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Is it possible to buy a corded driver (not drill, something with low speed settings, reversible and with a clutch) these days?
Ryobi used to make one, but they don't seem to sell it anymore.
The only thing I've found super sketchy $20 chinese ones, drywall drivers without a clutch, and specialist low torque precision tools for fine assembly.

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Bosch makes one, look for GSR 7-14 E, i don't know if they sell it on US tho.

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Skil is selling the "6221 AA Energy"
I have one myself and it seems reasonably built.

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Oh, just found out that it's not on the Skil US Website. Maybe it's just too much of a hassle making a corded driver for 120V.,

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Black and Decker Matrix, they sell both a corded and cordless version.

Its a cheap, corded drill with a clutch.
Its a modular system where you remove the drill/clutch head and replace it with a jigsaw or sander or some other attachment.
Its identical to Craftsman BoltOn so all those attachments work.

I bought the Corded Matrix variant cheap maybe 5 years ago. I tried the impact driver attachment, wasnt impressed and returned it. Never bought another attachment.
Its been my beater drill and has held alright for how cheap it is.

You really dont have a lot of options. I wanted to stay corded, but ended up buying Milwaukee cordless shit. I wanted a nicer drill and needed an impact driver, and there were no corded impact drivers to be had either. So yeah, the market browbeat me into cordless.

But honestly for the price, the Matrix will do what you want.

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>Maybe it's just too much of a hassle making a corded driver for 120V.,

They know we are consumerist whores and will buy shiny new cordless stuff if they deprive the market of cheap accessible impact drivers or clutched drills.

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Maybe check the Makita 6952. It seems really expensive though.

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I'm in Europe, the Bosch only seems to sell it in South America.
I can buy the Skil here, found something similar from a local brand.
It has fuck all torque, but all I need it for is driving wood screws anyway, it's like €75 so I'd rather buy this, and a proper corded drill for actual hole-making.
That would probably be enough for my needs too.
That's a big fuckoff impact hammer, if anything the TD0101F is a lot more reasonable.

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>so I'd rather buy this, and a proper corded drill
Compared to a cordless drill-driver I mean.

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flea market

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