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Look at me and laugh. I bought a furnace that only just barely turns precious metals to liquid, thinking that I could do a good lost wax casting with it.

Look at me and laugh. I tried to cast a brass ring with a plaster of paris mold that had only been baked in my oven, and not kiln fired.

I am a retard. Mock me.

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Now it's time to build a mold firing oven. I'm almost in the same boat as you except I built a furnace myself (pic related).
I am trying to do lost pla casting, I'm almost there but not quite, with a proper mold firing oven I think I can make quite alright casts.
Don't give up though.

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Do you 3d print as well?

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are you calling me gay? no i don't fucking do gay shit.

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Ye, bought myself an ender 3, works pretty well.

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I'll not mock as the only thing thats stopped me doing that exact thing is space.
Even considering 3d printing pipes and doing custom clay pipe moulds.

Now if anyone can figure out a reasonably economic way to make a die to strike coinage that would be excellent.

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