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I'm a tire technician and we generally throw out 30-50 tires a day. We charge the customers a disposal fee, since we gotta pay the dump to take them. What are some neat DIY projects I can do with them? I took home a tiny like 9" dolly tire and I'm gonna use that one as the base for a lamp. That or I'll plant some flowers in it or something. Any neat ideas?

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free firewood

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Cozy campfire.

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Hydraulic concrete with tires. Look it up

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You can make and sell tire mats, sell them to cattle and livestock farmers.

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I remember some guy told me the best way to get rid of a tree stump is throw an old tire over it and light it on fire. Thought I'd give that a try.

>minutes later
>Giant plume of toxic black smoke creating a huge cloud around my house.
>Neighbors all outside, staring at my property.
>Luckily the fire burnt out by the time the fire department showed up.
>They're pretty irritated, ask me where all this smoke came from.
>"Oh i burnt my breakfast," I say.
>"Man...fuck you," Fireman says, then they all pack the truck up and leave.

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There was an episode on Great Designs where a guy used tires filled with dirt to create an inexpensive retaining wall.

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no, bad.

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retaining walls have to hold large weights that change based on moisture,
a stick does little to stop itself from being pushed a 90 degree bend does more to stop itself from falling over
with a tire wall the wall will be held in place because of mass not because of smart building choices, sleeper post are a good method to pull a wall back against the weight of land .

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Turn them into fuel. If it works with plastic it should work with rubber

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Kek you're not supposed to do it in the suburbs

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fill them with concrete as you build a wall with them.

Earthship house design uses rammed earth in tires to build walls.

cut the sidewall off of one side, use it as a planter outside, you can grow trees in them and they don't get hit by the mower

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These things were pretty popular in the late 70s/early 80s.

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Make these and sell them to literal nazis.

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Become the Michelin Man

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I was thinking of something like that but I haven't got the room
good idea

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Did it get rid of the stump tho?

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a friend said the africans would pick them up, load them in shipping containers and send them to africa. apparently bald tyres isn't really a concern for the authorities over there. this was 15 years ago though

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could shred them into that modern outdoor playground ground material, couldn't you? Or make rubber garden beds?

I saw photos of a skatepark where they used old tires to fill in space behind the ramps. Or you could do that chernobyl thing, bury them in the earth as a wall along a sidewalk.

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that's generally what the landfills we deliver them to do with them. the problem is that I don't have the machinery to do that. you gotta melt them down and get the steel out of them before you can shred them into that shit. I'm just thinking of DIY household things I can make with them.

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If someone came to your shop and asked if they could go through your used tire pile to find some new used trailer tires, would you let them? I need new tires on my trailer and am thinking about going to a tire place in town and trying this.

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generally we resell the tires that are usuable still, but to avoid liabilities we let lots of "usable" but not done for tires go. you could try it but I can't guarantee they'd mount them for you or anything. possible they would though, I'm sure if other shops work differently, we just don't wanna send someone off with a tire that might explode on them 300 miles down the line. we do sometimes let people take some of the tires we'd throw out though.

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>this many posts
>nobody suggested tire swing yet
make a tire swing. in your yard, at a local park, or at your local cliff jumping rope swing place

maybe make a tire swing so far out in the middle of the woods that if anyone ever finds it they think "who the fuck carried a tire this far out here to make a tire swing in such a random place"

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Roll them down hills

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I made a camp fire out of used tires once and the fire department was circling my neighborhood looking for the entrance to my property lmao.

At witch point I decided we should put some water on the humongous black tire fire before we get in trouble and the water only made the flames bigger lmao

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that's because a tire swing is too obvious dude

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>tire technician
Tire monkey. FTFY. You are trained to operate two machines, the mounting machine and the balancer. You operate them the same way many times every day. You are no more a technician than the burger cook at mcdonald's is a meat technician. Don't get me wrong, not disrespecting you here, you do an honest job and lifting wheels is hard work, you earn your pay I'm sure; just saying that it's all labor, no diagnostic skills or decision making needed.

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>>"Oh i burnt my breakfast," I say.
>>"Man...fuck you," Fireman says, then they all pack the truck up and leave.
My sides have just left the atmosphere anon... fuck that's hilarious.

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A backstop to a home firing range if you fill them with sand.

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You can sell them on craigslist or whatever, some people use them for the background of a shooting range or for a cheap punching bag.

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>camp fire out of used tires
I bet that smelled horrible. Did you do it for lulz or from inexperience?

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Soles for shoes and sandals

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>Place tire on ground
>Ram rebar into tire to hold in place
>Fill with Dirt, sand, whatever
>Put another tire on top and secure with screws into the first one
>Repeat until 8 feet high and it either surround your property or make a shelter

You now have a bulletproof wall or shed. Do with this what feels the most kosher

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They will burn really well if you give the fire lots of oxygen. Use a leaf blower

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No, didn't even put a dent in it.

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This. Or earthship shed if you want to sledgehammer dirt for 3 hours a day after work.

Build a shredder and an electromagnet and recycle them yourself?

Sadly ain't much use for junk tires. Unless you hate your neighbors. They do fantastic for breeding mosquitos.

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>literal nazis.

you mean ant-fag-a?

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Light up a pickup load of them at night. Sparks fly 20 feet in the air and it's hot as fuck from 50 feet away.

Cheap redneck fun. No idea the charges you'd get if caught so I never do it but I like going to them

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>just saying that it's all labor, no diagnostic skills or decision making needed.

all construction is unskilled labor. it doesnt take long to show a guy how to use a hammer. china is able to build things cheaply because their construction workers, and foremans and owners arent overpaid like here.

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If you get any heavy machinery people seal the bottom and make water tanks. I'm talking 6-8 foot diameter plus though. You might get a big wheels in. That'd make for a kickass bike tire?

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Outdoor punching bag 4 or 5 tires high.

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I'd let them choose since most will have holes / cords. If they're 14's consider airplane tires. They are a mutherfucker to mount but like 40 ply. Probably illegal af for on road use but my pickup used to do half mile burnouts with them. Kek

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Tire sandals

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China is able to build cheap because they pay their workers in dirt AND, a big AND, they build their stuff from literal garbage. You forgot the second part.

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Holy shit is no one going to check these quints?

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Obsolete in the civilized world where most tires have steel belts.

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Get enough to retire.

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make catfish traps.also rubber mulch companies.

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You did it wrong

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Is that you?

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And don't forget that they have no OSHA.

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Even if they did it’s cheaper just to pay a fine like in ‘murca

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Put em in a big shredder and then run a magnet over them and then just dump the chunky runber bits everywhere for fun

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If you shred the tyres can you use them as cavity wall insulation?

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Imagine the hazard in a fire.

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uhm... you cant use a tire as firewood you stupid fuck... have you ever seen a burning tire? you want your house filled with thick black toxic smoke?

so shutup

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Arent there tire recycling services you pay for? They freeze the tire with liquid nitrogen then hit it really hard and the rubber shatters off exposing the steel belt.

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Africans usually have other uses for tyres, like fashionable necklaces.

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A person with weak inferior lungs wrote this post

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a retarded troll wrote this post.

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Hire a warehouse, chuck a load of tires in and rent them out to fatties and zoomers as a crossfit training centre.

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Or during the day

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Rent a warehouse. Charge fees to take the tires there. Fill it with tires and skip town, leaving the owners with the mess.

This was done in my town. It took 15 years for someone to sort it out.

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shut the fuck up weak-lung
you don't even know how to pipe smoke out of your house

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Good idea.

I have similar to pic related sandals, and after serving me well for only 15 years or so, the lower sole of one has split crosswise. I just inspected them, and it seems the lower sole can be separated with some force from the upper sole which holds the straps. I need new tyres for my car soon anyways, so I will just cut out a piece of the old tyres and try to fix it in place of the old lower soles. This will be a fun project. And yeah, I really have nothing better to do.

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Dumbass landlord should have kept an eye on his property.

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start a sandals manufactory stamp out shoe soles from the old tires and sell them as fair trade import from some poor africongo village that is allegedly drowning under mountains of rubber trash

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