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Moved into a new place and the AC vent in my room rattles/vibrates loudly. If I place my finger on the fins (the part behind the grill) it stops. Is there anything recommended I could shove in there to stop it? Preferably something that wouldn't hinder the flow of air.
I'm trying to avoid calling maintenance, but if a new vent would solve it I'll do that.

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I'd try screwing it down tighter first, maybe with rubber washers, then maybe use some kind of foam/rubber liner underneath the outer edge of the vent and wall. Compressing weather stripping would probably work.

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So unscrew it and sandwich weather stripping between it and the wall? I guess I could give it a shot. My only concern is it's very clearly the inner fins that are making the noise and not the outer portion. But securing it like you said is a good start

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I have the feeling that it'll absorb the vibrations that cause the sound. If not, yeah, just replaced..

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if it's the inner fins you could try to dampen them with something like epoxy. Those things are just cheap/weak sheet metal and can be bent into whatever shape you want. Take it off the wall and just figure it out.

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Ive fixed these in the past. If it’s humming then you bend the fins straighter and put some layers of etape on the edges of the vanes on the inside of the register. Changing the way the air flows out and then dampening them gets the most reliable result.

If it’s rattle then you need to tighten up the damper itself, either by bending the metal or just squirting a bit of caulking into the holes.

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Your finger.

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But I need to sleep sometimes

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It seems as if adjusting the lever on the side makes the noise either amplify or go away. Something I've noticed when playing around with it today

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get mini pool noodle, fire/electricity resistant, and put into vent

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Sledge hammer, remove cheap drywall and all studs, replace with iron plates, install iron grating, problems solved

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Try tightening, then if that doesn't help you can take a pair of pliers and gently bend a few fins a little to stop them if they're vibrating. Or you could just replace it, they're $5 new.

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Just remove it. As long as you don't care about the way it looks, the vent grille isn't actually needed.

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When I used to install these I'd just shove some aluminum tape on the corner of the rattling part and the side to make it stop.

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Have you checked to see that the offices that killed chancellor gorkon didn't stuff their boots or uniforms in the vent?

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remove grille, on one side there is a linkage that connects the front lever and moves the fins in unison. you can try to push light cotton/old tee shirt material, read narrow strips, between the linkage bar and the connection points at fins. just something to apply slight pressure to fin ends. if enough pivot shaft out end without linkage may be possible to loop a rubber band around the shafts. maybe also melt candle wax on shaft ends where sticking thru, will break free to adjustment lever though take up slop in holes in spacing flange. good luck anon.

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That is a cheap crap diffuser with too much air flowing through it. Buy a well made commercial one to replace it or just take it off the wall. A new cheap replacement will do nothing.

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hire someone to do it while you're sleeping

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That's not mine in the picture, mine is smaller. It does blast a lot of air though

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Also what would you recommend

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Oh and forgot to mention, this is what I currently have on the wall:
Size may be different but it's definitely this brand and model.

So buying a new one of these probably won't fix it?

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Installing a flat tire on a car does not fix a flat tire. Cheap Register with too much air will always make the same noise. Find a good one with same size 14x6

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Replaced it with a plastic ceiling vent. Way quieter now, might replace all the ones with those

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just buy a new one on amazon, they are like 10 bucks

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See >>1702589

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