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do electronic engineers have a union or even trade licensing? I'm not talking about linemen electricians or those people but actual EEs that would rip open a PLC to repair it or reprogram it

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Electrical engineers need an engineering license to engineer electrical blueprints in construction. I dont know about small scale söycuit blueprinting.

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they do in my country, you need a license to work or do contracts ,the union may show up without notice asking for all the personnel license copies to the company, even if the position does not involve work related to the field (e.g management or sales), or activities that may result in death or injury of people.

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>the union may show up without notice asking for all the personnel license copies to the company
this is why every business should pay a bouncer to chill around the office.

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intelligent people who have skills don't need unions.

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>this is why every business should pay a bouncer to chill around the office.
That's assuming that a business wouldn't be as jewish as you that they'd be willing to add that cost onto their overhead at the risk of 0.005% of their precious profit-margin-shekels

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That's why the DoD and military bases contract non-union electrical companies to work on their installations, right, Rabbi Shekelwitz?

Seething dumb semite scum

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>jew calling me a jew for having the idea of not giving in to jew demands

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well is not really a union on itself, it's more some kind of organization that watches over standards and regulates the profession, if some work you do ends up hurting people or you do not fullfill a contract they will go hunting your ass and invalidate your license.

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>paying 3% of my monthly pay for my 3 pension plans and life insurance makes me a jew
I see through your poor attempts at hebraic argumentative trickery, Noseberg. Social Security wont be around forever, thanks to your tribe's attacks on immigration law.
>b-b-but that's JEWISH because it makes the contractor pay MORE SHEKELS! Wh-what about his profit margin shekels, you filthy goy?!?
The owner of the shop I work for must not have that much of a problem with it, considering he's still a dues-paying member (even if he doesnt work in the field and is an EE now). I'm curious what kind of semitic semantics you can pull out of your ass to explain that one dismissively.

>some kind of organization that watches over standards and regulates the profession
That still makes the hebrew seethe. They'd ideally like to work with no oversight or regulation/standards-enforcement at all. That's why they insist on hiring illegal hispanic labor to build houses in the US.

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so do PLC techs have trade licensing or not

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In Canada it's the "Association of professional engineers". There's two ranks. "Engineer in Training" and "Professional Engineer". Getting your degree doesn't automatically mean you're an EIT; you've got to be working for a PE and do some tests. After about five years there's more tests and you're a PE. America and most other countries have a similar system.

This is really important for fields like Civil and Mechanical engineering but for electronics not so much. There's nothing stopping an electronic engineer from joining and getting certified but very few jobs require it and it's difficult to find a PE to work for.

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You don't need an EE to do a PLC, you need a HS graduate. If you can't do PLC level work by the time you're 15, you should probably give up and work construction.

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Need to be a peng ee to stamp code for construction in critical processes up in leafland

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Best bet would be low voltage programs at IBEW. I don't know anything similar.

If you're drawing up prints, just go big, and become a full blown engineer.

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the only low voltage stuff I can think of is sound/comm but that's not really what I was thinking of. I was thinking more of people who manufacture power transformers and power plant boilers. Is it really just all welders?

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Project managers and designers usually have unions or "guilds" where when you join you get your seal with which you stamp schematics/designs and make them official. For other things like technicians or specialists you usually have to have a certificate (given by the manufacturer or owner of IP) in order to be an official service for xy product or system. For being just a regular cable lugger you only have to have a school finished to do it.

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