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Its trash day and I found two pool pumps. Both 3400 rpm motors.

What have you found?

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About a year ago I rescued this poor Roomba. It had been owned by some truly disgusting individual. It was full of animal feces, the battery was trash and it finally died due to a red wine spill on top of it causing one wheel motor drive transistor to pop along with a few traces that had corroded away. It really wasn't worth saving.

I just got it running after completely disassembling it, running all the plastic parts through the dishwasher, repairing the mainboard, cleaning out the dog shit, building a custom lithium battery for it and modifying the AC adapter to charge lithium without housefires.

It's a terrible old Roomba that smacks into the walls like a blind and retarded dog, but I love it all the same.

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I used to pick trash of the curb in my county on heavy trash days. People would just throw their PC's, scrap metal, etc on the side of the road. Last thing I found was this creme colored PC tower pic related from year 2000. I sold it for about 70 bucks in eBay after wiping it down, blowing out the dust, and putting a fresh install of windows 98 on it. Also found the current computer monitor I use for free on the curb.

However, for the past 2 ish years, I have not seen ANY e-waste or scrap metal worth picking up. I dont know if its because early morning scrappers get to it first? I'm also pretty sure the county and surrounding counties do not allow curb dumping anymore because they have one big new centralized ewaste collection site or some shit so I can't get my hands on anything anymore.

Any advice for where to pick some trash/treasure? Legalities of dumpster diving in industrial parks, strip malls, etc? I see that Aussie youtuber e-waste Ben just rolls in scrap metal and e-waste, seems like every damn house throws stuff out.

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Not scavenging per se but craigslist has a free stuff section and facebook (if you can stomach using it) probably has a group with members near you who post shit to give away for free just to be rid of it.

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Found beautifully derelict Milwaukee sliding miter saw all fucked up in the trash. Pull it out, replace power cable and trigger wire.
>it's alive!
guard wont work though. consider just removing guard altogether. Instead I research and find that guard has linkage that sheared a 1/8" or smaller screw (M3?) on inside of arm. Partially remove pivot shaft to get to screw hole (why not, it needed greasing anyway). hammering out pivot shaft shatters entire arm assembly. replacement is probably 200+ bucks. Toss in my junk pile.

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>It was full of animal feces
>running all the plastic parts through the dishwasher

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Definitely hot tub pumps, not pool.

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man, I used to get all sorts of 486 through p2 era shit in the free section
this was like 2005ish though so they really were worthless then
10yr old me had a ton of fun with it though

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>t.Faces of Meth

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Yeah there's like jack shit in the free section by me these days, besides scrap wood or shitty furnniture or something.

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we've had a rash of people posting nasty socks like some sort of boomer proto-meme

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so fucking much, where do i begin?
a music box in the shape of a windmill
a really old glass and wood cabinet with gothic arch windows.
these computers. currently posting from one of them.
my main g-clamp which i used for about 5 years before it broke recently.
so many perfectly fine saws.
so much timber and pallets. (computer desk in photo also made from found timber and pallets, currently in use)
an old electric organ (got left at an ex-gf's parent's house unfortunately)
and more recently, four bottles of unopened & untouched corona.

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>Legalities of dumpster diving
in the uk technically all waste belongs to the local council so that criminal evidence can't be disposed of then taken into someone else's possession, legally preventing the police from taking it without warrant. or something like that.
oh also i forgot to add:
tons of scientific glassware
an old wooden box that I still use as a tool box to this day.
a big tool box.
a smaller cantilever toolbox (my main toolbox now).
fuck tons of cooking pots and pyrex cookware that I still use to this day as well.

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Faces of meth for sure you can get that roomba model used on ebay for like $5 + shipping

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It's trash day for us today and I found 40 kilos of used adult diapers along with no less than 50 used garbage bags. I saved at least 5$ by dumping the garbage from them and reusing them

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1/5 made me reply

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is that a usb powered table?

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>le ebin possum may may


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>four bottles of unopened & untouched corona.

You're about to learn how easy it is to put a carefully-removed bottle cap back on the bottle after pissing inside.

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