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Hey there /diy/
I've been making iron oxide using bleach and pieces of steel to make thermite for bootleg welding. The issue is that after 2 days the liquid in the jar that I've filtered out doesn't smell like bleach at all and more like very very very slightly chlorinated water to the point I'm not scared of drinking it from the smell. Should I change out the liquid for new bleach or is it still gonna process the steel "effectively".
Thanks in advance :)))

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Do you seal the top? Chlorine evaporates pretty quickly.

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inb4 ppl tell you to add acid

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Don't use dollar store bleach -- check the concentrations. The cl probably got used in the reaction.

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Don't waste your time making it. I bought some from e-bay. I also got some aluminum powder from e-bay, too. I've got like 10lbs of thermite now.

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Heh, you're probably on some list nao

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the whole point is to do it jank asf so no I wont buy it

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You have depleted the Hypochlorite in the bleach by reacting it with Iron.

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The OCl-(aq) ion (give or take a Cl or O or two) reacted with the Fe(s) to turn into FeO(s) (either Fe3O4 or Fe2O3, can't remember which) and Cl-(aq). But IIRC the bleach contains H+ ions too, you now have a potentially fairly concentrated solution of hydrochloric acid. So don't fucking drink it.

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>doesn't smell like bleach at all and more like very very very slightly chlorinated water to the point I'm not scared of drinking it.

Go on... don't be a pussy!

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Is it viable to seal a crack in my exhaust manifold using thermite?

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go to some old ass industrial park and find some shit that is rusted to fuck and bust it up with a hammer. I was working on a dock last year scrapping it with a sledge hammer, didnt even need the torch.

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Not unless you can figure out some way to stop it from burning all the way through. Just a tip to anyone who wants to try this: DO NOT attempt to stop it with water. Molten steel will splatter everywhere in the most violent manner you will ever see.

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My wife says to rub some baking soda and vinegar on it

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Depends on whether you want the molten iron to become the plug in your exhaust, or if you want the heat itself to melt the two sides together. Either way it's inferior to an oxyacetylene torch. AFAIK thermite welding is only done to unweldable alloys, or in other fringe circumstances. Look it up.

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I watched the railroad workers weld 2 tracks together.

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>tfw you will never have a 2-stroke belt sander

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That's right, rails is one thing that it's used for. Pretty sure codyslab did a video on thermite welding.

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