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What would be a good material to use to make a weather tight enclosure? I'm thinking wood (birdhouse) or a small plastic barrel upside down on a pole. I'm a welder by trade but I don't want to make a Faraday cage type box.

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Oh yeah. That's a great idea. Thanks for doing my thinking for me :)

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and, exactly how much outdoor range do you expect to get out of a cheap consumer grade router? this wont end well... also moisture, humidity, heat, cold. they arent designed for that environment

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It's not so much about range as position. Due to layout of house and 3ft thick stone walls, it would be perfect in a certain location and would reach my entire property. Obviously use an airtight box, tupperware like anon said would be perfect. I can paint the tubberware black to keep sun out and I'm not too worried about cold as they produce some heat.

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I've had poly drums outdoors since ~2006 storing chicken food and engine parts with zero deterioration.

There is another way. My shipping container machine shop acts as a Faraday cage so I holesawed a 1" hole through the side, made a PVC pipe feedthrough, then potted a USB wifi adapter to the tubing and sealed the whole thing with 3M 5200 adhesive sealant (do NOT use silicone, use 5200). It's impervious to weather and while it looks like a turd (I used a broken tube of 5200 as it was handy and gobbed it on) it works perfectly. If the adapter dies I'll chop it off and buy another adapter and cable.

If I had your router I'd either pot it in 5200 or buy a large can of auto body filler and slather it top and bottom including (ensure they're seated first) the power and ethernet cables. There is no reason to ever open the router or mess with the cabling. If they break, throw the lot away. Since your power brick is vulnerable I'd pot that and its entire cable and power it by extension cord with one end potted along with the adapter. Outdoor cords survive fine for over ten years (I don't roll mine up, I just move them to mow near my welding area) so that's not a problem.

Fuck how it looks because on a pole, no one will look up or care.

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>they arent designed for that environment
lol It has the same guts as the ones made for outdoors. Only the enclosures are different.

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what are resin outdoor-grade electric boxes

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I use these for camera and gps enclosures on my work trailers.

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More money than sealing the whole thing but prettier. Ebay has deals sometimes or check your local electrical wholesaler.

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My dream is to build a shipping container house. Are you saying there will be no cell service inside?

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Containers fuck with cell reception but if you're near a window, problem mostly solved.
Look over Andrew Camaratta's container castle on youtube and tincancabin.com for practical examples. Everything not practical and proven is shit to be ignored.
I like containers but only for their best uses, exemplified by industrial and military space. Art projects pollute container discussions. The Sea Box site is worth a look.
A house is a response to a specific situation. The material should never be a goal. What it DOES for you should dictate your build. Containers are really fucking easy to work with if you can weld and fab. Their floors are nice for machine tools because they're strong enough to ship those tools globally. Forget every tiny house and hobbyfag meme and only copy industrial and military success. The hobbyfag world only exists because not everyone can afford industrial solutions but you can afford some of them.
Buy "one trip" containers, not shitboxes which are beaten to death. Learn container grades. This saves you much labor and expense. High Cubes rule for their extra internal height. A 40' one trip High Cube with doors on both ends made by Danish wypipo ran me a bit over five grand delivered. It's now my ride-through motorcycle garage/shop. My welding/machine shop is two 40' High Cubes with standard doors welded side by side. Neither look interesting from outside because I dislike windows and attracting thieves. I camo'ed the street side of my containers and they nearly vanish behind vegetation. Leaving them ugly invites curiosity. I painted the roofs white.
If you want to build a house, you really need a workshop no matter what house you build so place a 40' High Cube on railroad ties (containers are supported by the corner fittings, they need no slab foundation), add a man door and have at it. I had my power pole placed first so I'd have immediate power, then ran a subpanel inside my shoptainer at leisure. I added the second box later.

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Building your shop helps you learn how to cope with your climate. Newer containers are important because they have good door gaskets and are straight. My bro installed a basic split HVAC setup in his and insulated on the inside with a thin layer mounted on furring strips. We helped build each others container machine shops and his is nicer but mine is twice the size. Mine aren't insulated yet but I'll likely go with insulated metal panels on the outside if I bother (wood is for furniture and bonfires).
A 40' HC has enough room for a pretty good home shop and if my house burned tonight I'd hang my hammock in my shop and press on.

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Do you live in a shitty urban area or a shitty rural area?

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jam it in a nema 3 enclosure and run some liquidtite

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get one with detachable antennas, put electronics part inside and the antennas outside, also get a better antenna than the tiny shits that come with

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I get a quarter mile out of an old Linksys without modded software.

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thats the point tho. water can get in by condensation and it will short something out and kill the router

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