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Have an exterior brick foundation wall that is highly visible because of slope of the lot. Past owners painted it. Can I just go over it with a stone veneer. Are these practical in outside heavy use area.how is it installed?

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the plastic/fiberglass panels? there's all kinds of products, including actual stones. How do you "use" a wall?

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unless there is a atypical feature...acute angles, frequent insets/outcroppings..in the brick surfaces yes the stone veneer products will suit your need very well. the atypical areas are difficult to get sealed adequately to prevent moisture infiltration in those places which lend to premature failure of the grout/adhesive becoming a maintenance issue..

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I saw some tilers doing it last week, they wear on the grinder with every stone to get a good fit. in 8 hours two guys had done about 5m2

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If you're in an area with a lot of rain make sure you put weep holes in it. If it's air tight, it's more susceptible to moisture accumulating on the house side and causing issues.

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