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What core is it?

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ei jatkoon -core

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No I don't think you should, that colour blue isn't that nice, the text on the back is fine though. There are much better Moncler jackets out there.

Then again that's just what I think.

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No, moncler has become a complete new money flex brand, especially pieces like this with the over the top branding. The quality is meh and they don’t make any real performance or mountaineering gear anymore either. It’s pretty much Canada goose but worse quality and more garish colors.

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the womens jackets make me cum tho

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Moncler Alpin was the best looking womens jacket they ever made, and it's a shame it's discontinued.

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fuck off faggot

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Why would you pick anything but heart?

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round is the best because it looks bigger without actually being fat

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round with long legs

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Pear obvs

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in college i have shitty high school skater aesthetic i had pretty decently long curly hair cut it and now it is really short on the sides and top is ugly. How to hide this shit? Is cuffed beanie still cool? 5 Panel cap? What do?

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just grow it out again

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wear a subtle wig

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post them

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hey man, can you post the image, it's really effay

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Kokonoe Rin a cute!

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Awrite convince me not to buy these solovairs (159€) for an office job, for my upcoming bachelor dissertation defense and for going out drinking and maybe getting into fights

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Which equivalent shoes are cheaper or which do actually worth their price given that they're under 159€

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1461s retard

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fuck off those are even more expensive if you get the made in england ones

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then don't get the MIE ones
>but the quLity!!!
if you think they'll fall apart instantly you're a fool, don't listen to boot gen /pol/tards just get them because you clearly want them you're just reluctant because of LITERAL MEMES SPOUTED BY PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE OR KNOW ABOUT FASHION

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is jazz effay? If it's not, is there a kind of music that is?

I feel like jazz is the most self-expressive form of music and it's almost synonymous with fashion in my mind.

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The ethos of jazz and the music in and of itself is really cool along with the history. But jazz nowadays, at least in the academic world, is largely a bunch of white nerds spouting off memes about the lick and giant steps. It’s really dependent upon where you are but meme culture has kind of ruined certain aspects of jazz much like it has ruined a lot of other things

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Listening to Thelonious Monk right now my friend

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Jazz is very effay, as is classical. Listen to Gershwin, he's pretty much a mix of both in my opinion

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Jazz makes u a pretentious faggot, so yeah its pretty effay

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Jazz is cringe reactionary garbage.

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what is this style called?

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90s standup comedian style.

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The "someone just smeared their shit all over my purple sweater" style

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i'm going to get it appraised

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Looks like a vintage unisex Piaget from the 70's or early 80's, but there are a lot of fakes of them.
Definitely get it appraised.

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no way thats worth anything
your grandfather pulled a fast one on you right before he dipped

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just use the watch general

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the metal looks like a very cheap fake form here

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How can wear it now that comfy pullovers season has come? What a about a semi formal office environment where a tighter sweater is needed?

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Anybody know what these sunglasses are?

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This is a really detailed look at them

Someone has gotta know

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this logo has gotta be telling right?

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Why are the male MCs ALWAYS shafted when it comes to fashion options in games like this? I'm not asking for tranny options or any nonsense like that, but at least have the decency to give us a few male-exclusive customization tabs and clothing types to help compensate for the huge disparity in overall options available. I WILL be playing the female MC, but only because I don't want to be getting the objectively inferior customization experience. If males had an equal amount of options I'd pick them since it's easier to roleplay as a character who shares my own gender. Pokemon is a "role-playing game" is it not? So why are the male consumers who want to roleplay (while remaining effay) consistently screwed over in this regard?

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Your pc explodes

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Splatoon has the best representation of contemporary fashion

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which models are these please

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Air max plus
google reverse image search next time

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Air max tn

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Chav shoe, cringy

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Ok bootfag

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Not a bootfag.
But keep larping as a 15 yo cringy chav if you want. Bet you wear stoney too

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ITT: Mall-tier brands

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I feel uncomfortable wearing shoes like these or dressing up like an adult. How old should I be before I can look alright in "adult" clothes

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You should be more worried about being lower class.

Even kids wear leather shoes to school in some countries.

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t. low class prole who wants to be seen as "equal" because he doesnt want to stand out and has anxiety about looking better because he was been bred and raised to think he is inferior.
Keep wearing your ghetto clothes.

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What are some /fa/ safety shoes? What can I get that won't make me look like a 3rd grader?

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about to go out and buy some groceries

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>Imagine being this confident/ have a crew of yes-man hyping your confidence.
not too bad - but are the jeans made of plastic? maybe he could hit the gym like twice a month?
hm, that's a no from me dogg

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got all this for $10 cad

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so cool to be poor and have nothing better to do than post it on the slowest board on this shit site

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What the hell was up with the early 2000s?

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Most of the 90s/early 2000s problems can be traced back to the 70s revival that's still ongoing to this day.

the rest is just a lack of cocaine

bullshit new age hippie culture repackaged for ravers by combining it with futurist nerd mumbo jumbo
bullshit drifter hippie culture repackaged for suburban kids as grunge
As for the snowboard meme, it was just an attempt to add some novelty to the then-fading surf culture by transplanting it to the mountains

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A different time

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not really

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That neon green is not early 00's thing
It comes "in" and "out" pretty much every decade

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This was the all-time peak of streetwear and you're a pleb if you deny this.

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>tfw have severely receding hairline
>bad enough that I have to shave my head
Is this literally hell? I just don't understand why this is happening to me. Did I do something to anger God?

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>Reverse image search
>2 results

Anyways, with that hairline, keep hair on the sides short (<6mm) and longer on top. Dont grow a beard if it looks like this. Not being fat helps too.
t. similar hairline

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>bald and schizophrenic

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>Not being fat helps too
see >>14727385

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rogaine + finasteride

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Any other options. Olanzapine is garbage with all those the anti histamine effects. Psychs like it because it basically knocks people out. Have you tried latuda or abilify. There should be other options even if this is for schizophrenia and not opposed to bipolar.

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Notice how fashion is getting more casual with each year?
By 2150, shorts and flip flops might be considered formal attire.

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it will with climate change

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why are you gay?

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>notice how when women started working fashion became more and more casual ?


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