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should I be worried? can't even remember if my temples were always like this since when I was in highschool (22 now), I had long hair with bangs covering my forehead.

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No, you're fine. Stop worrying about your hair and using 4chan to look for confirmation about your worries. Delete this topic, do it for your mental health.

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Already have this exact beard and buzz cut looks good on me

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Got similar coat and dark jeans

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What boots go with this?

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Maybe m65 for that look

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You're a big guy

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Anons, do any of you know what I'm talking about when I say "dimension-hopper"?
(I'm a complete newfag, first post on this board, for reference.)

I suppose it elicits a very particular feeling of nostalgia - you simultaneously get a sort of comfy feeling, but also that this person has seen some shit.
There was an EDC post a few years ago that perfectly encompasses the aesthetic, but I didn't save it, unfortunately.
>very subtle references to retro pop culture
>milsurp/partisan-core main wear
>odd charms and accessories

Imagine the lovechild of Taxi Driver & a shitty but memorable whimsical sci-fi game from the early 2000s

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none of what you said is coherent

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you have shit taste

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I think i get what OP wants

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I'm guessing picrel is the /sprezz/ equivalent? I do get what you mean though, I understand you want to evoke an image of someone who has been lots of places and times but doesn't seem to belong in any of them, just kind of wanders and collects shit along the way. That's pretty aesthetic. I'd say it centers mostly on having an anachronistic and a-cultural style, borrowing elements that you like and sort of jerry-rigging a personal style out of those constituent parts. In that way it's less of a solid style and more of a meta-style which goes hand in hand with a lifestyle that matches.
So I'd say live the aesthetic first, and let the aesthetic form around you.

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What is the 4chan (or internet) aesthetic? Pic related.

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Business suit and afro

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Do they make a jacket cut similar to pic related but not in leather? What is this cut called in general

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the moldbug

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Damn man this guy is so fucking cool.

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Schott makes them in wool or waxed canvas sometimes

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too ostentatious man....

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It's literally what you asked for, dude.

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What's "punk style" exactly? The guys I stalk were talking about that

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Punk is dead.

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is this seriously a thread about what is punk and what is not?
/fa/ has hit a new low

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Does this style look good or should I go for something smaller? My beard grows in really thick but Ive never grown it more that 1” before

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just do whatever you want to bro

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I’m going to try for the longer one, I can always cut it if Im not into it

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really depends on the person

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Unironically go to reddit. Everyone here is clean shaven,stubble,or stubble/mustache gang. Not much help is gonna be found here for beards

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Is it normal to think more about what you'll wear to college than what you'll do there?

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Maybe you should study fashion, if you're obsessed and have a great work ethic you might succeed.

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Is cut or uncut more effay?

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Uncut if catholic, cut otherwise.

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This is just a bait thread for guys to argue about their dicks.

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Probably uncut, all great fashion comes from places where they don't chop their baby's dicks right out of the womb.

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hiking boots similar to the ROA andreas? preferably not made in an asian sweatshop?

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Where do I find classy textured polo shirts like pic rel? I don't want to look like a golfer.

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Any thrift store silly zoom zoom

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it'll be hard to find a slim fit but buy a tape measure and know your measurements and you should be okay. also if you're thin, check the boy's section (esp on ebay) for brands like Brooks Brothers and RL

ps first one is a Diamond Stitch but if you search "textured polo" you might actually get some decent results

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John Smedley makes really nice ones

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Ben Sherman

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All polos are knits.

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How do I wash these? I tried the spray on scrub but there's still some stains. Should I just throw them in the wash?

Don't want to fuck up the rubber or the lettering

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Imagine buying white shoes unironically.

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What should I be wearing?

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if you really have to ask, you really shouldn't even be on here starting threads
lurk more

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OP im going to do you the biggest favour and tell you the truth. You can wear them until they are black from dirt. NO ONE WILL CARE. /fa/ is for anorexic dudes who wear doc fuckin martins lol. Throw them in the wash and save your money instead of buying into the /fa/bric jew

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hand clean with bleach or white vinegar+baking soda

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In your opinion, how far back can your hairline be before hairstyles don't look right anymore?

Picture is me for example.

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it looks aight, have you tried buzzing or going bald ?

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Yeah, ages ago. It looked aight, but I want some hair on my head, something for the ladies to get excited about, you lnow?

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i feel you, your hairline doesnt look terrible as it is rn, but if you still want to have some hair and a better looking hairline, i would suggest something like this.

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it looks like you lost a lot of hair, almost half of the top of your head... but at the same time you pulled it off.

honestly looks good to me

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How do I take care of long, thick wavy hair? I've been growing it out since quarantine, it's starting to hit the end of my neck in the back. It's dry, kind of poofy, and extremely thick, like my hand can get stuck in it., It's impossible to really control. I don't want to get thin hair just... sleek hair, if that makes sense. It feels practically matte. I wash it every other day with shampoo and conditioner, that's it.

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how do you dry you hair? I switched to a hair dryer after just using a towel and my hair feels thinner and easier to control than it was

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I just air dry it, my hair stylist once said to not to remove moisture with towel but maybe I misheard her. Does that really make a difference?

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Honestly thats what I do and its made a difference for me. My other suggestion would be getting a small trim off, presuming you want to of course. Idk man im not a hair stylist but after having awful hair for years, towel then air has made a difference for me

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Is cum good for your skin?

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No there’s absolutely no benefits

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it is

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It also tastes really good

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please seek mental help

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I really fuck with the fit and terry material they use in their hoodies but I'm not keen on spending $300 for a half-baked anime graphic that takes 10 minutes to make

Any hoodies that are close?

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try 3loveplug

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iirc they're printed on a custom la apparel blank.

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do you know if it’s closest to the 14 oz fleece hoodie or the mid-weight terry ?

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How do I get rid of these red spots where my acne used to be? Products have worked great and faded these spots a decent bit but I haven’t seen any more progress in over a week now

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Promote skin cell turnover with

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No way around it, those are scars now. If you want it fixed you'll need laser beams on your face

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Something that could help is more cleanliness routines, basic things such as washing your face and avoiding touching your face too much, as well as washing anything that comes in contact with your face like pillow cases and blankets. Acne is when the pores on your skin get clogged with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, so taking extra care of your skin is a key part in getting rid of acne. Controlling your diet as well will help you put too, I’m not gonna list off all the things you should eat and should avoid, you can google that for yourself. Keep up with using acne treatments, along with doing your own research on what pimples are and understanding how they occur in the first place, and in turn how to prevent them and treat them.

Sorry if all of this seems choppy, I wanted to help but I’m also lazy

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go get a chemical peel
or microneedling

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Over time it may heal otherwise you can get laser. https://www.youtube.com/c/LasersandLiftsbyDrDavinLim/videos good info

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I believe in female eyebrow supremacy

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chimp eyebrows arent effay

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Thank you

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I'm cool with it, I also kinda like when chicks have hairy arms, but not desi levels of hairy

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>how to into fashion at 23?
not that i am generally not /fa/ but i definitely don't really pay attention to what im wearing outside of work. any tips for somebody like me to into fa? have tried learning about different -cores but just end up more confused

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read the sticky, get the basics down, get clothes that fit your body well, get in shape and branch out from there into styles you like. Dont try to go '___core' from the beginning without basics, usually they end up looking like larpers

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yes, but he wears sexcore unironically and only comes on /fa/ to shitpost. his home board is /fit/ and /tv/

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isnt that a purse brand

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I've known a few people but I mostly met them here and none of them really post anymore

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Itd feel cursed to know anyone irl who posts here

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Attention whore trip kek

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