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>David Lynch is a bit racist and twin peaks is obviously a bit sexist
that's progressive bullshit, but even if it was true ,it would make sense since his fav period were the 50's, aka before everything went to shit.Jeez I wonder what happened.

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if this is real and not bait
sheesh,why are girls so fucking insecure about their looks? I see this so much nowadays

It has to be social media,lack of exercise and them being sold the idea that they all must marry Chad 2.0 ,who's athletic,rich and intelligent. So you got 95% percent of women chasing after 10% of men.

You look great,asides from the degenerate body mods.But the evident lack of confidence makes you unattractive(but i'd still smash).

You are like 5% of the population,(red heads with green eyes are 1%,rarest phenotype) so you should be thankful for that at least.
Red heads are beautiful,and even despite not being a complete real one,you look like the real deal. If you want to be a model so bad,come to southern europe,I've seen uglier Ukrainian girls making it.
judging by this post alone,your life is what seems to be fucked,as in ,you seem lost.Get your shit together,you are a great looking girl

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