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I've got this, how do I keep it in place above my temples?

I've got super thick hair and use suavecito firme hold pomade, would getting it thinned out or using a different product help?

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advice for pic related? I have super thick hair and i can't get it to stay in place for more than an hour or so

using suavetico firme hold pomade and l'oreal elnett hairspray

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me >>9712813

luckily my moms been a hairstylist for over 15yrs so naturally i picked up on some basic things about how to cut and style hair, so when i finally decided to cut my own hair it came out bretty good
also styling with some product will fix ANY fuck up so it will become your best friend when cutting your own hair

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I need haircut so I'm thinking about either this or

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imo you look like a meme, grow it out for a moment and then redo the sides not as high

buzz it

get the back and sides cut back down, figure out what you want with the top

cant see shit

either buzz or go and ask for a short back and sides, tell barber man not to cut it too short and keep asking for it to be shorter until it hits a point that makes you feel comf

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I need a hair clipper under €40. What should I look out for? What does /fa/ recommend? Is sanic real? So many questions...

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yo iz it dis?

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I'm just wondering, is pic related the same as what you posted, just slicked directly to the back or are those different cuts?

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yeah is way better if you are not into buzzcut lol

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How many of you /fa/gs cut your own hair?

How often do you do it, and why do it over going to a barber?

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