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Anyone here have any experience botting on stubhub? I’m wondering if its still lucrative and worth the time investment. I’m guessing if you write a scraper/bot you have to be super careful about it getting banned. Or they may have even implemented captchas by now and it will be near impossible to do. If someone has experience please let me know if it would be worth the time investment. I posted this to /g/ and /biz/ already but everyone there is just retarded.

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People write bots to quickly buy tickets that are listed way under market value and sometimes to buy up all the tickets to control the market. People have made some pretty good money, but I’m guessing its too late to get into the market.

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Probably more trouble than it is worth if you need to start from scratch. The original guys who fucked the ticket market relied on the fact that TicketMaster only used like 20 different captchas.

Also fuck you and fuck the middle men who make it cost $500 to see any big act.

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A lot of places just immediately sell tickets to resell sites and cut a deal where they get a cut of the mark up prices.

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