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are niggerellas allowed to be goth?

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I switched from smokes to vaping about a year ago. I save so much money it's retarded, but I feel like a total dork sucking on this thing compared to actual smoking.

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I don’t smoke, but it looks cool

Vaping can’t look cool, one can only try to be more cool so the blemish of vaping will be forgiven

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I'm looking for some basic white shoes to go with chinos and such, do you think pic related would work?

What else could I get

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I have had these shoes and they seemed nice and light but they fell apart so fast. Very poorly made.

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What about these? They are completely white kinda what I'm looking for

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mexico 66 sd

My first choice, but can’t find any in this colorway and my size

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would fuck

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Disregard that faggot magnet hoodie, what are some actual decent hoodies?

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Bullshit. Do you know how many soft handed pussies with perfect hair and new shoes I've seen wearing this shit now?

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You're implying e-fags are worth caring about.

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I don't know. I stopped wearing hoodies halfway through high school.

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I luv my carharrt fleece lined hoodie

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Patrician choice is sweatshirts. The fuck do you need a hood for, buy a hat

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Are you supposed to use hair product before or after you blow dry?

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>blow drying your hair

Leave-in conditioner, then gel, then wrap in a towel for 5 minutes, air dry the rest.

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both but why the fuck would you want your hair to look like OP

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Post löded diper core

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the nigga who played rodrick went to the same school as me

he dead ass came years later and then read diary of a wimpy kid to the younger students

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Hello guys it’s me Rodrick Heffley, AMA.

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Rodrick, are you circumcised?

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Yes I am. I love Jews. Jews are the best. Israel is number 1.

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How is life like being an attractive, healthy and well dressed man?

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Why don’t you ask Erdogan?

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Any style similar to this? or what is the name of this type of clothing set?

Sorry, I have no knowledge about fashion and stuff, but lately since the last time I played this great game I have noticed that not all clothes for the 3 characters are the same, each character has a different style, and it has called me a lot the attention of the character of michael

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fuck he reminds me of an irl person I couldn't remember who

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Michael was a cuck the whole game

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Well he was a gangster and all men are cucks, he was less cuck then most

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Kind of a vent

Made a thread a ways back about how I was unhappy with my borderline nigger hair and how I don’t know how I could style it in a semi attractive way and most responses said to take the buzzpill. I haven’t committed to the buzzcut yet.

Ive tried and bailed multiple times to grow it long and learn to love my natural hair and I just...hate it. I truly fucking hate it. I think I’m going to hate my curly hair till the day I die. It can’t just be regular curly or kinda wavy and give me some freedom on how I’d want to style it. It has to be thick and frizz up if I make the slightest mistake and have the most insufferable curl patterns in existence. I want nothing more than to grow hair longer than a quarter inch and be happy with how it comes out but I feel like I very simply never fucking will. It is a cause of so much lost self confidence and makes me genuinely depressed.

I’m currently trying the reddit tier “cgm” guide and it’s done fuckall. Not to mention I can’t go to a barber or anything for like a fucking month, very possibly longer because of Kung Flu.

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If that's you then your hairline's fucked up and your hair seems rather thin, literally your only option is to buzz it

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Try this

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you really need to trim your eyebrows dude. One naturally frayed brow is a characteristic but two screams foreign

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I honestly should have used a better pic, my hairline is fine I’m angling it badly.

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You have the exact same hair as a friend of mine. He got a fade or something instead of whining like a bitch on the internet and hooked up with two of his coworkers. Just play with the hand you were dealt instead of crying like a girl

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whore core. next

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it's not sexually attractive

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you wanna look fertile

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What core is this?

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I normally go or a low-key hitman core look. Problem is I have no idea how to dress without nice long sleeved tops and Jackets.

Stuff I normally wear (winter): Gloves, Thermal shirts, cargo joggers, textile or leather boots, Peacoat, turtle necks...

How do I make this aesthetic into a summer fit?

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what is your build op?
>Bosnian genocide/safaricore
>lunar core summer fits
seem like the best options imo

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But also stuff like black crew neck, tucked ,gree joggers/cargos and boots

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this doesn't have anything to do with OP
fuck off stupid faggot

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What do you call the hair in front of Links ears?


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sidelocks or sidetails i think

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you find a link wig and ask your barber "hey can you do this?"
or just do it yourself you literally just need to grow out your hair and then but the back part of it in a low ponytail

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does your barber comb your hair every morning?

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In Romanian they are called "perciuni", but apparently there isn't a word for it in English.

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Looks great on women

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</3 RAWR Remember the 2000s when only FAGGOTS wore and had access to tight pants by shopping in the WOMENS section lmaonaise xXxxXXxXXxxXx

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The best parody of this lifestyle I know of is the movie Life on Shuffle - it's pretty fuckin' good:


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Does everyone have that ikea carpet

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Lol yeah. I remember when we got our first h and m.

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Based rawr poster.

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Why are they more masculine than current eboys tho?
Because they dressed white?

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What’s /fa/ opinion on hair systems?

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Everything is a cope in this world, anon

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I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter

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Is Bane effay?

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I'm not sure why, but the board absolutely adores Bane.

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wore the mask before it was trendy, absolutely based

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Tight tshirt with bootcut Jean's. When will this classic 2000s style come back?

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Who the fuck is skrillex? I stopped listening to new music in 2007

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some parts of popular fashion need to stay in the past

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No remember American apparel

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Starting with another flat lay

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Why do you have four fucking threads up at once? What could possibly possess you to think that's necessary?

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You niggas told me to make another thread

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Well to contain myself to one thread

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just make a fucking /inspo/ general. if it's a general the jannies will leave it alone longer, and you can backlink to it and give it some actual worth.

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reddit core

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is there anything i can do to stop looking so ghoulish?

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The eye area is fucked, there's no fixing that. The girl in OP has a small IPD, ugly nose, long philtrum and just bad skull shape overall. Looks very jewy.

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long-lost bogdanoff

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put on makeup.

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hi paz

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Get a tan.

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