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Is my Stanley Stanley thermos rusting? I have apple cider vinegar in there, already tried some baking powder. I thought these were stainless steel

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It's coffee stains. Coffee stains everything.

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Take coke and an abrasive and shake.

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Proper stainless doesnt rust. But moisture, oil, skin and other crap can accumulate on the surface and oxidize. Stainless should be cleaned to avoid this.

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SS pits like mad with some things. That looks like stained pits. Reach a bamboo skewer inside and see if you can feel the pits or if it is smooth.

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All grades of stainless rust, just less so, it after all stainLESS.

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Yes over a period of thousands of years

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It is whatever you are putting in it. Likely coffee. Have you been using a bottle brush on it when you clean it? Picture related. OXO brand set you can get on Amazon for a 10 spot. Works well. I've picked up a few vintage vacuum bottles over the years and some people man, they don't even attempt to clean them. Open them up and the inside is solid brown and smells like death. If it is super nasty you can use something like Krud Kutter on it and it will dissolve in short order. The vinegar will probably do a good job but will take longer. Remember to get up around the shoulder area. Shit gets trapped in there and you really need to use a brush on it as you can't see it (without a dental mirror or endoscope at least) and it can make stuff taste bad when the bottle otherwise seems 'clean'.

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More like months. Even 316. It all rusts,

I was on a job once and the engineer was just blown away that his giant fucking stainless brackets were rusting. It was cute.

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It was stored after washing. Didn't let it completely dry before capping it

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That is absolutely rust. It almost looks like a chrome coating is on there which is failing as well, probably not but it looks like it.

Any way the solution to your woes is to grit blast it. Oh what's that you say, you don't have one? That's ok. Fill it one quarter full of abrasive blast media,sand might work buts its not very sharp. Coal slag is the best.

Now fill it with water and put an electric beater in a drill and get it clean with swirling the water around.

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Electric egg beater

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What specific brand is that? I've abused used stainless steel thermoses for 40 years and I've never witnessed anything like that... not even close.

Something else to be worried about, chinese knock-off thermoses leaching chrome oxides (or whatever metal the plated that with) into your drink.

enjoy your chelation therapy.

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This Anon knows what's up. I'm salty enough that I can rust non-stainless steel that I'm working just by looking at it hard for about 5 seconds. Stainless? I've had spots show up on stainless rifle barrels (416) in a couple of months after installed them.

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uuuuuuh, yeah. Stainless definitely rusts like others are saying, but that ain't stainless. That's rusting trough a surface plate.

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>I have apple cider vinegar in there, already tried some baking powder.
Nice. You ruined the stainless steel coating. Good thing rust is harmless when ingested in small quantities. I have a Stanley Vacuum thermos and the key is to def let it dry before you store. Well at least you can remove the rust again with vinegar, but yeah "Stainless steel" just means it's coated in such a fashion.

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most good thermos are either glass or stainless steel inside so unless your putting some corrosive shit in there it's not rust.

you know your supposed to clean it out, you know? occasionally.

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Find an old Uno-Vac. They were made from the real deal stainless steel inside and out. The only non-steel in them was the stopper and the cup even on their later models. Very early models had stainless cups also. They came painted with a hammer finish or pure stainless. I see them at yard sales on the regular. Cheapest I ever got one was a dollar and the most I ever paid for one was $5.

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So, essentially galvanic corrosion?

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