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>no! you're not on my favorite Vogue subreddit! that doesn't count!

Based Bunny has revolutionary fits

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>everyone else is an NPC logic
>everyone who doesn't ((know)) and isnt ((woke)) about my fashion sense is an NPC

That thinking in and of itself is bot status. You can create decent fit by mixing and matching parts from those cheaper brands (Fashionnova/Gap/F21/Uniqlo). They are copies of higher-end fashion that changes every season. At the least, you can keep your everyday fit relevant by keeping your shopping with fast-fashion frequent. Compared to people who still hold on to memes like lunarcore, normcore or cyberpunk/digital nomad. It really does beat shopping thrift store for used goods, but I suppose if you are really in need for a budget, thrift-store shopping can suffice if you are smart with what you purchase.

Much rather advise to purchase fast-fashion over thrift store though.

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