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Best company pieces

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I finished my first attempt at dyeing a jacket. I spent a lot of money and didn't get what I wanted but I did learn some things.
The black dye didn't get into all of the canvas evenly. Possibly because it was pretty scrunched into the 3 gallon pot.
If I did this again the dye bath would be way bigger.
As is the canvas is probably acceptable as a black with fades.
It barely got into the stitching at all. I don't know if this is because stitching is like that generally or because it's a synthetic.
I don't really like the yellow contrast.
The selvage detail on the front pocket barely picked up any dye.

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ive tried this before, and it came out basically the same. i didnt bother doing a second session but i suppose it could help. i think different materials hold the dye better than others, the thread did the same thing for me. only thing i would use it for again probably is for replenishing faded black denim, that seemed to be the only thing that came out decently

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I think it looks cool but I get if it isn't what you were going for

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Did you:
follow the directions on the package
Add salt to the pot
Add dish soap to the pot
Heat the water
Stir constantly

Sometimes you can do all that and it still won't take but dye is cheap so just hit it again. Try really moving it around in the dye solution. Dish gloves are good for keeping your hands clean.

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Also yeah the synthetic stitching isnt going to pick up dye very well. There is special dye for synthetics but I've never tried it

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with that yellow stitching, you should have went with brown or green dye.

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You fuck nuggets really think "grunge" is edgy

ITT Crackhead wave
Bonus points for all purple outfits

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Fits should be thrifted but "lived" in
Extra points for mil surplus or southern flag shirts/caps

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Say why you will but this man has a fire color way, creme hat works

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Need pics pls

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Yo anyone know what shoes these are?

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thanks mind sharing

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Adidas nmd city sock

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Nike Fgukyu

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those look like the shitty off brand version of what i showed

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Is this from unus anus

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I recently bought a trench coat at a con it's an extra large men's G3 trench coat it's a dark green but it's kind of old. Is there any good places or people I can reach out to have them modify it so it doesn't have a school shooter look?

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What are some black mens boots that add >1in in height without having an absurdly obvious high heel?

Laced/milsurp, chelsea, wyatt styles all good by me. Preferably well above ankle height and under $400. Pic related, but something even higher and cheaper (if possible).

Thanks anons

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>Manlets wearing those

You have to be at least 6 foot 2 to rock those

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I am tall enough to pull these off

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Is playboi carti /fa/ btw?

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yes, i like the transition from Cash Carti to Playboy carti.
Streetwear to this sort of thing

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cringe boomer trash that belongs in the 2010s and should stay there

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What do you think looks best on women. Or wait, do you even know what the difference is? I mean, this is 4chan after all, home of degenerate subhuman scum.


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nothing to me is sexier than a basic, opaque, single color bra & panty set.

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That’s an interesting question, but by posting it in such an inflammatory manner, I don’t see any good discussion coming from this. Also every one with access to Wikipedia will know the difference within seconds, so it’s not some super secret knowledge or something.
Anyways, thong, low cut.

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kill yourself sybb

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So i've been trying to make my hair grow but my genetic isnt good, so how do you fix this?

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You'll never pass

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why would you want to look like a stacy

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Any anons here cut their long hair and regret it?

Thinking about cutting my shoulder length hair since I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s kinda getting in my way. It’s a pain in the ass to spend my time cleaning it and styling. It angers me so much that I pull on it a lot (luckily I don’t rip any out)

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Recently cut mine can confirm is a v refreshing feeling

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This x100

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Used to have long hair then I took the buzz pill. Never looked back.

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buzz, but you need to look like me to work
pic related

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i didnt regret it because my dandruff was getting so bad

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Where to cop this western shirt seen on Tex in the film 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood?

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we are all in agreement he is effay right?

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No shit Sherlock

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seems like a pretty cool and down-to-earth guy too

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he made streetwear a thing desu

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I fucking hate how he dresses most of the time but he has an amazing ability to never age

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That's because he looks like an alien baby.

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CDG delivered boyz

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>he paid $200 for fancy smelling water

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He paid $0 but had to wait until the next decade for a couple ml of smelly water

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I got mine (copper) but..
>put in my pocket and walked to the gym at night
>remembered I had it and opened it
>ripped the top off because i'm POWERFUL
>got one spray in after fixing it then dropped it and it smashed
feels bad but it smelt awful so whatever

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No one I went to school with would be able to get in contact with me lol

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>I make 60k while they on average make 50k. gottem
is all the same shit after tax +-20k which you got nothing to spend on anyway

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I'll attend depending on the state of my hairline

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Feel like most people go to these because they're sure that they can "win".
Just a huge ego boost to see how pathetic those are that peaked in hs and how much better looking you've gotten etc
If you really wanna keep in touch with a selected view from your class just text them seperately. Havent seen the reason to assemble most of them.
Could ofc just be fun to see them again if your class was alright

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Are they /fa/ approved?

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PAQ Tier List

God Tier:

Good Tier:

Okay Tier:

Bad Tier:

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IS IT /fa/

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Go back to >>>/o/ bitchboy.

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are you retarded? flippy headlights were outlawed after like 2001 you fucking headass

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40 gallons per mile? crazy!

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/fa/ has fallen. it belongs to the zoomers now

it's over

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Did you really have to make two separate threads for this?


You are a fucking mongoloid. Just go back to /fit/.

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I’m 24 but I identify as a millennial. 95 is not a zoomer vintage. I object to the premise of the poll.

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>59 whole people
lmfao sad

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so my hair genetics are kinda fucked up, i've a mcdonalds ass hairline ever since i was young so i've always had it at a shaggy from scooby doo kinda of length cus it kinda jus fits my retard ass, but i've always noticed that it's super dry all the time but if i try to go more than a day of not washing it with shampoo and conditioner it turns into a greasy mess. any recommendations on what to do?

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is that meant to be an Indonesian?

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is film effay? it seems to have become very popular with teenagers for making them 'unique', but does anyone here shoot film out of genuine, personal enjoyment?

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it can be a fun hobby if you learn how to develop it yourself. it's relatively cheap as well.

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