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Where can I buy lights to go along the wall like this ?
I've searched all over the web but can't find anything to meet something similar ?
Could post similar inspo as well?

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LED strips...

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LED strips don't have continuous luma like that, unless placed in a tube that diffuses the light.

EL strip seems more his speed.

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Exactly what I was looking for anon!
I already searched for LED strips however nothing caight my fancy

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Notice that the picture you posted illuminates in daylight.
EL strips aren't that bright, they're used exclusively in low light situations.

So it goes without saying that your picture uses LED strips with a diffusor.

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>LED strips with a diffusor

A lighting effect like OP's picture usually doesn't need a diffuser.
The LEDs are hidden behind an overhang and cast light on a wall a few inches away. You see a glowing line on the wall with any hot spots blended together.

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Ikea RGB LED strip kit. Includes controller hardware.

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expensive, custom made (cannot to size), fragile, difficult to mount, cannot (easily) dim, cannot change color, shitty trafos that will buzz through your TV/HiFi, easy-to-bust, etc.

apart from that tho, neons nice, would not into domesticate use but. I'd agree with various above, OP wants indirect RGB LED strips.

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1.) Buy some WS2812B programmable LED strips
2.) Buy an Arduino
3.) ???

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You also forgot they contain mercury so if they do break it's toxic. Neon has it's role, and it's own distinct beautiful glow, but in this application LEDs are just vastly superior.

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>Where can I buy lights to go along the wall like this ?
I would guess (from the corner shadows on the wall) what they did in that picture was they moved the ceiling moulding out from the walls about a inch, and then installed some LED strips.

Another possibility that you could investigate is to mount some side-emitting fiber optic lights (pic related). (for either of these two choices you can get LEDs or drivers that can change colors; many pre-made setups even come with a remote control).

The third {nuclear} option is to go to a neon sign shop and have real-actual-neon lamps made like that. This is going to cost way more than either LED method and it would only be in one color, but it would look the best.
Aside from being pretty expensive, neon signs and their transformers can cause EMF that makes using other (wireless) devices difficult to use, and neon lamps can be audibly noisy.


Final warning: any of the photos selling this stuff may be doctored or taken under 'ideal' circumstances. I've seen places decorated with fiber-optic and it doesn't look like much at all in the daytime. It only looks good in the dark.

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search led strips on youtube for ideas

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Rope lights.

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