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Work have got me renewing a bathroom next week but I know the old tiles are straight onto plaster board, I'm a shit plasterer and they've allocated no time for it. How can I remove them without destroying the board?

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Im no expert but I don't think you can

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dude, the illegals at home depot manage to do drywall without issue. you'll be fine.

just go in knowing what needs to be done, so have a few sheets of drywall ready, a tub of pre-mixed jointing compound, tape, some drywall spatulas.

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>some drywall spatulas.

mud knives you fucking phony

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>home depot

its a uk plug

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Your a maintenance guy and management has no clue and fucked you. Get a new job of fight the fuck back and demand the time that will be needed to do it decently. I did that shit for two years and thank god I got fired and then found a great job. Tell them it is above your pay scale and let em bring in a contractor that can do the job right. DO NOT LET THE ASSHOLES PUSH YOU AROUND !!!

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*of...fuck me it should be or

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I bet you're the kind guy who does a half-assed job after watching a few YouTube videos then gets pissed when you have to pay more for a professional to fix your mistakes.

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fuck sake man, i were just thinking of how to get through next week, they do give me shit and dump the inspectors jobs on me, now i'm on jobsite looking at one on the same pay just to fit and replace water softners

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If you have access to a reciprocating saw (sawzall), they sell special tile grout blades that’ll supposedly cut the tile grout so you can cut the tile out from the surface

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Then illegals and OBI or whatever kastorama.

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t. drywall guy

I would kill myself if I did your job for a living

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