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Why would terrorwave and milspo be relegated to the same thread? This has only been the case for a a few short months (I think) and I think we should go back to them being two separate threads. It doesn't even make sense - the defining feature of terrorwave is that it combines military surplus elements with casual sportif civilian clothing. Discussion of civilian items has o place in a milspo thread, obviously, but a terrorwave thread does not work without discussion of civilian clothing. Why would you combine them?I don't want terrorwave in my milspo thread!

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I received three of these and I know exactly what I'm going to do with them..

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I agree with you but you sound like an insufferable cunt.
Don't soil Abbey with your shitty attitude!

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Did you shoop that or do they sell those in black now?
I own the standard green version, so you can "ask me anything" about it.
I want to wax it once the waterproof coathing wears off, that would probably look good, maybe dye it brown first.
It's probably my favourite milsurp parka. Being German myself I don't get the hype around the BW parka, since here it means you're either an insufferable hipster or a nazi/punk and that's the way it has been for longer than I am alive.

Also, is this the Varusteleka thread now?
I own a lot of their stuff, those merino t-shirts, socks and underpants look good and are very durable.

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The jacket I got at the flea market for 5€, but they're also on Varusteleka for 20€ right now. They had them for 1€ once, apparently. Varusteleka is also where I got my Swiss and Finnish trousers. The Swedish I got from Beredskapsboden, which another Anon told me about in one of these threads. That Anon also had the courage to post a fit, which you don't see very often in these, probably because they're badly disguised /pol/shitting for the most part. If you do order from Beredskapsboden, get the more expensive stuff. I got a pair of quasi unused, very nice and soft loden trousers there, no wrinkles or anything, from 1940. I also ordered one of the cheaper ones, very coarse and wrinkled. Still better than one would expect from WW2 gear, but not very comfortable at all.

Right now I really want pic related but I already have a Varusteleka package on the way. If only I had waited two more days, I could be a regular Finn the Human.

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