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Hey /diy/, looking for some advice regarding setting up some LED Strips for my apartment living room.

I was looking at something pic related. I want something that I can control with my phone and have a wide range of options to play with but I need apartment friendly, no damage to paint but strong enough to stay up. Any suggestions? Thanks! Thought I'd ask here before /g/.

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LED strips are great for ambient lighting, they're cheap, widely available, and easy to setup. From my experience with many different brands I can tell you now that the adhesive they come with preinstalled on the back is complete garbage. Expect to use something stronger or even mounting brackets. You should be planning to mount them out of direct view, otherwise it just looks trashy like a rundown strip club.

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ikea used to sell led strips and little light halos. i just set them to phase, and leave
them alone. having control on your phone is unnecessary imo. extra $$$
just buy a cheap kit on amazon. play around with it, see how you like it, and then buy a better quality one with more options. fyi some come with real VHB tape, some with fake. real shit does not come off well, so careful. it will rip paint off, or laminate,

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Can confirm. They are also usually dimmable, which can be useful. I used them behind some crown molding in a theater setup, split onto two circuits so I can dim the front more than the back.

Just get white/soft white, don't go full zoomer and do the RGB crap. Even as indirect light, that'll still look like a strip club.

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I have some cheap warm yellow Ikea LEDs as kitchen counter top lights, works well enough.

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I bought my house at auction from the feds after it was seized from a drug dealer. He installed miles of these LED strips everywhere and I hate it but too lazy to rip it all out.

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