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What are some good online retail shops for EU-fags?

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I'm so fucking horny for art hoes

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I want to fuck a coked-out tumblr hipster DIY aesthetic astrology thot in her lip gloss DSL mouth. I want to cum all over a girl with thick frame glasses and edge dyed bobcat bangs. Everytime I hear a THICK, waist-high-jean-clad braindead choker-wearing slutty wiccan minx say "yikes", "y'all", "big mood", "cancelled" or "this is a bop", I get an uncontrollable urge to run up to her and fondle her d cups and sweaty fat thighs

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I want to pour my white olive oil onto her contoured cheeks and neotenous faces and rhinoplatisized nose. I want to finger an art hoe through her jean overalls while pretending to be interested as she talks about van gogh and arctic monkeys and how david foster wallace fans suck and gilles deleuze and VICE news and 'union pool' in williamsburg and steven universe and homeopathy and saveur magazine and taking adderallto pass exams

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Any place to cop decent Irish/Norwegian/Fisherman style sweaters without paying hundreds of dollars?

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thrift store

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Literally Walmart.

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Dale of Norway don't get cheap shit that will break in 6 months

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What core is this?

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is there a clothing you could wear in most/all situations?
in town and in bush. city centres and long walks. okay for heat and cold, day and night. won't get fucked by rain. fits in and looks normal or not-noticeable enough. protect from sun, wind and visual, ideally. carries whatever you need, without standing out. doesn't need to be washed often, or if it does, can be split apart to wear some of it while the rest is in wash.
some sort of hobo x grey man kinda thing
assume wearer is alone, since anything is okay with a friend-group it seems

picture is unrelated cos idk what this would be like

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That's literally just a military uniform

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unless you're in military that's gonna be a no
most places such a thing wouldn't fit in
it's quite noticeable and irregular

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Acronym pants + acronym hardshell, carry various t-shirts/sweaters to change with the temperature

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Tell me if this is sensible or weird:

There's an old saying to picture everyone naked to calm your nerves when doing public speaking.

For me that doesn't fly. What I like to do is imagine everyone has a smelly butt and no matter how cool or sexy they might appear that is something they can do nothing about so it makes us all one, and truly humans on even playing field. No matter how much money or fame etc. there's one inconvenience that connects us all and that is our smelly butts.

So when I think like this it really makes me feel more at peace and less self conscience or any of that stuff.

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thanks my n***a

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What skin care routines should guys be doing to achieve glowing skin and peak pretty boy aesthetic.

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exfoliate occasionally, and use skin cleansers twice a day. make sure to apply toner and moisturizing lotion afterwards. apply sunscreen whenever outside to avoid wrinkles. drink water. sleep

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Wow that pretty much summarizes it all. Good post anon.

Something to consider is that things like pimples are essentially infections, so proper hygenie and cleansing will go a long way towards stopping them from happening. If you have a more serious acne problem, don't be afraid to consult a doctor/dermatologist for a strong strength prescription ointment, but typically that stuff can dry out your skin. If you have acne problems that's the best first step

I'd also caution you not to feel like you have to shower every day. Most dermatologist don't recommend because it's more harmful to your skin. How often to shower is really dependent on your body type and natural oil production that can change.

For general skin care, twice a day my routine is
>wash face with hot water to open up pores
>apply cleanser and later for 45 seconds-1 minute(you don't need anything fancy, cetaphil works fine for me)
>rinse face with cold water
>apply moisturizer
>If you want to apply makeup after this, toner is important at this stage

At the same time, I semi regularly apply face masks or those deep cleansing pore pads. My nose get blackheads and blemishes especially bad, so those go a long way for me.

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How do you find sneakers/clothes as a tall person? I'm 6'5 and have a size 15 foot. They don't even manufacture most shoes in my size.

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Raf kinda looks like a more femme version of Morrissey

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Has Rick gone too far?

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>caring about how it looks misses the point

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Looks like maggots, kinda disgusting

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>Why yes, I am wearing a shirt by the Dark Lord of fashion, Rick Owens.

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nobody except fashion victims care about rick owens post 2009

l o l

i thought this was a fashion imageboard not a cringe compilation???

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>not a cringe compilation
At least we're better than 4chan.

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Are BTS effay?

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This, they're like AC3 fridge, you have to pay to get your brand advertised on them.

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Holy fuck that's the least effay fit I've seen in a long time

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This is the shirt btw

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kek. tbf asians don't dress well even when they aren't paid to wear bullshit.

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This is terrible lmao

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I have these two arabic tattoos and they have a meaning.
I'm thinking about getting a maori on my forearms, but at the same time I don't want to.look trashy when I'm older

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Its too late for that sentiment. Your Arabic looks fucking retarded but you ought to just take the dive and go full sleeve.

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you already look trashy as all hell
a better option is suicide

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oh my god hahahahahahahahahahahaaaahahah

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Go for suicide instead

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omg not maori

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Going for a 6 weeks trip to explore Southeast Asian.(Vietnam Malaysia and Indonesia)
What are explorer inspo fashion?

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a lot of small bills

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There is no explorer fashion.
You going to local outdoor store and getting comfiest stuff.

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Check out Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, it is pretty cool.

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How do you find a particular item of good quality?

More precise. I saw this image of a girl (pic related), I wanted the suit-dress for my fiancee. Only could find Chinese scrap that looks of low quality. Online or local.

What is the trick to find maybe the actual designer or shop that sells a certain item? Or high quality copycats? Obviously I wouldn't think a nice looking item is Wal-Mart... But with 50 places I can name locally that might have this of good quality, where the fuck do you start?

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it's a short wrap dress

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How old is this woman?

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Mirin that chad stance.

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Anyone gotten any good deals off here? What have you purchased?

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I've browsed but never bought.

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Grailed is the US version, it's a little better Yahoo is kinda dated and hasn't really improved

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Source on backpack in pic related. Is it an Arcteryx Blade?

Also backpack general

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Savotta jääkäri is unironically based. It will last generations and looks decent at the same time.

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chrome ind. barrage cargo is very similar and also based for the same reasons imo

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pic is essentially my life

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What's your method of removing scars?
Is it a product or a home remedy?

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Would it be possible to have a pomp if my hair is curly? Andy other alternatives I can do that’ll look similar?

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Pls bros

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Depends how curly your hair is. You could just do a long fringe and gel it up as needed

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Subtle cyberpunk fashion inspo thread
Post your fits, /fa/

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y so mad?

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nice Motoko there

I"ll ruffle her

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Its called Inspo you homosexual goblin with a masters degree in theatrical dick stroking.

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Sides in orbit, top fucking kek

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are cybernetics effay?

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