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Consider me fucking retarded if you want to, because I probably am, but how do I get this thing inside a wooden frame? There's no way you're supposed to hammer it in there, right? But you can't use a screwdriver either.

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Hold it with fingers or pliers and push it while screwing it inside the wood.

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Or use a small drill bit and start a very shallow pilot hole to start turning it easier.

>> No.1757295

Once you got it started, you can stick a screw driver through the loop to turn it with extra leverage. Probably unnecessary though.

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vice grips.

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I use a screw and screwdriver to create a small hole then screw it in by hand or with pliers

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is this bait ?

you take a drill smaller than your hook. you make a hole with said drill. you take the hook and bring it in the hole by pushing and rotating.

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It would've been bait if I owned a drill, yeah.

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you need a special tool for that.
it's called a circle driver.
usually only people that have one of those in the toolbox are guys that build those roundabout traffic circles, and bakers that specialize in donuts.
better hope you the cops don't catch you carrying one though.

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Yes you are retarded. Just tap it with something and then screw it in with your fingers. Jesus christ

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dont say the r word.
these people are known for being unable to measure their force, just bee cool and let him pass the board as soon as possible

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/diy/ - special people with special needs.

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Then use a small nail to make a pilot hole.

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So THAT's what those are for.

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The scary part is that this very well could be a legitimate post, not someone shitposting.

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