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How is this aesthetic called and how do I achieve it?

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That's called the zoomer

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w2c similar sunglasses?

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They are just wayfarer style you retard

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Id on these shoes?

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Looks like Nike

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Good job mate

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Anyone know a good, warm winter jacket? Something that's suitable for around 20 degrees? I've seen tons of people waling around with Canada Goose parkas but I've heard that they're pretty overpriced for what they are.

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I have a brown coat and a red beanie - what colors for shirt, for pants and shoes?

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How do achieve his looks?

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be a vegan faggot who makes shitty music

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>He still wears skinny jeans

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>your fit is fucking garbage kys
>Ha, you w... Wear earrings that's so gay.
>Why do girls dress so slutty. They all just look like fucking whores.
>Why can't I get laid /fa/? I'm a 22yo kissless virgin.

>Hahaha. Shaving you head, n... nice cope. I'll stick with my Undercut (it covers my bald spot)
>What's with fucking undercuts, they're the worst haircut going

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This shit is almost as bad as incel forums... Wait a minute... This shit practically is an incel forum

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4chan is an incel forum

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You forgot Inkoids...

> should I get spongebob or both rick and Marty etched into my forehead?
> are stick and poke tatts effay
> I think this basic flash art is cool, should I get it?

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Thinking about buying this and wearing it over my pink shirt think it’ll look good but should I wear different pants because I’m just wearing jeans all the time

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Also I might as well be a normal fag but I don’t want to be thought of as a soft boy but I love the colors so fuck me

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learn how to be a fucking individual ffs I HATE seeing this shit I saw 50 people in one night wearing this exact same outfit

Fucking stop

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You know a lot of thot outfits and clothing items aren't specifically female clothing. I wonder how a guy would be taken if he just wore thot clothes all the time?
I don't mean he dresses androgynous. I mean like in OP's example you'd be wearing a man's denim jacket, man's black pants, man's sized doc martens.

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>I don't mean he dresses androgynous. I mean like in OP's example you'd be wearing a man's denim jacket, man's black pants, man's sized doc martens.

I hate them too. It's fucking disgusting. Normie milennials in coastal cities are all the same.

All dressed the same. Spewing the bullshit vegan commie shit. Being polyamrous and sapiosexual. Wearing those gay as fuck Swedish backpacks and sticking Ruth Bader ginsburg pins eon all their clothes.

What happened when people just bought leather jackets to be cool and edgy? That was way better than this clear framed glasses geometric forearm tattoo unoriginal shit

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Sapiosexual is the one that gets me the most. It's a girl saying she wants dudes that are smart, right? Well that makes sense, smart dude is more likely to be wealthy and have good genes, that's all well and good.
But that means what they are really doing is patting themselves on the back as being morally enlightened for being a normal, gold-digging woman.

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And it's not like those girls are putting out for ugly, high iq spergs is it? So they really are just wanting traditionally attractive mates and thinking they are better than other women.

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is been trendy for a while now to wear boxy denim jacket, of course every thot gonna follow her fellow thot sheep

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What are some decent quality brown boots cheaper than these yeezies?

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i don't know shit about fashion, but to be honest fashion knowledge seems gay anyway. but for me, it's these big crew neck hoodless sweatshirts that kanye wears often

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nono 'deep' knowledge of fashion which leads you to be a twig in tight jeans with boots that have 18 rows of shoelaces on them is what is gay

these sweatshirts just look cool and feel good to wear

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god /fa/ has fallen so far

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ebin :DDDDDD

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so what

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Do you hear how dumb you sound? Please ask what your parents think about this nongay oversized clothes. They'll tell you its gay hobocore.

Its all the same shit, just different depths. You're not just gay though, you are stupid and ignorant as well.

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Any tips on looking gay?

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Keep doing what ur doing

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just b urself

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white denim

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if ur a girl, hawian shirt 100 percent lesbo for sure, make a manicure but leave out middle and index finger so ur can finger girls

if ur a boy, make your cloth are fitted right straight men dont do that.

for both genders, piercings, colored hair and white T-shirt with flannel and denim jacket all at once

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children's backpacks.. and jelly banz.

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When is it okay to wear a suit nowadays?

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Office work, formal events, job interviews, business meetings

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Yo can anyone help me ID this jacket? It’s a Levi’s black leather jacket.

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that's my jacket

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Yeah I don’t think so sir

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Le Fonze... from early 80s era TV..

the /fa/ equivalent of 'jump the shark'

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What's the best way to store clothes long term? I have everything from cotton/wool/silk to furs and leathers. I have a ton of shit I've collected over time that I want to put in a separate closet purely for long term storage and if I feel like it I can always take a piece out. Right now everything is hung on suit hangers in my main closet, would simple dry cleaners bags with open bottoms work? I just want to keep dust off without damaging the clothes over time. I have various garment bags from previous purchases and could get more but I don't know if having certain clothes sitting zipped up would negatively impact them.

pic related

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I put my clothes in salt.

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use those vaccum storage bags

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coom on them

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Moths and sunlight are your enemies. So with the closet your clothes are safe from sun bleaching, you'll want a bunch of pic related for moths.
>moth balls work too but smell awful.

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What core is this?

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its the beatles haha :)

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additionally, what kind of shirt is this, is this a hawaii shirt or sth else?

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off course, it's a 1987 Double Decker pattern with a PMS319 Pantone turquoise tint

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who is that

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This is the most effay an adult male can get. To copy THE Brendan Schaub’s style that is the best advice that I can give you as a veteran.
>t. posted on /fa/ for 8 years, had sex 3 times

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Wish Rogan didnt talk him into quitting, we could have lived in a world where this faggot would be a vegetable.

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Wrong a hundred percent.

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no yeah conor is a midget to him

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I agree.

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The perfect female body and style all in one package

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not going to catalogue everything, but come on
she's fine, but if you believe she is higher than a 5/10 without makeup, you are blinded by other factors

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weird ig filters on face, eww
they don't look prettier with that shit, they look uncanny valley and weird

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Nice body. Very average face. Cute while she's young but will look like the average mom that has a cheeky glass of wine after a hard days work at her min wage admin job.
>having a good body and form fitting clothes
Sure, we'll call that style.

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why the fuck do girls dress like this when they go to raves

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Not to whom you're replying but my take would be women are sluts more for attention than dick and a skinny cute Asian doesn't need to put out as much for attention as a frumpy white.

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all women are whores
if there wasn't social stigma they would dress like this normally

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That isn't at a rave though. Musical festivals are not raves.

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I'd get in, fuck chad and get free drinks, then bounce when I'm satisfied but avoid unwanted consequences via a non hormonal IUD. It wouldn't show up on any screens and I'd still ovulate no prob. Even if they partied for 3 months straight and I couldn't leave I'd still be good and who ever is running the thing would just think I'm infertile or unlucky. A few choice STD screenings and I'm in the clear. You gotta up your game anon

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Are these actually girls? Second from left in particular looks dodgy.

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