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What would be a good adhesive for attaching this mirror (the thing with the oval) to plastic?
The repair manual says something like using a bonding agent of e2 and c1 at 7:3 but I cant find what e2 and c1 are

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what is it?

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it's a camera (petri 7s)

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any non-runny adhesive that lets you fuck about with the positioning and stays flexible after curing.
so no superglues, no epoxies, no contact cements. neutral cure silicone and some types of instant gasket will work, but tend to come in giant tubes. colophony or tar would also work if the widget never gets too hot or cold.
if you don't have anything on the shelf buy some b7000 because it comes in a tiny tube, thus no big loss when the leftovers harden up before you get to use it again.

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The correct answer is flex glue.

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I used a clear silicone caulking. Maybe it will come off, but at least the residue would be easier to remove if I ever have to reglue it.

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