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I was born & raised in the Soviet commieblocks. And it was a glorious childhood (until grade 6).

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It's the most popular colorway of these shoes. And whether you know it or not, these are one of only a handful of all time elite sneakers you can refer to by just one word. Jordans, Dunks, Pumps. They're iconic, but if you're under, oh I don't know, like 36 years old I wouldn't expect you to realize their significance. Shaquille O'Neal's signature basketball shoe was a pump. Allen Iverson had a pump model. Tennis great Michael Chang had his own pump model.

And Reebok seems to like to reissue these on years with a "5". They had a reissue on their 20th anniversary, a reissue on their 25th anniversary, etc. I've never been able to cop a pair in the past because of money or life situations, but this time on their 30th I finally got one. It's arguably Reebok's most famous shoe they've ever made, of all time, and these black "Dee Brown's" are the most famous colorway.

Before the reissue was announced, I would periodically check to see if there were any of these on sale somewhere, and every time I would encounter ebay listings like "Reebok Pump 20th Anniversary reissues - $500". They are up there with Jordan's when it comes to evoking strong nostalgic feelings upon seeing them.

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>I've learned that 4chan is cancer and simply not healthy.
>waaah, mommy, why did the other kids treat me bad? i only called them jealous poorfags

No sane adult should take 4chan seriously, this place is here to have fun. And if you shitpost be ready to deal with some shitposting in your direction.
This is not your special little cock sucking club. Did you expect us to kiss your feet for having some collection?
I actually doubt that a person with the skills to make that money is so socially retarded to not understand why people troll you.
If you happen to be real, then pay some social coach to teach you how to be less of a whiny bitch.

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It's not only citizen, it's the whole industry.
>good proportions=bad
>wrist presence=good
If fat guys would wear them that would at least look good. But i've seen way more scrawny asian söys with oversized watches.
People are getting more and more beta soulless so they try to make themseves interesting with watches, etc.

But more of the luxury watchmakers start to offer smaller models and soon the other companies will follow this trend, thank fuck for that.

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If you can't bring yourself to it now, you will regret it later. You eventually will get used to your grail and start craving something else.
Read some rolex forums, there are people that get bored with their basic submariners. Ok, those are actually pretty boring, not comparing gs to rolex, but this could happen to you.
A safe bet would be to wait just a bit more, a couple of months and see if you still would want it as much, knowing that you can afford it.

I would still not trust some albanian, just out of pure racism. I saw his pic, he looks very european. Doesn't matter tho, my thinking would be
>some albanian fuck
>giving him my hard earned 60K
>litterally who brand that could be bancrupt in 5 years

If i were retarded enough to shell out 60K i would place my bet on patek. (((They))) know how to not devalue their watches.

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>You have no idea what it costs to manufacture mechanical watches at the quality levels of Tudor or Rolex

He hasn't but neither have you.
Rolex would devalue it's image if you knew how much it exactly costs to produce.
There are very few products where automated production and manual assembly of the product add the biggest part to a products cost.

Every company wants to cut production costs. Rolex would be stupid to sell you a watch where they only gain 2K$ Profit.
I know that they have to pay for employees and shops etc. but the value of a modern rolex is overinflated, from rolex but also from speculations with their watches. It's like a bubble and rolex does best at profiting from it.

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>obsessing over overpriced watches, thinking that you will feel special after purchase = meme
>liking watches in general, not dependant on brands and not following some ratarded trends that the other sheep follow = nice hobby

Just don't take it too seriously and don't chase some luxury prestige. It's all just a rat-race and the loser is the idiot that pays the bill. You had high expectations and luckily got a dose of reality, before throwing money away for pricey garbage. Be glad, most people never had such a lesson. Continue exploring watches, you will find something that suits your standards.

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Inb4 people get all defensive and foam at their mouths. These are facts that nobody should deny. Well besides the DW crap being stylish. But it sure as fuck gets more recognition than less known swiss crap, if you buy to impress others.
But hopefully most of /wt/ has learned already that buying to impress others is weak söy shit and you should only buy it for yourself.

I like watches because of certain designs and i live to have them and look at them. Sucking brandcock is weak beta shit and the swiss jews are truly just milking the goy.

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Yes. But if you limit yourself only to a measure that you can't influence, you deserve to be a bitter cunt. Just let it go, nobody but you judges you becauese of your height, people see the retarded shit that you pull off out of insecurity and judge you for that.

I can't even remember when i saw the last time some shorter guy that was super annoying or shitty. And i was around a lot of people, clubs, parties etc.
The manlet thing is mostly online banter that is pushed by insecure guys. Same with the alpha/beta stuff.
Insecurity and being soft, spineless as a man, that pisses me off way more than anything else IRL. The saddest part is when friends change their, once filthy but very hones humor to some watered down, kiddie shit, just to not piss off their gf's. I never did that shit for mine and she always respected that.

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Yeah well, if you can afford to be memed into throwing away money like a goy, you should be enjoying it properly. If you are afraid of lowering the value of your goy-toy, you clearly are not rich enough to own it and saved up for it like a pleb.
Investement my ass. There is nothing lamer than speculating with luxury goods. But pretending you're hot shit and own them. They own you, pussy.

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>have no clear idea of what you want
>being on a tighter budget
>wanting to buy something just for the sake of buying

Don't do it. You will regret it when you stumble upon a watch you really like but you have wasted money already. If you cant resist the simple urge of consumersim, you are probably a lost cause.

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It's not directly bad it's just what people associate with this style.
They think that you are probably a self absorbet, attention seeking girl, like millions on insta.
When i see somebody dressing so revealing i also have bad assumtions about them, just out of experience. These people tend to compensate a lack of personality with some flamboyant style.
>cover your belly
>broaden your interests so that you can be interesting to talk to

You dont need to show everything, people who have seen nacked chicks can assume wether your body is good or bad, even with baggy clothes.

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>A goal of mine is to work as a watchmaker at a manufacture, ALS or Patek

Yeah, yours and every others retards that just started getting into watches and wants to be the next watch making genious.
Do not make your hobby your profession. You most likely will end up in some mall and be miserable for your whole life, changing batteries. Do anything else, do fine mechanics if you like that and do watch servicing and reselling them on ebay and if you are good, put a camera on that fucker and make a yt channel as a side gig. Then you can truly do what you really like in watches instead of what you are told to do.

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At least someone who is not a braindead consumer goy. I wonder why good reps are not discussed more on wt.
This board is somewhat redpilled about the watch (((industry))) and their overpriced trash, yet nobody has the balls to pull a good fake watch off.
As long as you tell people that it's a fake you can wear all you want and those people that hate you because of a fake watch, well they are retarded anyway.

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A girl I know is a pretty high tier hair stylist and she told me something that stuck with me and I thought I'd share it with you:

If your hair is cut in a way that it needs more than 3 minutes of styling to look good you have the wrong cut.

At this point anything you do will look forced and not natural and that will basically make you look like a dork who's trying to hard.

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The Lookism community comes from a generation of men born to parents in their 40s. Hence why they're so fuck-ugly and low-test.

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>muh cuckmega

Some faggot paid out of his ass for a black, shiny thing. Next time just rub some oil on your niggerfriends cock. It will be cheaper.
>almost shed a tear
I hope one day that the poorfags will wake up and stop being slaves for stupid shiny things.

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As someone who browsed imageboards and the internet too much I started seeing the preference towards thin as some sort of taste IQ-test. People who like "THICC" seem more vulgar and impulsive.

I mean haven't you noticed how obnoxious people who like "THICC" are?

1. Whenever someone posts a curvy or chubby women they all start screaming "THICC" and posting obnoxious reaction images. OK this can just be your standard internet memery.

2. They have a habit of forcing their preference on anyone. They will post "THICC" women in threads that are completely unrelated.

3. Whenever there is a post of a thin woman or someone saying he prefers thin women "THICC" posters all jump on that person and insult the person for being thin saying "SOMEONE GIVE HER A CHEESEBURGER", "SPOOKY SKELETON LOL" ">no hips, >no tits, >no ass" and call the person liking thin women "gay" (what?).

Yet people who like thin seem respectful and never show any behavior like this.

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I am a poorfag though, and even if I wasn't I still wouldn't spend >$150 on any pair of shoes desu

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to be fair if OP is trolling he has all of us in his trap

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Keep going. 120lbs for a 6"0 male is waaaaaaaay too low.

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Is it really too much to ask for a straight answer to a straight question?


Show some fucking decorum for the unfashionable. Is that not your fucking purpose?

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