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is ok, but terrible space management

pretty nice

very nice

very good, the person who made this understands how important it is not to have shit connected to the floor. Not having a bunch of stuff on your floor makes cleaning a breeze.

its ok

noice, plus magic will take care of the dust

very nice, just need to raise that shelf up a bit so you can vacuum under there

det har potentiale, hvorfor skal alt være nede på gulvet dog? få det op på væggen og hævet din seng!

clean it up and its okay

manage the cables and take off the shoes

lol what a waste of money, also poor space management

i can respect this

pretty good, just raise the bed and find another solution for the stuff stacked on the floor

get a proper battlestation you hunched over pleb


interesting, nice not seeing an all white room

use photoshop?

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And this.

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