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Dumbass here. Can't find a blowout on my system. Have two zones for the yard, but 4 valves. 1 for each zone, 1 that opens and one that doesn't. I'm hoping that one is a drain valve since tommorow is going to have a low of 30f (30 lower than today). Pic related

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I worked for a landscaper friend doing irrigation for a couple years. Any time we encountered a system without a proper hose bib or blowout valve we'd just use the backflow device and an adapter and hook it to the air compressor. You should be able to run it just by toggling the jumper on the timer or opening the valves manually.

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Googled backflow device, don't think I have one of those. Here's the where it comes in. The shut off is on the top, and there is only a dirt catch.

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Is the entire system poly or PVC? I can't really tell from your pictures. Depending on the depth of the pipe and material you could just run a T and get a ball valve in there to do blowouts from. All those parts are readily available at Menards or Home Depot.

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You could just fill it with salt water if worst comes to worst

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PVC I believe.
Is it not typical that there is a drain valve of some kind?( OP pic) Here's looking down the sprinkler

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Since you're forcing air through it your sprinkler heads are the drain.

Worst case I guess you could always just open the valve and pull the nozzle of the lowest head on each zone then let it drain that way. That is if your valves are higher up than the heads.

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Just dig up all the pipes and add heat tape and insulation, then it will work all year long and not freeze. That way you can turn your yard into a skating rink.

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My wife would love to skate back here, over my dead body that is.

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I used to build a rink in my backyard every year, it’s actually pretty fun.

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Must be taxing to have so many horcruxes

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Why is there a dirt catch? Is it pulling water from a pond or stream?

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This is really a Q for last owner. No, systems don't always have blow outs, though I always made sure mine had them. It looks like you have a main shutoff and 3 circuits. Your choices are either pressure, vacuum (shop vac) or gravity drain system. If you have a basement the charge point may be there.

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Well I waited a day hoping that the mystery valve was the drain, checked the low point and nop.mop

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Bought a shop vac for some succ

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First load was pitch black. Got clearer each time though

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good job clogging all the sprinkler heads

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Cut and instal Ts with air couple quick conects. Jam air hoses in them at 10 psi and put the male quick connects in to allow water to blow out.

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shut all sprinkler valves off in 1st pic, dig and cut all branches on 4 lines after valves allowing as much free space on pipe as possible to re-couple, then remove a head or 2 on 2 zones you know about. pile soil on/over 4 valves to shield from temps. oh yes and start earlier next time to winterize....

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