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When I turn the handle for hot water I don't want to wait for it to heat up. I want it to be hot from the start. How can I accomplish this?

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Multiple water heaters, culminating with a hot water heater.

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there a pump like thing which you install in the warm water cycle and it constantly circulates your warm water in the pipes so it doesnt cool down, dunno how its called in english

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You're looking for a European style hot water heater like the one Walter White installs after he's rich.

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Recirculating pump or if you're a cheap bastard you could theoretically just run a hot line into a p trap primer, do it the farthest from the hot water heater as possible.

Insulate the hot line and you might not need to do either...

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Get a wood stove and keep it fired all the time, with a kettle on the top. Be sure to top off the kettle every few hours.

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Install a hot water recirculating line, if you have a tank style water heater you might not even need a pump. Do you have a basement? What kind of water heater do you have? Is the basement finished? How far from the water heater is the faucet?

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>p trap primer

You wut m8?

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>When I turn the handle for hot water I don't want to wait for it to heat up. I want it to be hot from the start. How can I accomplish this?
small electric water heater (5-20 gal.) under the sink
use top ports so the line is as short as possible

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leave your faucet running a little to keep the water moving in the pipes

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Move to the UK

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It's called a point of use heater yes 5-20 gallons. Or watts makes a device that will recirculate a small amount of hot water back through the cold line to the hot water tank. Professional installation is reccomended
The Plumber

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Bro just get one of these. Heat the water right where it comes out, easy peasy, no need for tanks and shit

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Insulate your pipes and hot water heater. Max setting on hot water heater

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>max setting on water heater

No, do not do this.

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Through the cold line?????

Why the fuck not just 2 hit lines insulated together with pump?

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instantly through a faucet is not possible, quickly through faucet is. with a central water heater install a pumped HW return line with loops up in wall / risers at each HW fixture to make HW outlet as close as possible to where the HW is drawn from. there will always be a short "slug" of kinda hot water in even the most correct HW systems at fixtures. old plumber here.

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how to electrocute yourself 101
step one - do it

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This is what ive done. 6 gal hot water tank under my kitchen sink. Set at 145 for max cleaning power

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fucking retard

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Put your hot water system close to the tap. Mine is prob 2.5m from my shower. I wait probably 4 seconds and she is scolding hot.

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Getting away from the meme answers


They're not cheap. To buy, maintain or run.

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Instahot insinkerator

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Ya bro you have a re e circulation pump and add in a 1/2" return on your hot water line from its furthest point to keep hot water constantly circulating

Recirc line

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