487

But my taste is shit.

>> No.12422503

Everything is in bloom right now and it's so nice. Picked some lavender and roses yesterday.

>> No.12422705
File: 142 KB, 747x1328, 20170425_122957-747x1328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this sample legit lads? Are creed now doing atomiser samples instead of dabs?

>> No.12422733

Does Creed normally spell method "Methode"?

>> No.12422748

Yeah my other sample card of GIT (legit) is identical

>> No.12422758

Really nice fragrance but rather feminine.

>> No.12422856

Every official Creed sample I've ever had was an atomizer.

>> No.12422891

Fuuuuck really? SYD?

>> No.12422895

Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille
Dior - Fahrenheit
Ted Lapidus - Black soul imperial

Tobacco Vanille - is incredible. I once went to a party wearing it and by the end of the night i literally had two girls cuddling me.

>> No.12422932


>> No.12422978

Oh ok thanks

>> No.12423034

Should I get givenchy blue label or ysl kouros silver?

>> No.12423423

pulp is one of my favourite frags desu. I've never worn it around people because >>12422758 is an understatement imo, but it gets frequent use on lazy days at home. "an explosion of ripe fruits" is pretty spot on

>> No.12423499
File: 624 KB, 2560x1440, 1488192005721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello /fa/ hope you can help me out find a new fragrance.
I'm 27, looking for a new summer/spring and also fall/winter smell.
I'm pretty normie core when it comes to style/clothing and have a minimal wardrobe and usually dress for the occasion.
Previous fragrances I've enjoyed a lot are Burberry London, YSL L'Homme,Terre D'Hermès and Wood rocky mountain.

My problem is that I think only D'Hermes and Wood actually lasted longer than 3-4h on me. Would prefer something that lasts long but doesn't project too much unless invading someone's personal space.

>> No.12423516

Jeremy was right about CH Men Prive, holy fug

>> No.12423534

What's your take on it? I have it as well and I think it's nice, but not blown away.

>> No.12423593

guys help, I'm going on a date for the first time in a few years, nervous and can't settle on a frag. casual nighttime drinks, nothing fancy. I'm not sure what's appropriate in these situations. this is what I currently have on hand:

ck one
versace eros
byredo gypsy water & bal d'afrique
ds & durga bowmakers
diptyque philosykos
olfactive studio flash back & autoportrait
boudicca wode
something chinese that smells of camphor

>> No.12423620

post an image that might reflect your ideal fragrance

>> No.12423633

idk if any of those are really date scents. I mean girls love eros straight up but it's kinda strong for a date scent. maybe go light on the trigger and spray under your shirt, on the chest.

>> No.12423637
File: 838 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n82e0xbkNS1td3b95o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something like this.

>> No.12423665
File: 2.21 MB, 500x352, adsfaasdfasdf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and this

>> No.12423672

hmm, what would you say constitutes a date scent? any specific recommendations? I do have all day tomorrow to go frag shopping. I might be making too big a deal of this, but I don't want my scent to leave a bad impression

>> No.12423678

I agree with this. Eros is probably the best date fragrance out of that list, but it is very strong. Definitely go light.

>> No.12423693

>what would you say constitutes a date scent
Something you would describe as 'seductive'. Generally these are more on the sweet side of things. You also don't want something that projects too much.
>any specific recommendations
Dolce and Gabanna The One EDP, La nuit is a super good date scent and probably mine of choice, just carry a travel atomiser to refresh throughout the evening. You could potentially even use Aventus if you wanted to make an impression, that's super sexy too.

>> No.12423695

You want something that smells good, something sexy but restrained. Something that makes you smell intriguing without saying "I want to cum on your face", you know?

I like something like Creed MI, myself. Rich, sweet but not too cloyingly sweet, complex.

>> No.12423788

thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look

>> No.12423801

Just tried this. Smells like minty black orchid with a touch of sugar cane. Would not wear in public

>> No.12423830

Ok so this is just identical to CDNMI. The opening of aventus is 100% the same as 5 minute old CDNMI to my nose, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a blind test. The dry down of aventus is also so close to identical to the dry down of CDNMI. Only difference I can pick up between these fragrances is the very first blast of CDNMI gives a bit of a strong citrus smell but after 5 minutes they are THE SAME fragrance. Also maybe aventus is a touch sweeter, the pineapple is more candy-like. There isn't a chance I'll be getting myself a full bottle of aventus any time soon, especially with the price about to go up and bottle size go down. Oh and CDNMI performs better.

>> No.12423853

I wish you were a tripfag so that I could filter your opinions

>> No.12423857

What's up? Give me your take on the subject

>> No.12423862

CDNMI is unwearable trash and a piss poor Aventus clone.

>> No.12423866

Dayuum bro dunno if you got a bad bottle or something but I legit find them astoundingly similar, I have them on either hand as we speak.
My CDNMI bottle is super recent, end of 2016 and made in France so maybe they reformed it in a good way?

>> No.12423870

I'm sure it hasn't been reformulated. I just have a functioning nose.

>> No.12423876

>I just have a functioning nose.
You have issues is what you have, champ. You sound like a little kid

>> No.12423892

do you think fragrance general should split into "fragrance general" and "aventus general" vote now

>> No.12423894

I'm gonna blind buy Valentino Uomo Intense

How bad am I fucking up?

>> No.12423897

Or maybe "Fragrance Enthusiat General" and "Autistic Manchildren General"

>> No.12423899

I wouldn't. I don't think its a super safe blind buy, unless you have smelled and like DHI.

>> No.12424020

Looking for some recs, based on the following:

>looking for something around $50 or under
>Earth-y, woodsy scents are a favorite of mine, or just anything with a cozy vibe to it (vanilla, amber, etc.) ... also don't mind if it has a bit of citrus / fruitiness to it, but it's not a necessity
>want something understated, like myself, but still noticeable to the extent that might get the occasional compliment
>something good for the Spring time
>something casual enough to be worn at work
>will mostly be a daytime and evening scent, not looking for nighttime scents

Also, I already have some that seem to fit this description, but I'm looking for other options. Thise are Terre d'hermes, Guerlain L'eau Boisee, Encre Noir Sport, Aqua di Gio, Baldessarini Ambre, and Guess Seductive.

>> No.12424052

Ignore the creed fags who are mad that their precuous bottle can be bought for 35

>> No.12424069
File: 35 KB, 500x500, Creed_Virgin_Island_Water_40_Unisex_Retail_500X500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone used this and if show is it worth it. It is on sale for $155

>> No.12424071

Dior Homme Eau

>> No.12424076

I like it, but only enough to buy a decant. It's not particularly sophisticated, basically a sweet key lime and coconut. There was this restaurant I went to in Vegas once, and they had this drink there, it was margarita mix with tequila and coconut rum. This smells like that drink.

Fun summer scent, but it smells too much like something you could buy at Bath and Body Works or some shit.

>> No.12424081

I don't care what you think of me personally. I just want anons to avoid wasting $30 on what I personally found to be a disappointing perfume. CDNMI gets discussed in every single general, and I'm sure many anons throw money at Armaf based on breathless testimonials such as yours, expecting that it will match the Creed and save them hundreds of dollars. I must offer these anons my dissenting voice because the reality is that CDNMI only smells like Aventus on complete drydown (hours plus), and that the opening is beyond foul. "Five minutes then they are indistinguishable" is nonsense, and as you gain experience with Aventus and its several clones you will come to regret parroting the Armaf hype so rabidly.

>I have them on either hand as we speak
Shit methodology for comparing and contrasting perfumes, especially clones.

>> No.12424090

can confirm. fell for the CDNMI meme, sillage is good for 1 hour then its a skin scent, you have to time your going out based on the dry down. not worth the hastle senpai desu

>> No.12424106

it should be genuine fragrance enthousiasts general and jeremy fanboys who only wear fragrances for compliments general

>> No.12424110

lazy sunday morning maybe? it's a bit feminine though

>> No.12424115
File: 19 KB, 302x302, npd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what I personally found to be a disappointing perfume
but that's the thing, you're acting like your experience and opinion with it is the only one that matters lmao. it doesn't do it for you so it automatically sucks for everyone according to you.
Why don't you just go with 'eh I definitely didn't think it was anywhere near as good as people are saying, in fact I actively dislike the fragrance and that's my opinion which you can use as you wish'.
>avoid wasting $30
Dude. What the heck is $30 compared to $250+, especially considering the $30 is pretty much on par with the latter for the majority who try it?
I mean you've literally said that you had a bad experience with it so it would be a waste of money for anybody else to bother with. Your opinion is ONE in a sea of thousands. Narcissistic personality disorder anybody?

>> No.12424137

not him but not all opinions are equal. why do you even have an opinion if you think everyones opinion is equal? nothing to do with narcissism

>> No.12424147

I was disappointed in CDNMI in the sense that it is literally unwearable and a Poorly Made Scent. Not disappointed like "eh it might be kind of overhyped guys". I'm not here to mince words and to respect bad opinions. I'm here to give straight talk that doesn't waste others' money. Assuming you are the anon offering this week's hot CDNMI take, you present an objectively incorrect representation of its performance as well as its similarity to Creed.

>Narcissistic personality
Project harder

>> No.12424148

Of course not all opinions are equal. But this is a very subjective topic, it's not a case of having an informed opinion vs uninformed opinion on politics for example, but fragrances quite literally smell different from person to person which is why it's so ignorant to put across your opinion as fact like this guy is doing. Anyway that's my last post on this because it's shitting up the thread.

>> No.12424150

yeah maybe.

>> No.12424151
File: 9 KB, 236x190, hur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bad opinions
>on something involving a human sense, aka the very foundation of subjectivity
must suck to be quite literally retarded

>> No.12424160
File: 327 KB, 1280x1024, perfume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys did you see this movie? I liked it, especially the soundtrack

Do you think this might be a good introduction to fragrances for the masses? In the sense that it speaks about the process a bit and the more traditional philosophies of perfume, compared to fresh/clean garbage of today

>> No.12424169

Thoughts on Amazingreen? I've been pretty happy with the fall comme des garcons stuff I have, so interested in their other stuff.

>> No.12424172

Is spicebomb a good date scent? I heard the performance on the new reformulation is bad, is it still worth getting?

>> No.12424204

Can you not be a fuckwit?
>>12423866 is being a reasonable guy expressing his opinion and treating you with respect to hear your own take and you're just insulting him for no reason?
This is a nice General that I love to frequent and shit like this doesn't belong.
Grow up or fuck off.

>> No.12424210

>Guys did you see this movie?
Yeah, saw it in theatre when it came out. It's been a long time though.

>Do you think this might be a good introduction to fragrances for the masses?
I don't think so. The film has a fairy tale quality about it, which makes any connection to modern perfumery an extremely tenuous one for the uninitiated. You may as well be watching a witch mixing a spell in her cauldron.

The BBC Perfume Doc is as good an introduction as there is to the subject and process imo.

>> No.12424214

I liked it when I tried it briefly in store. Nice almost-chypre. A bit sporty thought, I felt Didn't have that richness that say wonderwood has. Smells kinda like the yesteryear of aquatics but with a lot of grass and leaves thrown in.
That's just my thoughts, what are you favourites out of the house? I would love to get blackpepper

>> No.12424248

all cdg frags with that shitty bottle design have a sporty/clean/modern smell

>> No.12424249

Anyone familiar with this? Might pull the trigger on a 1.7oz bottle.

>> No.12424251

I'll give it a shot then.

I really love Kyoto incense, and of course Wonderwood.

>> No.12424268

I thought compliments were a meme but got two from bdc edp today. Any other safe, possibly mall-core scents that are done really well? (pls no sauvage, I hate this smell on me)

>> No.12424291

The One is a pleaser. Also, Jeremey Fragrance specializes in reviewing/recommending precisely what you're looking for. Hit up his channel.

>> No.12424437

I thought about this but thought they called it the one because of how many hours it lasts

>> No.12424463

all two of the frag compliments i got were moments before sex, so it sounds like ur just a virgin.

>> No.12424526

All my scent compliments have been my deodorant lingering in my jackets

>> No.12424534

What are some good lesser-known youtube reviewers? I'm looking for new guys to watch.

>> No.12424541

The EDP lasts longer, but it's often hit or miss even then.

Still a great scent.

>> No.12424553

i found a channel with an absolutely garbage intro the other day, but i lost it

>> No.12424586


>> No.12424609

natky2 is pretty informative but doesn't seem active.

and there was this cute gayboy who i saw talk about black orchid once, but i don't recall his name. there are so many reviewers now it's ridiculous

>> No.12424621

oh my

>> No.12424647

i am very uncomfortable and saddened watching people who seem mildly... uh... you know.

>> No.12424701

The sotfie in me is worried for him, but also cheering him on.

I enjoy watching people talk about what they're passionate about, even if they're a little, you know.

>> No.12424710

Check out:
A*Men: The Taste of Fragrance
Body Kouros
Eau des Baux
Mahogany Woods
Tea for Two

>> No.12424720

>I enjoy watching people talk about what they're passionate about, even if they're a little, you know.
that's a healthier outlook i'll try to adopt. i just feel that gnawing agony that someone so earnest is surely the target of abuse and derision. and he seems intelligent enough to become aware of it. the internet's just such a cruel place, he says, as he posts on 4chan.

>> No.12424761

I've made a few from friends from here, its not quite as bad of a place as you think it might be.

Not saying its the best place on the internet to make friends though.

>> No.12424810
File: 152 KB, 631x457, 1482622760147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's a critical difference between having someone notice your scent and choking out your entire building with your drugstore cologne

>> No.12424827 [DELETED] 

After watching a couple Jeremy videos it's safe to say you don't belong here if you're his fan.

>> No.12424871
File: 216 KB, 800x800, P-36750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

24 hours and a shower later, I still smell this on myself. How the fick?

>> No.12424887

>You could potentially even use Aventus if you wanted to make an impression, that's super sexy too.
It's harsh, loud and overpowering, definitely not a scent for dating unless you want to be remembered as the cologne guy. I'm not sure if there's a more overrated frag than that. The only good thing about it is that it lasts like a motherfucker.

The guy above mentioned CK One, now that one is an all purpose scent, it's kinda weak, cheap but all over good, it would be a lot better for a date than Aventus.
But yea, La Nuit probably is even better.

>> No.12424888

once you go gypsy...

>> No.12424892


gipsy magic

>> No.12424920

Does anyone know a good source for manufacturer miniatures besides

>> No.12424946

Wow I haven't seen that in years.
>it's a really good one
>to wear

>> No.12424950

Would prefer something more towards a woodsy fragrance. Something that's youthful, easy going and masculine. I'm however open to other ideas of fruity and citrus smells for summer

>> No.12424969

Pretty amazing imo. All the homme line are worth getting. Each is perfect for seperate occassions and seasons. You can't go wrong

>> No.12424996

omg i love prada's infusion d'iris smells so good on a guy. hows tres nuit compare to GIT ?

>> No.12424997

smells like pistachio ice cream, spices, powder and syrup. me likey

>> No.12425108

ill have my 63 new samples in 1-2 days

>> No.12425121

I am beginner when it comes to /fragrance/. Yesterday I bought my first decent fragrance: YSL Kouros. Did I do well?

>> No.12425131 [DELETED] 

isnt it infamous for smelling like dog piss

any way as long as you're not jeremy tier you're probably alright

>> No.12425135

isnt it infamous for smelling like dog piss

anyway as long as you dont have jeremy's fragrance philosophy you're probably alright

>> No.12425144

J copeland
I enjoy watching joy amin before bed as well

>> No.12425171

It's nothing like it used to be, but is still pretty good nonetheless. That said, if you like the current rendition, the vintage stuff would blow your mind.

>> No.12425291


Diesel only the brave
Burberry rhythm
D&G light blue

Which is better for this ending spring and coming summer?

>> No.12425296

more like cat piss since it's main ingredient is civet

>> No.12425300

It's a bad choice mate. It's difficult to wear properly and even if you enjoy it now, you have a great chance to regret it pretty soon. If you're new to the table you probably shoudl've start with something easier and more all-purpose

>> No.12425366

Nah, it's fine, i wear it to work and actually get compliments

>> No.12425399

You dont know what you're taling about.
Keep your edgy wothless opinions to yourself.

>> No.12425435

If you love it. It's a divisive frag, but I consider it magical. >>12425171 speaks the truth.

>> No.12425600

That's pretty exciting. I'm going back and revisiting samples I'd dismissed to see if my opinion's changed. What are you most looking forward to smelling?

>> No.12425634

Fuck yeah, first half of my samples came!

- Roja Fruity Aoud, Candy Aoud, and Enigma
- 10ml of Molecule 01
- Memeventus, because I didn't love it last time, but it's been a while, so figured I'd give it another chance
- Kilian Back to Black
- Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

>> No.12425636
File: 1.56 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops, forgot my pic.

>> No.12425638

>Memeventus, because I didn't love it last time, but it's been a while, so figured I'd give it another chance
Did you not keep your old sample?

>> No.12425645

I only got a .5 ml sample and it was a couple years back. I used it all.

>> No.12425669


>> No.12425693

So, my understanding is that Aventus is supposed to be sweet. I get zero sweetness on my skin. I know this sample is legit and not bad. It was the same as last time.

Aventus isn't for me, I guess.

>> No.12425701

New thread:

>> No.12425926

I like dracdoc. He gets to the point without being boring and unlikable and he also tells you what other people thought of the frag. His descriptions are usually pretty accurate to me, for the most part.

>> No.12425975

Where did you get those samples from?

>> No.12426055

have you tried this thing called Google?

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