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Sleeve rolled up or down?

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Down for short sleeve, rolled up for long sleeve.

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Lose weight fatboy.

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I wanna lose 10 lbs

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>tfw you dress like the bald version of me

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you got this anon, you got a good frame though

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Is Bernie Sanders effay?

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His jacket is too big and his pants are too long. From a menswear perspective he's a disaster. But /fa/ doesn't give a shit about menswear anyway, son I'm going to say...yes?

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>because he sold out in every single respect
you dont actuallly pay attention to politics, do you...?

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He's eff ay gee

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I could boost his poll numbers two points just by changing the belt/shoe combo

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>Free shipping for orders $150 or over

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>if you sign up now 30% off your first purchase

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this is a cheat code for me as an Australian because
1- everything is expensive. $50 usd shirt is like $80aud
2- postage is like $50 from UK to aus

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>last size for item I’m unsure of
>all sales are final

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>item is WAY cheap
>3-4 weeks shipping time
>not free shipping

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Anyone know where to find patterns for asymmetric jackets/other cyberpunk fashion or would I need to frankenstein one?

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How do I wear an olive army shirt elegantly and not larp style?

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Bump. I've been wondering this myself.

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Get a field shirt with no epaulets (did I spell that right?) that's the key to making it look like not larp fit

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How do I wear an olive army shirt elegantly and not larp style?

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Get it tailored.

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How should I prep myself for plastic surgery?

Like how do I figure what I need to fix about my face?Are there any websites that help you figure what you need to do to your face to make it more beautiful?My head is pretty egg-ish/oval-ish and I have small chin and okay jaw that isn't super strong

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different angles, expressions, age, baby fat

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Literally go see a pladtic surgeon for consultation you pathetic fuck.

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I don't wanna risk spending money there just for them to tell me my face is fine

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Post pic, maybe your face is fine

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Just know; that when you want to try a bold outfit, freddie mercurcy will look up at you from hell and be happy you have the courage to be yourself.

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Who is Freddie Mercurcy?

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This. What a gay name.

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How does one go about dressing like a 2000's-era Hot Topic mall goth in 2019?

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That’s not what we looked like

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Yeah, we looked worse.

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You’re not wrong

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God I wish that's what they looked like. That would have been like top .0001% of Hot Topic dorks.

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>you'll never bust a nut on the tummy of a qt mall goth gf

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Is Biebs wide-hipped?

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I prefer those shoulders over those >>14572373
which looks too small

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He looks so much better in lazy sleazecore than SLPseudo shit

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I agree. He was too tryhard looking in SLP, too young. In his unwashed look he looks much more mature.

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not tryna use that RIT shit that turns it purple instead of black, anyone tried dying clothes of different materials?

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use black ink

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use mud from an island off the shore of Japan

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funny, black sand mixed in will finish the look huh

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wow you weren't joking, that was a great watch, will try it with dry ass Texas dirt

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gucci is oh too pedestrian nowadays

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This thread sucks ass, delete it.

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So, I just started actually getting into fashion and i'm fascinated by Adam Katz Sinding's work, although I'm not sure if it's the photography or the fashion itself that puts me in such awe, but anyway, what are some other good fashion photographers?

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Mario Testino

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She can sit on my face

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who's this?

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yeah he's one of my favorites for portraits

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What are some /fa/ approved hair/beard combos

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Give me the complete Carl fit must be perfect.

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I'm growing my hair just to get this style. Big 80's fan.

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you gonna get cancer and die young

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I hope so, in this life you suffer and then you die.

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go big or go home

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Gotta have the wheels to go with the hair.

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I'm trying to grow my hair like pic rel, businesslike, but with some length in back. Thoughts?

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I am male and today I had my first full body massage.

It was great.

My question is - should I leave boxer shorts on or off? She asked me to take my clothes off, and I did, and I had a towel but I am now wondering if I could have taken my boxer shorts off.

Is it always on? Or is it easy going?

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is it acceptable yo start stroking youself if girl is hot?

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>tfw I can never get a body like that because I stuff myself with carbs and go to the gym twice a month

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If she's a "masseuse", naked. If she's a "massage therapist", probably keep them on. What they call the women who give ththe massages is a good way of gauging whether you're in a rub and tug joint or not. Also, check the establishment's Yelp. If they have a bunch of glowing reviews from men and bad or mediocre reviews from women, they're probably a happy ending joint (they give women bad massages on purpose because they're only trying to attract male clientele.)

>> No.14572815

how do you justify a gym membership going 2 times a month lmao.

>> No.14572831

on if she's a registered professional and the massage is covered under your job benefits, off if english isn't her first language

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What are some /fa iphone case ? Post your case

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What a retarded analogy, if your phone breaks and assuming your personal information isnt backed up then youre fucked because contacts/pics/anything of sentimental value is lost. A pair of shoes will age regardless of anything you do to it, theres more reason than aesthetics or cost to preserve a phone.

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My mans dropping your iPhone isn’t going to damage internal memory storage... worst case scenario the screen cracks.

To damage internal functionality you have to pretty much throw your phone off a bridge and a case isn’t going to do anything in that situation

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obscure anime cases or no case
leather fold case if it's a work phone used in professional environments primarily

>> No.14572689

A trashcan.

Then buy an Android phone and stop being a hypebeast faggot.

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it's a phone. who exactly is measuring wealth through a phone and whether or not it has a case or not. idk what image you're trying to portray but it's not working.
my co-worker was literally on mtv cribs, and her boyfriend's family launched two major clothing retailers. she still has an iphone 7, he has an X.
at events for people of her tax bracket they're not looking at a fucking phone lmao grow up

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Down boot liners and beat to shit teva sandals composed primarily of super glue. Also some teal tights i cut into socks. While im here, whats the best way to hem that situation? Ty smooches

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if op doesnt wear a hospital gown everywhere, im gonna be mad.

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