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Make lists of everything you will need to buy upon moving out, preferably by room and function (cooking and dining, bathroom, etc). You can even sort them by importance and when you'll want to buy them (like buying bathroom and kitchen stuff before a sofa and TV). This was super helpful to me, and I had to take into account what I need to use on a daily basis
To take things a step further, bookmark items that you will get; this is really worthwhile if you're doing any shopping from IKEA or any other online home store. For IKEA stuff I listed the names of what I wanted along with the prices, and then added everything up to get a more specific idea of what I'd be spending

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i might be getting an apartment for myself near my college. how much should i spend on furniture and decor? i know there's a huge variety of prices for pieces like sofas and tables, but i'm not sure what a reasonable amount would be for a college student. i just don't want it to look like pic related

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