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I want to connect a speaker directly to the mains so I can "listen to the mains" so to speak. I've always wondered what the mains sounds like. What size resistor do I need.

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its 60hz, just play a 60hz hum

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P=V^2/R, for a 10 watt, 8 ohm speaker you would need somewhere around 1440 ohm resistor to drive the speaker at its upper wattage limit. I'd recommend driving it much lower, so maybe 10k+. Though, you might consider employing a phase shift instead of directly driving it with a series resistor, as you would still get the hum but could better control the power and energy consumption/dissipation by employing impedance instead of pure resistance, as your 10k resistor would be dropping like 1-2 watts, so you would need a high wattage resistor if you went with a pure resistive load.

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