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So I'm getting some business cards made for my fabrication business and I'm trying to get a ruler on the back cos itd be cool. I'm trying to find and crop pics of rulers and fit them on to the card (85mm).

I can't find any measurements on a white background and the best I've gotten is pic related. As you can see, it looks shit. I want it to just look like they're printed directly to the card, without the cream background.

Can someone help me?


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Are you retarded my man?


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Why yes, I am. Thank you anon

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you're no patrick bateman

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Kek. Very true. The sort of people ill be giving them to will appreciate it though

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like who? really, tell me who will need your shitty 8.5 cm long business cards? nobody uses this kind of shit for measurement

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I do a lot of work for farmers and carpenters. If nothing else I thought it was a creative use of the space. I think you are just annoyed that you didn't think of it first, anon. Admit it.

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the tan background is way more sophisticated.

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Are you retarded? Nobody will actually use it.. it just makes your card and you and your brand a little more memorable. I'd always suggest going magnetic as well so it doesn't get lost.. slap that puppy on the fridge. Beer openers, mini tools etc.

OP check out Alibaba before you buy anything. I'd almost recommend something like this.

Bamboo wooden business cards with the ruler etc. Get someone on the design channel to help. Get in quick before Corona I guess though

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They look cool, can't imagine they're very durable or flexible tho. I'll actually use the ruler myself, handy thing to have on my person at all times. Good for double checking dimensions for steel when I buy it and stuff.

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if you have any american customers, you'll need it to look like this.


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rent free

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brilliant post.

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why am I the retard? only cringe folks put that kind of shit on their cards, besides nobody ever uses them here anyway.

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>Which is very close to the fraction at 9 cm, in fact, its within 0,000076". But that's using a decimal fraction, which is cheating. Its within 1/13126 of an inch.

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These are the business cards that you want!!!


($3.00 each)

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Blue collar people will think it's cool even if they never use it.

OP consider adding some common conversions on the back or like drill bit sizes needed for each tap. If you really wanna be fancy get printed metal cards and add stuff like pic related using your own shop. Don't forget a bottle opener.

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I could do it but saving ur time op, print is not accurate enough to have that from end to end. Unless you have a padding of 0.5cm on each side (starts 0.5 cm from the left and ends 0.5cm early)

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you've obviously never printed a business card. they come in 8.5x11-inch sheets so the individual cards dont need any margins.

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Impressive, very nice.

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