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I need a hat for a camping/hiking tour through an area with burning sun everywhere and I currently don't own some sort of effay headwear to protect me from it.
So, post whatever you think is the best type of sun protection hat. Because I hate all of them, I just need one

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What shoes are these? Nike air Max

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Where i can buy zoomer wear?>

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Are they /fa/ ?

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buy nb

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rate our fits faggots

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I really can't stand people that use skateboards as a fucking fashion accessory. Imagine carrying something that big around all day with no intention of using it whatsoever, as indicated by both of your sets of wheels and trucks being clean and brand new. If I saw you I would jack you for both of those boards and you dorks wouldn't do shit.

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Well said my nigga them white kids need to learn them place

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You can smell this image

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that pullover (?) would be a whole lot better if it didn't have the brand name on the right sleeve.

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it looks like you got your whole style from strobek videos, it's a 0/10 from me

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Anyone know where to find a sweatshirt like this that's under $100?

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you're on /fa/ what the fuck else did you expect. Uniqlo U had one last season that's on sale.

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You have to go back

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Toxic is a good word we're reappropriating it newfag

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how can i straighten my hair naturally? until adolescence he was extremely smooth and with time it got a little curled, but the hair strands are still smooth and good.

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It really warms the cockles of my heart that you downloaded my pic anon

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What do you guys think of my outfit? I look /fa/, right?

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YEs, very /fa/ very based

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YEs, very /fa/

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Pic is randomly chosen because I'm drunk. Never posted here, if I'm fucking your rules up, sorry.

I've had a heavily worn denim vest for about 10 years. I have been using patches to keep it from literally falling apart for the past few years, but the every day wear and tear is getting out of hand more quickly than I can keep up with it. Am I just fucked? I would just buy a new vest and transplant the patches but it's become dear to my heart and I want to save it if at all possible. I come to you from /o/ in my time of need. if you have any advice on re-enforcement fabric or anything, I would appreciate it.

I have been exclusively using a needle and thread to fix holes the whole time.

First replier, please let me know how fast the board usually replies. I'm not a regular here.

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Like use patches on the inside to keep everything lined up? What's a lining?

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Different anon here. What he meant was to patch up your jacket from the inside by using large denim patches. The lining is essentially the stitching of different parts of your jacket. Imo your best option at this point is to bring this to a repair shop or a tailor

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lining is the pattern fabric in pic related. it would be a cool unique way to hide the patch work underneath imo. but yes, you would most likely need a tailor for that part. find one and see what fabric options they have and pick something you like.

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Are tailors open with covid right now?

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Why does /fa/ have some of the worst fashion sense on the entire site? Some of you guys legitimately embarrass me with the shit you think is fashionable.

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this board dress bad? yes. and its cringy

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>that emotion you feel when your fits accidentally go too stupid

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I plan to be moving into a studio/1 bedroom soon, can we get some interior inspo going?

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I really love 'loud' floral prints and loose, bohemian cuts like pic related.

Unfortunately not down to spend 300 on Dries Van Noten shirts. My go to for mens prints is Ted Baker, but any recommendations on brands with a similar aesthetic?

Will post some inspo if anybody wants to contribute.

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One of my favorites in my closet

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this one too

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more dries

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Bape face mask to flex during the pandemic because you’re stuck in the 2017 hype phase and breaking down emotionally and physically from the inside ayyyee flex on them niggas eskittiii

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It doesn’t at all, everyone thinks im a fucken retard for spending 200 on it in a peice of cloth but fuckit tho ayeee flex on the haterz haha ima kill myself and no one will miss me, i live a miserable life outside of the internet and no one will save me the darkness overwhelms me

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Bro get some psychological help if you’re that sad. Going to church helped me when I was depressed. Pic rel is a pic of church being /effay/. Also try weightlifting.

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That’s a fake, it says Bope

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Dude im jk lol

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Wouldnt be the first time stockx scammed me, oh well i least i let every zingle of of the employees in the stockx warhouse fuck my tight ass boy pussy until the hot slimy cum comes dripping out my nostrils, mouth and ears ugh ugh fuck me daddy!

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delete this before its too late

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What does /fa/ think of the 2020 mullet comeback?

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Idk my ex got one and looks retarded. But my friend got one and looks pretty good.

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It's definitely intricate, and you can't just "get a mullet" from someone who doesn't know how to cut one. That, and hair texture/thickness can hugely impact how the final cut looks.

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Yeah my ex had thin hair so it looks like a weird bowl cut. I think I'd have good hair for it but I started shaving it a few years ago and just can't get past the middle stage without shaving it again.

Really wish I could do something like this, I have the same type of hair.

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Unironically the best haircut I've ever had. Everytime I pass by a mirror I start laughing bc I look so retarded. Genuinely makes me happy

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It reminds me of my ex. I want to explode and die everywhere thanks op

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How should a 22 year old college student dress? I'm mixed race (white/black/latino), tall and slim (197cm/86kg) and live in east asia.

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Where in the U.S do you live? That's the real question and what is the culture like at your college

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Nvm wrong nigga
Just dress in uniqlo and designer shit (whatever aesthetic you want) or sexcore

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What should I do with this hair? It was a buzzcut before lockdown. Now its whatever this is. Let it grow or shave it?

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Let it grow, it's honestly so flattering for your face/head shape. Like >>15375935 said, keep your facial hair around the same length. If you need to cut it, just trim up the sides.

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The hair looks good, and I actually like the stubble + moustache combo. I think it'd look worse with a grown out beard. And you can actually pull off the moustache so you're lucky.

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damn dude you were the bad guy in the last mission impossible movie, nice to meet you big fan big fan

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Definitely don't shave, shorten it if you like but keep it all together. Honestly in my opinion buzzpill only works on guys who are already balding or black guys

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how can i straighten my hair naturally? until adolescence he was extremely smooth and with time it got a little curled, but the hair strands are still smooth and good.

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So according to Google, Elon Musk is 6'2 (1.88 m) and Kanye West is 5'8 (1.73 m) but here in this picture Elon doesn't look THAT much taller, so who's lying here? Also, are they /fa/?

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>how much further
8 inches in front of muskard max, now the next pro tip is the focal length of the camera and then the geometry to accurately determine the size difference.

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Kanye has great proportions for clothing even tho he is 5’8

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There is a video with him and Leo and he looks proper 2 inches taller than Leo who is 5'11.5"-6'

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You see OP, elon is not small, hes far away

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In the song American Boy the girl says Kanye is 5’7

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