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I have a 1991 Dodge Spirit that was kept in good condition but the speakers got blown out. I want to replace the blown out speakers (just the speakers, keeping the original radio) but can't figure out how to wire it when the old speaker has a plug with 4 wires, pic related. I'm new to working on cars, so I have a feeling I'm missing something obvious. Any help?

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buy a cheap multimeter, put it in diode test, and probe-out which speakers are which. Why diode test mode? Well, it uses 2V and you should be able to faintly hear the speaker when you touch the probe to it. Label the wires and clip the old connector and affix the proper wires to the new stereo.

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cancel some of that; you're keeping the stereo. Ok, replace speakers first, probe them, label so you don't have to do it again, and plug that thing back into the old stereo.

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I'll give it a go.

I also found out it's an inifinity radio setup, red is power, black is ground, and that green and grey are for the radio. So do you think I'd just need the green and grey for the speakers? Is it worth trying out grey for - and green for +?
what's the worst the worst case scenerio?

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Looking at that plug, I'd guess that green/red is left and black/grey is right. Just a guess.

If you dig into the connections on the old blown out speakers you should be able to see the color of the wire.

IMPORTANT: it matters which wire goes on which terminal, so make note of that, don't switch them around (one way will push out, and the other way will pull in).

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>green/red is left
>black/grey is right
you lost me

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usually the speakers have two leads.

If you look at the plug (that red stuff in the middle) it looks like it's a pair of speakers.

The way you're holding the plug makes it look like the left side might be red and green and the right side might be black and grey.

Again, just a guess.

I guess they could ground each speaker to the chassis and run one lead, but that's not common.

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thanks anon, I appreciate the advice. Gonna try wiring it up tomorrow when it's light out. here's a pic of the back of the plug and speaker

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looks like the multimeter gives a reading for red as - and grey as + which confuses me further. Gonna hit the sack but if the threads still up I'll post again tomorrow. Thanks again

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Each speaker has an amplifier on it.
The audio signal is all you need

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