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Are there any home builders or contractors here that can recommend an extensive home building book? I was thinking about a book on excavation and foundations, masonry, framing, doors and windows, roofing, plumbing, wiring, finish carpentry, kitchens and baths, and HVAC.

There are many home building books, but none actually go into detail about various subjects like electrical wiring, foundations, and proper flooring installations.

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I second this request because I just built a house and had no idea wtf i was doing. Had to do everything twice basically.

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The reason for this is because very seldom is someone well versed enough in all the trades to write a book like that. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of us that can scoot by doing everything ourselves, but electricians aren’t plumbers and HVAC guys aren’t framers. Sure they might know something, but it ain’t enough to not get the pants sued off you when some zoomer doesn’t understand where you put the membrane in a bathroom.

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Third. With the upcoming house price crash I will need to start.

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What the fuck is a membrane

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your local building code?

The only difficult part of a house is the foundation because that requires concrete which has to be done right first and can only be done during a 2-3 hour pour. If you can figure out the foundation then setting up the 2x4 footers, studs, headers, stringers and roof/exterior paneling will come very easy. You can also just buy a structure and set it up on a foundation.

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honestly, your best bet would be to check into books on the individual subject, as opposed to one book for it all.

the closest thing i can think of is one of those "DIY to save money" coffee table books or youtube videos on the subject

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The Complete Visual Guide to Building A House
by John Carroll and Chuck Lockhart

For Pros by Pros: Working Alone

Larry Haun

For Pros by Pros: Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
by Rob Thallon

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