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im new to this /diy/ lifestyle
rate my ashtray

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It may not be the most effective ash tray I have seen but your commitment to smoking is admirable.

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>your commitment to smoking is admirable.
thanks, i personally call it adiction

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Let's be honest it is but it's a healthy one in comparison to drinking, drugs and violence.
Considering my background in the military I'm willing to say that smoking promotes social situations and relieves stress.

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>compared to drinking drugs and violence
>nicotine addiction isnt a drug action
>alcohol isnt a drug

come on anon, step it up

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Pretty lame, to be honest. Why did you attach it to the wall like that? It won't hold ashes for shit.

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Im in chile that se why it is sideways

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Looks good.

R8 my coaster

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Great, but why do you store cigarette butts on it.

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looks well made and purely functional, OP
I'm new to the /diy/ lifestyle, too
rate my girlfriend

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If you don't require hospitalization or risk death from withdrawals it is not an addiction; it is a dependence.

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>No velvet, suede, Alcantra, moleskin, rabbit fur, etc...

3/10, would not bang.

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If she bought me a few drinks and it were 20min to closing time and the pickings were gettin slim...

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Does she have a redheaded step-sister?

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Yeah but she’s better looking and left the bar with Brian around 12:30am. Now it’s 1:45 and the only other female in this bar has one too many cold sores for me to take home.

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>Bring me the twink.

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wrong. The difference between addiction and dependence is the total loss of control over the usage, even when you suffer negative effects.

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>t. Jew mental health faggot with no willpower.

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ruined a perfectly good pipe/10

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he’s prob the most competent negro you’ve ever met

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