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Yes my dig beaters are fat and odly enough, so is the rest of me.

0 fucks given.

Long story short we bough a 75 year old fucking shithole because it had "amazing wood features and a built in display case." Fucking house has a bunch of rotten and warped pine dark stained and 2x12 as "trim." The "display" case is basically the same but with glass and wood that is so warped if it was a dude he'd have to wear a rubber while he unwillingly fucked himself...

Anyway, got a bunch of beyond horse shit bulbs an just blew #10 of 12 by being such a retarded faggot i decided to... flip a light switch.

Took a bunch if pics in shitty light and discovered some text stamped around the base.


i am pretty sure i understand that these faggot fucking lights are freedomland 120v and cuck candlestick 40 watt but the China and/or h60 got me. I cant find shit.

Please help me order 20 bulbs before my wife makes me hang some sort of commie libcuck bullshit save the earth chandelier made out of used car tires and aquafina bottles...

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probably what you are looking for


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I was able to understand some of these words. OP needs a lighbulb for a... house they bought? And that OP's wife has contrasting political views that can be expressed using a chandelier.

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Oh and, the bulb on the picture looks like an E12 socket

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Looks like a perfect meth pipe once you gut it

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looks like a light for an oven

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Yup... candelabra base bulbs. Get some led ones and be done with em for a long time.

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Potty mouth!

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Bath salts are a hell of a drug.

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Your hand looks like someone stuffed a latex glove with lard.

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>Get some led ones
OP does not want a
>commie libcuck bullshit save the earth chandelier
He wants a good old 'merican lightbulb that heats up a filiment until it glows

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incandecant bulbs are shit that wont last more than 2 years if you are actually using them

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