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Compared to what, really? Your objective, ~superior~ understanding of reality? Lets be real- quit lying to yourselves like you only buy four-figure, pricetag luxury fashion for your everyday fits. Everyone buys fast fashion like Gap and Old Navy or Uniqlo- yes, even my rich self-made, baller friends. That's how they got rich, by buying cheaper things.

Stop being fake. OP was asking for budget-friendly brands, not Paris catwalk Thom Browne clothing.

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>actually not a jaguar damn its not that hard to tell apart

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>>he has a beard
couldn't grow one if i wanted
>>he has plastic framed glasses
i do actually same frame since 2011
>>he wears a watch
i don't
>>he wears outdoor clothing brands
i don't
>>he wears graphic t-shirts
only band shirts sometimes
>>he wears converse
>>he's balding
>>he wears denim shirts
>>he wears rayban or persol
yeah, i thought it was a bad choice too for a while but then i haven't had to change them since 2011 so not so bad

>he avoids any brand labels
>he only has black, white, and brown shoes
i have burgundy sneakers
>he wears a belt even if the pants fit well
>he never use the hood on a hoodie
i don't have any hoodies so i don't know
>he wears hoodies
i don't

>touches hair
only when i'm nervous
>cuffs jeans
>rolls up sleeves when wearing long sleeved shirts
nah. unless i have to, or maybe if it's hot and i don't have a t shirt under?
>wears glasses

>keys clipped to belt
>black pants only
i have blue jeans too but admittedly i could use more pants to choose from
>tucked in tee shirts
no. looks weird and is uncomfortable
>macbook air
never owned one
>middle part/curtains/yung leo type cut
>proud of sub 30 waist
31 waist.
>wants longer legs

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actually senpai, he has clearly stated he does care, even going so far as to customise his shirt collars and dye some of his clothes, Or that one time he bought a dozen pairs of desert boots because he liked them. Or that other time he mentioned he didn't wear a blue sweater just because he didn't like it. You clearly have a life and have not watched enough of his videos.

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>kanji leggings

It's katakana.

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