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I got a blockage in my soil pipe from throwing down a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have for shits and giggles. Now I gotta unblock this fucker because I haven't had a working toilet for nearly 3 years and pissing in a bucket and pouring it in the garden is tiresome and starting to smell. The poop isn't really a problem cause I can just shit into a bag and put it into the council dog poo bins.

Anyway how do I cut a hole into this 1930s cast iron soil pipe like pic related? I need a hole big enough to put some drain rods through and push the blockage out. I know the blockage is somewhere near the bottom where the pipe bends and enters the sewer. I've tried blasting it from the bottom with the garden hose but it ain't shifting.

Before you ask I already tried removing the toilet and rodding from there but it didn't work. I also tried pouring one shot acid drain cleaner down but even after three bottles nothing happened. Obviously I will wear gloves and goggles when drilling the hole since a backlog of years old piss and hydrochloric acid will come spurting out.

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Kill yourself

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The cool thing about living in england is you get to live in cool old buildings hundreds of years old. The only downside is that you're living in a building hundreds of years old.

Just dump the chamber pot out the window, like they used to.

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Rajeesh, don't you know you need a license to plumb?

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What the fuck

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Just vacuum out like three turds and three pisses then you can use a toilet like a normal person once per day

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OP here, since there are no helpful answers yet I will explain a bit more about the situation. I removed the toilet to rod the drain directly but it didn't work. For a while I was pissing into a jug and then pouring it down the hole which worked quite well, but then it started overflowing. I tried drain cleaner and acids but nothing worked.

I need to drill a hole into the pipe outside and rod it from below. I have a mains hammer drill but no chuck key. I tried drilling the pipe with a regular drill bit but I didn't get very far.

What kind of drill attachment do I need to drill a hole large enough to put a golf ball in? I'm not going to put a golf ball in, just to give it a size. THanks

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>he takes only one shit per day

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Here's the hole I've managed to drill so far. When I finally got through a pipefull of pisswater came shooting out, which tells me the blockage is below the hole.

Can someone please tell me how to drill a bigger hole large enough to put professional drain rods through?

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Jesus Christ, just take a sawzall with a CI blade and cut that chunk of pipe out, you already wrecked it, then slap in a piece of PVC and connect to the CI with two ferncos.

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you are an absolute moron.

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How have I wrecked it? I can just plug the hole back up

If I cut it in half I'm worried the weight of the pipe might make it fall off the wall, since nothing will be holding it up

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You need to call a pipe cleaning service with a high pressure water unclogging snake. Stop being a retard right now.

My god there is no hope for humanity is there. And you waited three years to fix this.

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You're clearly not capable of basic hygiene so what makes you think you're capable of plumbing/drainage works. Fucking incel call a professional

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Call a professional because you already fucked it up you shit-wit.

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>plugging the hole
>the hole

Dude it looks like a Saudi just flew your stack into the pentagon what the fuck are you talking about

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What are you talking about, the hole is tiny? See picture.

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You’re right, I didn’t see that at first glance. You should drill it out bigger and make a glory hole.

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OP here. This is what my teeth look like.

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OP what the fuck did you flush down tue toilet that would cause a clog like that?

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Professional plumber here. Use an angle grinder to make the hole maybe 2 1/2 inches around. Then get a fernco band and cut it on one side . Use silicone around the hole you've made and slap that fernco on it then call it a day. Good luck with lame push rods. Call someone with a power rodder

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optical illusion, shadows around that peeled paint makes it look like the hole you drilled is on the opposite side of the pipe, with us looking from the inside
Makes it look like the whole unpainted part is a piece of pipe broken out, and we are looking inside

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Holy shit you’re right, I thought this guy was just fucking with us.

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>I can just plug the hole back up

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I'm assuming you're some sort of African refugee and this is your first experience both with indoor plumbing and basic physics?
And if this is a troll, bravo. It's a work of art.

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Tbh, he could probably solder the hole closed, but considering his non-existent plumbing skills, I wouldn't trust him near welding equipment.

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pretty much everyone is fucking with u but I had the same thing happen! I even drilled a stupid little hole like you in the basement where the drain entered the ground. What I ended up doing was sealing off all the upstairs plumbing and used an air compressor on the small hole after letting the water run until it was coming out the hole. This pressure popped the poop/grease/dirt blockage right into the sewer

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You need medical help if youre shotting more than once a day bud

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>have problem with soil pipe
>call my insurance
>they arrange for someone to come over and fix it

It's not hard

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Good idea, thanks very much for this

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just be careful man some old cast is paper thin and can easily burst

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>>they arrange for someone to come over and fix it
>It's not hard
It sure isn't when someone else is doing the dirty work

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Agree that most of the replies here are just screwing with you OP.

But if the weight of gallons of piss and shit wouldn't break up the clog, I don't see how your home air compressor would make a difference. Now that you've cut a hole in the pipe, just buy or borrow the longest plumbing snake you can and see if you can't root the problem out.

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Insurance typically doesn’t cover that.

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3 bottles liquid fire. Wait 1.5 minutes. Dump metric fuckloads of hot water until you are bores

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>implying he isn't

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That's why you have insurance. Why have a dog and bark yourself?

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do not include me in the screencap you rebbit faggots.

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You haven't fucked up. Soil pipe isn't high pressure so a piece of rubber would be fine to bung that hole. Even a tapered hardwood plug hammered in would stop it leaking. I would hammer in a hardwood bung, cut end of bung off and sand flush. Then prep the steel and epoxy a small square of pvc wastepipe over.

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Why have I not seen any singular mention of a fucking snake

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The OP already tried it.

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Flex tape, 100 psi and about 10 minutes

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use a hole saw its a drill bit attachment they come in all sizes

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use flex tape clear

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