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I don't know where else to go with this so general technical crew thread.
Anyone work on a stage/theater/concert venue? I'm doing Almost, Maine for my theater and our equipment is so old, all I have is dimmer lights with no gobos or led's, and I gotta make a Northern Lights effect somehow. Any suggestions?
Pic related someone else's effect for the same show

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Hey dude are you still around? If so I'll post some stuff when I get home that I made with Arduino and I have an Aurora effect I programmed.

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Yeah man go for it I'd love to see it

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Kind of a shitty quality gif because of file limitation. I'll see if I can post the full thing on imgur.

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A little bit more clear.


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That's awesome. Fit for a rave.

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seethru cloth and changing spotlights being blown by a fan?

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That's pretty cool. Is that laser projection?

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